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Vicar's wife is used by brother in law.

3. Sit in the corner for one hour and look at me with your mouth open while I study. Do not close your mouth, no matter what. You may drool. Your mouth will get dry. Do not close your mouth, no matter what, until I give you permission

Your Lesson: You will obey all my commands without question, whether you understand them or not. I will strengthen you mentally and physically.

4. Go to the store with no bra on, wearing just a tshirt. Buy some honey. Go to a private place and spread the honey on your breasts. Put your shirt back on. Come to my room and I will lick the honey from your tits. Cover the head of my cock and the shaft with honey. Lick it clean, slowly.

Your Lesson: You are my sweet snack to be enjoyed whenever I wish, as this game shows you; sometimes I will let you taste my sweetness as well.

5. Stand in front of me, nude, while I read in my chair. Finger yourself. Take your time. Bring yourself to the verge of climax, but don't cum until I tell you to, until I finish my reading. If you climax before I tell you, you will be punished. When I nod, orgasm for me while standing and with your eyes on my eyes. Don't fall down or brace yourself with your hands as you orgasm, and don't take your eyes off me. This will be very difficult.

Your Lesson: Your sexual pleasure is totally dependent on me. You will get pleasure from performing for me, but release comes only when I allow it. This will strengthen you.

6. While on your knees, use your mouth on me til I cum. Do not swallow it. Allow the cum to escape from your mouth onto your chin and chest. Lick up any that dripped on the floor or the bed or on me. Without cleaning up yourself at all, get dressed. Go to practice. Think about my cum. Be aware that it could be visible to your teammates/choirmates/etc on your chin or lips or the corners of your mouth. Be aware of the cum flavor in your mouth. You will learn to love that taste. Tell me about the experience afterwards in detail as I go down on you.

Your Lesson: I own you, and therefore I frequently mark you as mine. This game teaches you that everyone, and especially you, should know that your mouth and, indeed, your entire body and your entire mind are my property. No form of giving me pleasure is off limits for you.

7. Stand in front of me and tell me about your first sexual experience while I put my hand inside your panties and slowly finger you and kiss your breasts. Take your time. What was his name? What was most exciting about it? I ask you for details as you become more and more aroused. You share them all with me. When you've told me everything, I bring you to climax.

Your Lesson: All of your sexual experiences are to be shared with me, without shame. Reliving them should be enormously pleasurable.

8. Tell me about your hottest sexual experience before you met me while I finger you. What was his name? Talk about your sexual desire as you lick my fingers, and I finger you more.

Your Lesson: Your pleasure is critically important. Being aware of what has given you sexual pleasure in the past is important for both of us. I will give you more physical pleasure than you've ever experienced in your life.

9. Tell me about your favorite, and your dirtiest, sex fantasies while you straddle my face as I lie back on the bed. All your sentences should begin "I want...." Grind hard on my face, and on my fingers, as you get more excited. Orgasm, more than once, as you ride my face and share every fantasy you can. This could take minutes or it could take hours. We will finish only when you are absolutely physically exhausted.

Your Lesson: I must know all your sexual fantasies. You must learn to tell me (and yourself) exactly what you want. This game exposes me to the darkest recesses of your mind. This intimacy is to be rewarded generously. You should learn to associate your desire (what you want) with great pleasure. You must learn to speak clearly about desire and fantasy while you are very aroused.


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