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Alicia smirks. "Take off my sock and put this on instead," she says, passing the chastity device and a small brass lock to me.

When I was done, Alicia said "Now that your cock is mine there are a few rules you must follow if you want me to keep quiet about your current predicament. First, unless we are at school you must always refer to me as Miss Alicia. Do you understand?"

"Yes Miss Alicia," I immediately said.

"Second, you are in charge of all of my chores. Every week I expect you to do my laundry, clean my room, clean the bathroom, grow grocery shopping, and run whatever other errands I come up for you to do. Also as I don't have a car you will drive me to and from school every day. Finally, when we are both home, I expect you to knock on my door. When I tell you to enter, you are to immediately strip off all your clothes, get on your knees, and do whatever I tell you. Is that understood?" she demanded.

"Yes Miss Alicia."

Over the next week, Alicia instructed me on how to go about doing my chores and promised that if I did not do them to her satisfaction I would be punished. During that week, I did not get one peek of Alicia's feet as she wore her sneakers all the time. One day after getting home from school, Alicia met me at the front door and said, "Laundry time. I have already brought my clothes downstairs. All you need to do is wash them."

"Yes Miss Alicia," I dutifully said.

"Oh, and one more thing, it's been over a week since I took control of your cock and I know you have to be dying to touch it, dying to think of my beautiful feet while you jerk off. Well, you can't do that but while you do my laundry I want you to smell the socks I left on top of the hamper. I wore them every day this week with my sneakers on."

I groaned, already my cock was straining in its cage thinking about the sweet smell of Miss Alicia's feet. I went to the cellar and picked up the white ankle socks with red polka dots that were on top. I brought them to my nose and inhaled the pungent scent of Miss Alicia's sweaty feet. I continued to smell them as I started the washing machine, my cock throbbing as it tried to get hard despite its confined state. I turned around just as Miss Alicia was coming downstairs, holding a pair of shoes.

"Enjoying those socks foot slut?" she purred. "Well I have another treat for you. While you wait to put my clothes in the dryer I figure you could do some more of my laundry...with your tongue. I'm going to watch you clean my sneakers that I have worn all week. You have until the washing machine stops to clean every inch of my shoes or you will be severely punished."

I dropped to my knees and began to slowly lick the top of Miss Alicia's well-worn grey and pink Nikes. The outside of her sneakers tasted of mud and I found it difficult to continue my tongue cleaning, even so I was aroused at being ordered to clean her filthy shoes. Inside was even worse. Years of built up sweat created a salty pungent taste. After what seemed like forever, I finally finished cleaning one sneaker. As I moved on to the other one, I heard Miss Alicia giggle.

"Only five minutes left loser, better hurry up," she said.

Quickly I ran my tongue over the entire shoe but knew I had no hope. Before, I could even begin licking the inside I heard the washing machine beep.

"Time's up. You failed, you had one simple job and you couldn't even do that. Put my clothes in the dryer, then strip off your clothes and put them in the washing machine," Miss Alicia ordered.

I did as I was told and got on my knees in front of Miss Alicia. I saw that she was holding the socks that I had been forced to sniff earlier.

"Get on all fours and open your month," she commanded.

As soon as I obeyed, she stuffed her socks into my mouth.

"Since you couldn't clean my sneakers, maybe you can clean my socks instead. As punishment, I will spank you 20 times, but don't drop my socks or I will start over."

Smack, Miss Alicia's hand came down full force on my left ass cheek, causing me to moan in pain.

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