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Her cute ass poked up in the air lewdly. Inviting anyone to touch, feel, spank, beat, torment, torture or simply fuck it. Abby's face leaned against the rough bark, it simply served to accentuate the explicit torture James had planned. James seemed to walk away a little. Abby panicked and called out 'Don't leave me James!'

James grinned... he had the perfect excuse to beat the little slut now. Just as he'd planned. He heaved a dramatic sigh. 'Abby, Abby, Abby, what did I tell you? Now I'll have to punish you for speaking, or you'll try it again and again!'

Abby whimpered in fear and expectation 'I'm so sorry Sir, I was scared though'

'Get used to it whore, you'll be feeling fear a lot in future' James told her, almost sounding bored. Abby couldn't see the smile plastered across his face.

James wandered around a little more. Abby, secured tightly to her tree couldn't see what he was doing. Eventually he found what he was looking for. A fearsome looking length of birch branch, starting as a broad base, tapering off to a whippy end. James took his pocket knife and sliced off all the leaves and twigs, making an effective and extremely painful whip. Silently he approached Abby and in a split second raised the birch and brought it crashing down across Abbys butt. Abby let out a bloodcurdling scream, mixing pain and shock. Tears cascaded down her face as James told her exactly what he was going to do.

'Right you fucking dog, here is the agenda for my birch. I had planned on 10 strokes, but after that little outburst I'm raising it to 20. You'll also be gagged, so as not to disturb the local wildlife. You can cry as much as you like though. I love to watch the tears falling down your face.'

James readied Abby for her beating, gagging her tightly, so not so much as a murmur could escape her lips. Then he positioned himself to get the best possible swing. WHACK, the birch came crashing down on Abby's naked behind, she stiffened and he heard the low growl of pain in her throat. He could barely contain his glee. After that James became a man possessed. Each stroke became harder and harder as he became accustomed to the feel of the birch. His cock poked painfully in front of him, knowing that soon it would feel the cunt walls of this tight bitch.

On the fifteenth stroke James realised Abby was near collapse. He ran his hands over the welts criss-crossing her ass.

'OK Abby, your ass has had enough' He felt her sigh with relief and then dropped his bombshell 'Now it's time for your tits' He felt the panic set in, but her strength was no match for his and he quickly loosened her cuffs, whipped her around and hooked her hands, encased in the cuffs over the branch above her head again. Her beaten ass rubbed painfully against the rough bark of the tree. Once again he positioned himself, and let rip. Shouting the number of the stroke as he applied them. 'ONE' hit the undersides of her breasts, 'TWO' and her flesh above the nipples turned rosy pink, 'THREE' a direct connection with her left nipple made her legs dance in pain 'FOUR' the right nipple joined it's partner in blushing. 'Ok Abby... One stroke left... where will I put it?' He trailed the birch across her sore, naked body. Running it up and down her firm torso, dragging it between her damp thighs, noting the moisture trickling down her legs. 'Well well cumslut, what do we have here? Could it be that you're turned on? Abby's eyes were wide with terror. But he knew and so did she, that Abby was beyond pain now, it took her to a place where pleasure and pain merged and became one, lighting her senses and warming her innermost regions. He smiled and took aim, CRACK, the birch made contact with the pink soft flesh of her cunt lips. Abby saw stars, as her pussy exploded in pain and pleasure.

James unhooked Abby's hands and made her stand and circle for him.

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