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Jack Frost asks a Sun Lord to help his wife get warm

He couldn't believe he was being made a cock-sucker for this girl, but it felt so hot that all he wanted to do was taste her cum on his tongue. It felt so wrong.... but all of those feelings were washed away as Tanya drove her cock into him again, Jake whimpering in a high girly voice as her huge balls slapped into his, her abuse making him feel so GOOD.

Tanya and Sarah then drew themselves all the way out, until they were poised in front and behind.
Tanya grinned and winked. "Playtime's over."

And as one their cocks drove into him, their grips like iron as their steel wangs were buried repeatedly in his ass and throat. Jake mewled in surprise and tried to push them off as they ploughed him hard and fast, shaking as their bodies thudded against his at lightning speed, their young female bodies hammering his helpless male one.

Tanya was utterly brutal, sawing her cock through him with abandon, grunting like a maniac as she wreaked havoc on Jake's abused ass. Sarah was wild-eyed and heaving as she forced herself into his throat repeatedly whilst he gagged, covering her pole in heaps of saliva. Jake felt Tanya spank him so hard it was like a whip, and couldn't stifle his groan of pleasure, which he knew was a mistake as soon as she began to smack his ass with her palm like a sprinting jockey, leaving red marks all over his rear as her tool plunged into his behind unabated. He couldn't stop himself him from enjoying her unbelievable pounding as she hit his perfect sweet spot repeatedly, leaving him dazed and elated with each thrust.

Sweat rolled of their bodies and onto Jake as they gyrated at blinding speed, giving every last bit of effort into slickly pummelling him like a whore, never stopping even when his eyes rolled up and he let out screams of pleasure every time Sarah pulled her cock out of his throat.

"AGGGHHHHHpmmhmh oooohhhhhmpphhphhh!"

Tanya bellowed, in a beast-like frenzy as she fucked Jake, his body bucking like a pi__ata as it was invaded from both sides and the car jiggling from side to side in time with their tireless thrusting.

A cute neighbour of Tanya's crossed the car park and saw the steamed windows of the mini and the sounds of brutal, sweaty sex taking place inside. She smirked; the girl inside sounded like she was enjoying it, she thought mildly.

The 'girl' Jake was being so deeply plundered between his so-called friends' powerful sweaty bodies that his mind was struggling to deal with the deep sensations of sexual fulfilment, and he was now pushing back himself along with Tanya to help bury her cock in him as deep as possible, screaming in orgasmic bliss as he came from the anal pounding again whilst Sarah's now saliva-drenched cock continued to assault his throat.

Sarah loved the feeling of Jake's throat...she could feel him constricting around her lengthy prick, and she let out a feminine cry of pleasure as she felt her balls tighten.

Tanya heard the cry and rapid fired a set of Humungous thrusts so deep that Jake's body was smacked forward each time, his face planted into Sarah's pubes with every snap of her hips. He felt her dick thumping that perfect place inside him hard, and felt the third anal orgasm fire through his bruised body, his cock hard as a rock.

"CUM FOR ME BITCH!" Tanya roared and with that she grabbed his hair and hips whilst she fucked him, slammed her body down on top of his and yelled into his ear "TAKE IT YOU SLUTTY LITTLE CUNT!"

Tanya's heavy body slamming down on Jake caused his elbows to quake, but somehow he stayed upright as her sweaty body heaved on his back, his insides getting pummelled as Tanya took every inch of tight-assed pleasure that she could from him.

The smell of Sarah's cock in his mouth, along with their steel-hard dicks inside him and the feeling of Tanya's meaty body sweating on top of his, caused Jake's cock to teeter on the brink, and he suddenly felt an unexpected grip squeez

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