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Another sequel to Troubador's classic.

He comes back and places a small item in one of my hands. He explains that with the gag in place, I'll be unable to use the safeword, so if I need to say the safeword while gagged, I can give the safeword signal by dropping the item he put in my hand. I agree.

Then he puts the gag in my mouth. It tastes horrible, but that bothers me less than the fact that it forces my mouth extremely wide open, while filling it up so much that I cannot even think about uttering a word. I am quite a talker, and this inability to speak proves very difficult for me. But I am happy that it prevents me from talking and bothering him. He continues torturing me with the cat, the crop, and the pinwheel.

I am still on my tip-toes and my legs are tiring. My heels begin to drop, but the instant pulling on my nipples forces me right back up, and I can't even yell because of the gag. At one point he starts asking me questions, which I obviously cannot answer, but when I don't answer he starts flogging me harder and harder for my failure to respond, and I am panting and choking on the ball in my mouth.

Finally he removes the gag because he can tell it is too much. This particular gag is really too big for me, and its narrow leather strap cuts into the corners of my mouth. I feel a clear sense of failure, though I know it is not my fault, but I want to remain gagged because I know it pleased him so much. He promises me that next time he'll have the problem fixed and that I'll remain gagged far longer. He removes the "safeword thing" from my hand.

Eventually my legs start to shake from fatigue since I have been on my toes now for a very long time. He asks me if I am tiring and I hesitate to say I am. I promised myself two things when we decided to enter into the world of bondage -- one was that I wouldn't use the safeword unless I feared real bodily harm was imminent, and the other was that I was not going to be one of those subs who tops from the bottom. I do not want to tell him I am tiring because I do not want him to release me until he wants to. I want him to be in complete control.

Finally, when my legs have reached the point where they are shaking almost incessantly from fatigue, he releases me from the ceiling and takes the clothespins off my breasts. I had read that removing the clothespins from the nipples hurts tremendously, but am still surprised at how much it hurts. He gently massages my nipples a bit and then releases my arms and legs from their restraints and removes the blindfold. He tells me that I should use this opportunity to take a bathroom break. I tell him I do not need to go, but he strongly urges me to take advantage of the offer because I will not be given another break for awhile.


I head off to the bathroom, and immediately sink onto the toilet from physical and emotional fatigue. I take a couple of minutes to regain my resolve and strength and am amazed at how he knew better than I how badly I needed this break. As I turn to leave the bathroom I take a look at myself in the mirror. My tits are so tightly bound and red from the floggings, and my nipples swollen and dark from the clothespins and torment. There are red marks on my thighs and stomach from the floggings as well, and my face is flushed from the excitement. I am happy with the way I look in bondage and enjoy knowing he has made me this way. I feel incredibly free and liberated by my submission, and I return to give myself over again to his will. When I return to the living room, he gives me a cup of water to drink from.

After I've sipped a bit of water, he tells me he intends to put me through some outdoor bondage on his front porch.

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