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Brother's lust for her is revealed.

Cynthia moaned loud again, still coming off from her previous orgasm she could already feel herself heating up again. Soon she found her pulsing, puffy pussy gasping for attention again, so she too slicked her fingers through her soaked labia.

Instead of watching Casey and Jake she now focused on her youngest daughter, she could see in her eyes that she wanted to be with her siblings, she wanted to join their incestuous love making.

The sheets under Jake and Casey were soaked with their sweat and juices. Thick streams of female dew and his precum trickled out of the narrow gap where they were connected each time Casey lifted herself up from his fuck stick, only to be scattered across their bodies when she slammed down onto him again.

Jake could tell that his older sister was having mini-orgasms as her body bucked and shook from excitement. Her sweaty breasts and erect nipples jutting around as she ran her hands through her dark-raven hair, head thrown back, screaming out her love for her brother.

Debby separated her long lasting kiss from her mother and started to mumble her brother and sister's names. Her eyes were wide and fixated on her sister, screaming out of pleasure as she plunged up and down on her older brother's thick, throbbing cock.

Suddenly her mother's caring voice snapped her out of her gaze. "It's okay sweetie, join them... Don't be afraid that you are interfering with them, they love you honey." She said to her with her motherly voice.

Debby looked to her side to see her mother smiling at her, nodding that it was okay for her to join her brother and sister.

"I love you Mom!" She responded happily to her mother. She then lifted herself up and crawled towards the love making siblings on her knees.

Cynthia felt her heart flutter as she was about to witness all three of her children being bonded together. She laid back against the headboard again, spread her legs and guided one hand onto her breasts while the other remained slipping through her soaked pussy slit. "Show Mommy how much you love each other." She whispered to herself, keeping her eyes focused on the three of them.

Casey was the first to notice their younger sister crawling towards them, she stretched out one of her arms, offering her hand to her younger sister to join them. She stopped bouncing for a bit, grinding her pussy against her brother's groin as his cock wiggled against her tight vagina walls.

Jake noticed that his sister had stretched one of her arms out, unable to see what was going on behind him as it was not possible for him to move his head further back.

Suddenly his view was being obstructed by another tight, juice drippling pussy that splattered nectar onto his face. He was sure this was his little sister, her fit body and curvy, round ass gave her away in an instant.

He reached both his arms up and sank his hands into the fleshy meat of both her ass-cheeks, pulling her down further until her pussy was molding around his mouth.

Debby let out a shriek as her brother ran his tongue through her slit. As a reaction she lunged her hands forward and grabbed tight onto the first objects she could find, these being her older sister's impressive rack. Her fingers dug into the fleshy mounds, pushing the erect nipples back.

The domino effect continued with a load moan coming from Casey as she felt her younger sister's hands maul at her tits while her brother's cock throbbed wildly in her occupied pussy.

Slowly she resumed bouncing up and down her brother's cock again, the same applied to Debby as she followed her sister's motions. Her cream leaking pussy bounced and slid on and off from her brother's mouth, with each downfall he penetrated her a few inches with his tongue resulting in her shrieking again.

Jake couldn't believe what was going on at the moment, just like before he thought that he was dreaming.

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