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I discover I have the power to persuade...

She shocked me by saying she found it easy to troll for women when she worked the bar and then shocked me again when she informed me I was sitting in a gay bar. I mean I was in San Francisco and I knew there were many gay bars here but until she mentioned it, I hadn't noticed what few customers there were paired off by same sex.

I told her I thought she was too beautiful to be gay and after realizing what an insult, saying that was, I apologized to her. First, she laughed saying she was a lipstick, and then she leaned over the bar and kissed me. The only thing I could think to say was,

"Are you trying to pick me up?"

Her answer was, "Do you want me to?"

She left to go wait on a customer as I sat there wondering just what my answer to her question was. When she returned she had yet another sake sample for me and was in the process of telling me it about when I interrupted,

"Can I answer your question now?"

She looked at me as if she had forgotten what she had asked,

"I do want you to pick me up."

I said it too loud and the couple two seats down turned to stare, embarrassing me. She put her hand on mine and gave me a reassuring smile,

"Give me your room number and when I get off duty I'll give you a call."

She told me her name was Gwen, I told her my name, and as the bar filled, she had less and less time to talk. Around ten, I waved to her and went up to my room.

What had I gotten myself into, I mean I may have had a few fantasies of girls, yet only in college had I'd ever acted on them. As nervous as I felt I still felt excitement and I knew my panties were getting wet and the more I thought on it the wetter they got. I must have fallen asleep or maybe even passed out from all the sake but the room phone woke me with a start.

"Hello Joanie, its Gwen are you still awake? If you want I could come up or if you rather we can go out."

I told her to come on up and maybe we'd go out later. If this was going to happen, I couldn't think about it first.

When I opened the door, the smile on her face relaxed me and I knew I could go through with it. She kissed me right away and I returned the kiss with fervor. Although we had a certain sense of urgency, she took her time and let the passion build. Even so, she had me naked before I admitted that I'd hardly ever been with a woman before. She smiled and told me she knew that the second she kissed me at the bar.

She had me lay on the bed and then as she sat astride me she began to kiss my neck and shoulders working her way to my naked bosoms. I stopped her momentarily asking her to take her clothes off, as I wanted to see her body. Without thinking, I began to work my finger into my cleft to ease the itch. I watched as she undressed feeling the heat rise inside me. I soon realized how much her work clothes hid her truly voluptuous body. Her breasts were perfectly shaped with her nipples standing out with pride. Her flat tummy made me fell frumpy and the more of her I took in the more embarrassed I became. She saw my look of discomfort and told me she liked her women soft and as she stroked my flabby stomach, she said I was turning her on.

She climbed back on top of me cowgirl style and I could feel the wet of her sex on my body. I was becoming so turned on I told her I wanted to taste her now. All she said was 'as you like' and moved up to straddle my face with her thighs. I put my face in the middle of her sex and I knew that was what I had been missing from my life. I devoured her sex and then moved my mouth to her clit. When she told me she was cumming I felt a since of pride and accomplishment. I worked another orgasm out of her and then it was my turn. I was already so excited I climaxed with just the touch of her tongue as I watched this beautiful woman put her face in my most private place.

After, we dressed and went out for breakfast.

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