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I could feel I was going to cum again only harder than the last one I had. "Matt....please.... no..... I'm going to cum again. I can't take this...."

I could hear him chuckling behind me. "Sure you can. I want to make you cum on my dick while my dick cums inside of you." He then grabbed my hips and held me steady while he pumped his cock in and out of my sore wet pussy. "Ready? Ready to cum baby?" I couldn't answer.

All I could do was nod. I could feel my cum rising rapidly with every move he made. At the same time I could feel his cock swell and stiffen inside me as his cum was on it's way as well. I reached forward and grabbed the edge of the table I was on and stiffened my whole body as my cum arrived. He kept pumping his fat cock in and out of my pussy faster and faster slapping my ass with his hips. The slapping sound was getting louder and louder as he fucked my brains out!

"Matt!!" I screamed. "Yes!" I opened my mouth again to offer my pleasure with words but right then my cum hit and my breath was taken away causing nothing but a dry scream to leave my mouth. Matt kept on with his pace fucking me as hard as he could at this point then he suddenly came to a complete stop ramming his cock as far as it would go up inside me and pressing his hips up against my ass. I could feel his cock inside my jerk as his cum released

"Oh shit yeah baby! Shit shit shit!" he hollered. He straightened up and his whole body stiffened then he collapsed over me. I could feel his wet body over me radiating intense heat. He lied on me for a while breathing hard and erratic with his cock still inside me.

"Damn baby." He said. You really know how to give out a good fuck."

I snorted then laughed. "So do you." I said sheepishly. He slipped his cock out of me then pulled his pants from his ankles and fastened them up and grabbed his shirt and began putting it back on. He then turned to me still lying halfway on the table.

"You better get dressed. What are you here for any way?" My eyes widened. "OH SHIT! My appointment!" I checked my watch. I was 5 minutes late already! "I have a doctors appointment!"

Matt laughed with amusement. "Well, you better get a move on it!" I grabbed my bra and began putting it on then stopped. "I can't go to the appointment!" Matt turned to me and handed me my panties and blouse.

"Why?" He asked.

I grabbed my panties and put them on then grabbed my blouse. "It's a gynecologist appointment. I just had SEX! He's going to know I just had sex before my appointment with him!"

Matt laughed. "So what? Like women who go to the gynecologist don't have lives? It'll be okay.... I'm sure he's seen raw pussy's before."

I nudged Matt then finished dressing. Matt waited until I was done then he popped open the door, checked if the coast was clear then beckoned me to come out. I followed him down the closed hallway to a more crowded area.

"I have to get to the elevator." I said quickly.

Matt grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. He gave me a small kiss on the lips and said, "It was nice meeting you Suzan."

I smiled at him. "You too Matt.

"By the way...." Matt peered at me.

"Yes?" I smiled at Matt. "Did you ever find out what Flavor I was? My nationality?"

Matt laughed then nodded to me. "Yup, You're German and black." With that he squeezed my hands then let go and walked into the crowd.

I stood there stunned. 'How did he know that??' I thought to myself. My thoughts were broken by a mans voice.

"Hey lady, you coming in?"

I turned sharply to see a crowed waiting for me to enter the elevator. "Sorry." I said then quickly entered the elevator. I pushed floor 15 then stood back waiting for my floor to come. The whole way up my thoughts over came me again. 'What if this doctor notices what I did before my appointment with him?' My floor came and I rushed out of the elevator and down the hall to Dr. Whitakers office. I burst through the door and made my way to the receptionist counter.

The receptionist looked up at me with her rea

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