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A wife's oral sex fantasy.

'Fuck me, Master. Please fuck me.'

'You're sure? What about Tony?'

'I don't care about anyone called Tony.'

'You ought to. He doesn't like his girlfriends sleeping around. That's why you're here.'

'Fuck me, please,' I begged, desperate for relief.

He grinned.

'Anything you say, slut.'

He was barely in me when I exploded. Grizz took a little longer, but not much. He lay on my chest for a few minutes, the studs on his jacket digging into my breasts. I was conscious, but it had been a close thing.

'I'm not Carol, and I don't know any Tony.' I whispered.

'Yeah, you mentioned that,' Grizz told me, disparagingly. I pouted at the disbelief in his voice.

He pulled himself off of me and pulled on his jeans. He slapped me once more with his belt, across my thighs before putting it back on.

'She's all yours,' he shouted loudly.

There were pleased whoops from the other room.

'What?' I glared at him horrified.

'I told you we were all going to use you.'

Now I remembered. Enclosed in this room with Grizz I had forgotten what he had said to me in the cage, concentrating solely on my interaction with him. Now my body had started to tighten up after the lashes and I had come down from the high caused by his beating. All I wanted to do was sleep.

'I'll leave you to it lads. I'm going for a sleep. She'll make somebody a tremendous slave.'

Ridiculously, I felt betrayed as he left. A thick and smelly cock was put into my mouth. I tried to turn away from it, but rough hands held me in place and their owner laughed.

'Come on, Cunt, if you're as good as Grizz says, I want a sample. Lick me.' Hands were separating the cuffs from the bed, although they stayed on my wrists.

'Tony's slut is refusing,' the voice continued.

'Grizz seemed happy enough. Perhaps his beating turned her on.'

Somebody behind me slapped my buttocks three times. I opened my mouth to scream and before I had time to react the penis was muffling me and a hand held me in place.

'Thanks, Sean, that did it,' the voice above me called.

'Anytime, Vince.'

'Suck on me, slave, show me what you can do. Or I let Sean hit you again.'

I tried to work on his cock, but it was hard to find the energy.


Two more blows hit my buttocks, harder this time. With a rush I was getting excited again, and eagerly sucked.

'I think she liked that. Didn't you fuck slave?'

It was no good trying to argue, the results were obvious and dripping from my pussy. Vince's cock was thickening, and I could feel his balls starting to harden. A minute later salty cum pulsed into my throat. Vince withdrew. I barely had time to take a deep breath before Sean's cock replaced Vince's. The other man's hands were pulling my pussy open. I was slapped again.

'Let's see what you can do for me, little cum bucket.' I was in no position to protest at the crude name as I was thoroughly gagged by Sean's manhood. I was starting to understand the concept of subspace. I no longer felt what they were doing to me, nor cared. Hands were rubbing hard against the bruising that Grizz had caused but I no longer felt the pain. I felt them cum in both my mouth and my pussy but barely registered it. As they withdrew I fell into an exhausted sleep.

I woke up cold and sore. Had I been dreaming? I was back in the cell I had woken in before, but still had no idea how I had got there. As I tried to move I could feel dried cum on my inside thigh and the rough concrete was rubbing on sore spots that hadn't been there earlier. Grizz's treatment of me had been painful and being forced to beg for him to take me was demeaning, yet the orgasm had been Earth-shattering. There was no light for me to see what my body looked like, but I was sure the bruises he had mentioned across my chest had been joined by others on my stomach and legs. I tried not to think about what the front of my slit must look like. I'm I was bruised enough to keep Grizz happy.

There was no warning, just the flare of lights.

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