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Wife & friends surprise kidnapper.

He stops short at her curly hairs. Justin does not want to go too fast, taunting and tantalizing Patsy Lynn with his wet kisses and his caresses.

Patsy Lynn is getting really aroused and she just has to touch her breasts, squeeze the round flesh of her heavy boobs, gently squeeze her hard nipples. Shivers quake in her womb. It is a delicious feeling being so aroused in the clear sunshine of a summer's day.

This is how Bryan comes upon the two of them, naked and aroused in the open air. Traffic over the mountain was a like a carnival ride and Bryan is later than he wants to be. He knows neither excuses nor interruptions will be tolerated by Patsy Lynn, so he puts the bottle of wine and plastic glasses he has brought by Justin's clothes and he prepared to join right in. He drops shorts, shirt and car keys in a pile, and promptly turns to face the sea. Salty breezes that have travelled from as far away as Hawaii caress his bare naked body, and the sea gulls overhead crow out their welcome to him.

Bryan stretches his arms out all the way and stands up on his tippy toes and yawns loudly as his full bare body relaxes and throws off all the residual stress it had been harboring. Bryan rolls his neck and shoulders, his eyes closed, letting the warm sun and the cool ocean breeze wash over him.

But Patsy Lynn's eyes are not closed. She drinks in the vision that the muscular, red-haired Bryan makes as he gets ready to join them. He is the cousin that Patsy Lynn met first, not the lanky surfer Justin; but the body-builder Bryan. Bryan has spent years seriously working out with his eye towards competition and he was now reaping success in that venture.

Bryan reaches into a shirt pocket and grabs a bottle of oil and is rubbing it all over his body; over his hairless chest and pecs, a stomach like a six pack, hairless for competition, also. Thick and muscular arms are slathered with oil, makes Bryan begin to resemble a Celtic warrior with his flame hair blowing in the salty air. Bryan bends to begin oiling his lower half. His groin is hairless, too, but that is more for Patsy Lynn than for competition; and she knows it. So, Bryan glances at Patsy Lynn to see if she is watching him. Which of course she is, so Bryan winks at her, a shared secret between them. He continues watching her as he thoroughly oils his smooth belly, his long cock that thickens right before their eyes, his balls he rolls between his fingers oiling them well. Bryan makes quick work of the front and back of his legs. He moves to Patsy Lynn, hands her his oil bottle and presents his back to her.

After Patsy Lynn rubs oil on Bryan's back, she hugs herself to his body and begins caressing him with her oily fingers around the front of his body, rubbing her curly pubis gently across his ass. Patsy Lynn drops the bottle in her intent to massage all that cocoa oil right into Bryan's skin. Not to be left out, Justin takes the bottle and squirts a generous pool in his palm and begins rubbing all that oil to any part of Patsy Lynn's naked body he can get with his fingers on. Or into.

What a great summer sandwich they make. Bryan's big hard cock being 'massaged' by Patsy Lynn, all the while that Justin rubs and kneads Patsy Lynn's ass and hips. Rubbing that coconut oil between them. Rubbing and squeezing and caressing. The sensations build in Bryan and he just does not want to wait any longer, he turns around to Patsy Lynn and reaches between her thighs, her hot stickiness calls to him.

It is time.

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