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A woman's supernatural gift lets her relieve a girl's rape.

She looked away from me, I could tell she must have thought it was over. She was sadly mistaken. I had a surprise for Jessica and believe me, she was definitely surprised. I returned to the room, but not alone. I returned with a woman by my side. Her name was Mindy, a blonde bombshell with 38 D's just like Jessica. Mindy was my little pet. She was obedient and only walked on her hands and knees unless instructed otherwise. Mindy was wearing full body latex, with the exclusion of her head and genitalia. I like to keep those areas viewable. She's cuter that way.

I began slowly walking towards Jessica, who was still on the couch. Cum dripped down her face. She seemed bothered by that. Luckily I kept Mindy on a strict diet of cum. I tugged on Mindy's leash and she followed me. Her walk was slightly shaky since there was a large black object plugging her ass. Her mouth was forced open with a ring gag.

Mindy knew what to do with out a single command from me. She climbed up the couch and stuck her tongue out of the ring gag. She licked at the area where I had smeared cum on Jessica's cheek. Jessica was completely still. She couldn't believe what was happening. Mindy slid her tongue all over Jessica's face lapping up the cum until Jessica was clean again. The two locked eyes for a moment. Jessica stared in disbelief at Mindy and Mindy stared blankly back at Jessica.

"Why don't you two kiss." I teased. Jessica began angrily mumbling at me through the tape. I decided I was interested in hearing her thoughts on the situation so I tore the tape away from her mouth.

"YOU'RE SICK!" She screamed out at me.

"Fine then, don't kiss. I had something better in mind anyways." I replied.

I didn't mind her comment. Nobody outside my home would be able to hear her. I stuck my hand on the end of the object that was plugging Mindy's ass. I slowly pulled it out. I could feel her body quiver as I removed the object. The object was a long, black dildo that was attachable to the ring gang Mindy was currently wearing. I secured the tool onto Mindy with out haste. Jessica's eyes shot wide open.

"What are you thinking of doing!" she hissed at me.

Her words barely left her mouth before I grasped the back of Jessica's head and forced it towards the phallic gag attachment. Her lips puckered as she struggled to get away from my grip. Jessica's face turned bright red as the dildo entered her mouth and touched her tongue. She was humiliated more than she had ever been in her life. Worse yet, she was forced to experience the taste of Mindy's ass indirectly through the dildo.

I got behind her and sat down on the couch. I rubbed my cock with one hand as my other hand smacked her ass. I hit the same spot each time, getting her sore and bothered. I smacked her rear a total of twenty times before I decided she had enough of this routine. I pulled her head away from the dildo and Jessica immediately spat on the ground.

"Don't spit on my my floor, slave." I barked at her.

To get the point across I pinched her nipples and tugged them up.

"I'm sorry Master!" she blurted out.

A wide smile came across my face. She was beginning to submit. Time to push her to her limits. I removed the dildo-gag from Mindy. She began panting heavily after the tools were removed.

"Girls, I've decided I will grant freedom to one of you. All you must do is suck my balls. Whoever is still attached to my sack once I ejaculate will be free. The other will stay."

Both of the girls perked their ears at this. They had no option but to comply. They looked at each other, then to me, and finally at my cock, which was once again erect and ready for them. Mindy had no hesitation in deciding her course of actions. She opened her mouth jut wide enough to swallow my balls into her mouth. She was experienced, she batted at them with her tongue and slurped them in a manner that can only be described as purely erotic.

Jessica was not about to let her chance at freedom escape.

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