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They already won their award, now it's time to celebrate.

.. right? Anyway, I need to practice and who better to practice on than my best friend?"

"You're going to suck my dick?"

"Yeah, right now. Take it out."

He looked at me, right in the eyes. I stared back, keeping a slutty little smile on my face. He was shocked but not stupid. Two seconds later he dropped his pants and I had the pleasure of looking down at my best friend's big, hard cock.

"Oh my god! Eric, look at that thing! It's huge. I can't believe my best friend just happens to be endowed like a mammoth!"

"I always wondered if you knew that you aren't the only one of us with really big assets!" He leaned in and started to kiss my neck. "Your tits look so sexy right now,"

"If you're lucky I'll let you suck them," I said, dodging his kiss and dropping to my knees.

His heavy, meaty, hanging dick was hitting me in the face as I looked up at him and slipped my hands around his ass. I opened my mouth and pulled his fat cock right into my mouth. His thick thing filled my entire mouth and stretched my lips. Eric just fell onto the bed, leaned back and watched me blow his huge penis.

"You look sexy as hell with me in your mouth," he said as he watched.

I just kept sucking... and sucking. First I kept my mouth locked around the head of his penis and sucked so hard my cheeks sucked in. Then I let up and used my tongue to encircle his head, and tease his slit with the tip of my tongue. I was getting into a rhythm, suck hard then tease, repeat. Way easier than I thought.

As I sucked with everything I had, I was pulling his penis further into my mouth. I can't even begin to describe how hot it felt to have such a large penis in your mouth; it was such a turn on. With light pressure, I ran my hands up and down his thighs. Then I clamped down onto his hips and thrust my head toward his balls until his penis hit my throat. This may be a natural talent... I wonder if giving good head is genetic...

"Mmmm," I moaned. I let a few inches slide from my mouth and then lightly bit down on his huge head, smiling up at him as I did so. "You taste good," I said softly, then lowered my head down to his balls. I licked them ever so lightly and it made him squirm. Then I took his sack into my mouth and sucked lightly, still using my tongue to lick at them. His hips started to squirm again and I started getting really wet. Sucking a man's balls was amazing. It feels like it is the essence of him and his masculinity. The only way I can describe it, is that I felt like a goddess pleasuring the biggest, meanest bull in a pack.

I let his balls slide from my lips. Again, I pleasured his shaft. My lips slid over his protruding veins and felt the warmth of his hard, meaty limb. Here I was, my best friend with his pants around his ankles and his dick in my mouth. I was drooling all over the massive cock of the kid I had grown up with. My hands were again under his ass, pulling his hips into me, forcing his entire shaft into my mouth and down my throat. I couldn't have dreamt of something that I would find more arousing. As I shifted my legs I could feel the warmth and wetness of my soaking pussy on my leg. I was dripping I was so wet. I could feel juices run down my calves.

I was drooling and my chin dripped too; I was leaking with arousal. I was sucking his cock for all I was worth. I kept trying to take his entire dick but it was thick as hell and long. The head of his it almost filled my mouth by itself; it took a lot of force to push it into my throat so that my mouth was filled with his shaft instead. Even when I started to get his shaft down my throat, there was so much more to go. I tried again and again though. Like a slut I tried to swallow his shaft down. In between attempts I kept teasing the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue.

I decided I'd try to get balls deep one more time.

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