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Dessert makes for hungry people.

We were standing in the living room and Tom stood right up close to me. I was getting a bit nervous. I had never felt this way before.

Tom then posed a question to me. "Have you ever thought about men before, Jim?"

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"You know, man to man, sharing each other," He said.

I nearly choked on my beer. We were standing face to face barely a foot apart. Tom set his bottle down and put his arm around my waist. I stood there frozen to the floor. Tom then gave me a kiss on my lips. I was shocked and didn't quite know what to do. I could feel Tom's tongue as he tried to force my mouth open. I opened my mouth and our tongues touched.

It all went so fast from there. Tom placed his arms around my waist and pulled me to him. We were caught in a hot kiss and Tom was grinding into my crotch. I could feel my cock growing hard inside my pants. I think my face even got red from embarrassment. After a few moments of kissing Tom pulled back from me.

He then slid his shorts down to the floor. His cock came straight out and was erect. Tom then came over to me. He pulled my shirt up over my head and he worked my pants and underwear to the floor. There we both stood, our cocks standing proud and erect. Tom then managed to pull me down to the carpeted floor.

I was on top of him. My cock was rubbing against his pole. He found my mouth again and we had a hard kiss. I couldn't believe what was happening. I also couldn't believe how hard my prick was. Tom then spread his legs apart as I was on top of him. My dick moved right between his ass cheeks. The tip of my dick was rubbing up and down as we shared out hot kiss.

Tom then put his legs around my back. I knew what he wanted me to do, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Tom then reached down and took hold of my cock and brought it directly to his opening.

"Do it Jim," he pleaded with me.

Damn, I just couldn't stop myself by this time. I pushed my hips into Tom and I felt the tip of my cock entering his ass. Tom was tight and it took me some minutes before I was in him the whole way. His ass was so tight and he was gripping me with his muscles. I couldn't stop myself. I started thrusting into his manhole.

Thank God no one was around. Tom was practically screaming as I pounded his ass with my thick cock. He had me in a death grip with his ass muscles. Tom then released his legs from around me and pulled them to his chest. I took hold of his ankles and I began to fuck Tom like an animal in heat.

I think we were both moaning as we fucked there on the floor. I pushed in all the way then pulled out so only the head of my dick was inside Tom. I drove deep into his belly. Over and over I fucked him just like that. I don't think a woman's pussy was ever tight like Tom's ass. I drove my cock into him relentlessly.

I want to believe we did it for almost an hour there on the floor. My balls were slapping against his cheeks. Then I felt like I couldn't hold it anymore. I ended up thrusting into Tom's hole a few more time and then I erupted.

My hot cream came out of me like a fire hose. Tom felt my sticky offering and he screamed. I just kept thrusting into him like some mad bull. Tom gripped my cock and he milked me of my hot seed. I guess we did it for awhile longer before I finally got soft and slipped out.

I looked down at Tom's ass. All my hot man goo came flowing out and down his ass cheeks. Tom pulled me down to him and we shared one final kiss. We then got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. After dressing we sat down to talk about what happened.

Tom said he had been with a couple men before, but nothing on a regular basis. When he knew I was going to be his neighbor he decided to make a move on me. This was going to be the start of a regular thing with Tom and myself. We started to invent ways to be together on the weekends.

I would look for things like conventions and Tom and I would make plans to go to one on the weekends.

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