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Bob and Mark have to spend the week with one another's wives.

Even though I knew no one could see me, I felt like I was being ogled by a bunch of men.

I went around my desk and sat down. "Oooohhh!" I yelped; the leather seat was cold on my bare ass. I could hear Keith chuckle in his office; that just humiliated me even more. I was nearly naked, humiliated and Keith had my clothes in his desk drawer; so why was I so excited?

It was difficult answering the phone sitting in my skimpy underwear. I felt like everyone I talked to could see me. After a while, imagining that the person on the other end of the line COULD see me just got me more excited. Walking into Keith's office was another ride on the sexual roller coaster. It was embarrassing being almost naked while he was fully dressed. The look in his grey eyes told me that he was just imagining what he would like to do to my warm, soft and available body and that excited me even more. Finally a little before four, Keith came into my office and said, "Are you ready to go, Kitten?"

"Yes, sir." I said standing up and walking around my desk to where he was standing. He took my hand and starting walking toward the door. I stopped and said in my little girl voice, "Please sir, can I have my clothes back to wear home? I tried my best to be good."

He turned and looked my nearly naked body over from head to foot. I could see the lust in his face and I got all tingly and I could feel my nipples get hard just trying to imagine what he had planned for me. "It seems like a shame to cover up such a perfect body;" he said causing me to blush yet again, "But I guess since we are leaving the office, I should give you your clothes."

He went back to his desk and got my blouse and skirt and brought them to me. I could see he was disappointed as I covered up but, I couldn't take a chance on someone seeing me leave the offices almost naked. We went down to the car and he held the door for me as I got in. A minute ago he was going make me walk out in skimpy underwear and high heels; now, he holds the car door for me. I think the inconsistency of the things that Keith does to me is a big part of what gets me so excited. I never know what to expect.

When we got home, Keith said happily, "You go up and shower and shave. Make sure your body is completely hairless and smooth. Do your hair and makeup and put on your robe and come back down. I'll make us something to eat."

I did as I was told and when I came down; Keith had put out some snacks and some wine. While we ate, I asked, "Keith, what is going to happen to me tonight?"

"Well," he said casually, "Phil and Tina are coming over and some other guests. We are going to have a little party."

I hesitated, but finally had to ask, "At the meeting, your note said that I was going to dance on the pole tonight."

"Last night you promised you would."

"But I don't know what dancing on the pole is." I was almost pleading, "And I didn't know there were going to be other people here."

"You'll find out soon enough what dancing on the pole is." he smiled. "As for the guests that I added;" he paused and took a breath, "when you decided to tease me with your beautiful body; I decided that when such a gorgeous creature as yourself is going to be performing, she should be made to perform in front of as many men as possible."

So I was going to spend another night naked, at the very least, in front of a bunch of men I don't know. My stomach started doing flip flops. Not because I was scared, I knew Keith would never let anything really bad happen to me, I just didn't know WHAT was going to happen to me. And why was Tina going to be here? Her watching whatever was going to be done to me would certainly add to my humiliation. Was that why she was being brought along?

We finished eating and Keith asked, "Would you mind cleaning up the kitchen while I go up and shower before our guests arrive? I'll put out what I want you to wear, too."


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