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A Fantasy Story.

Batgirl placed a consoling hand on his arm. "I shall do my utmost to bring the killer of your daughter to justice, Sir!" she promised, in a voice husky with emotion.

With that, she turned and ran over to the window and disappeared behind the drapes.

Councilor Bannerman rose to his feet and slowly walked over to the French windows. As he pulled back the drapes, he saw that the sliding window had been left open about a foot or so. He eased himself through the gap and stepped out onto the balcony, in the cool night air. He peered around. The Dynamic Daredoll had disappeared, like a ghost, into the darkness.

November 10th, Gotham City Central Library

During their coffee break the following morning, Barbara brought her blonde, blue-eyed research assistant up to speed on the latest developments in what she had dubbed the 'BDSM Murders'. Jennifer was already aware of the second victim, or should that have been the first victim, since it had been confirmed that the Jane Doe had died some days prior to young Clare.

"One thing that Councilor Bannerman told me, that I found most intriguing, Jen, was that his daughter already had the butterfly tattoo on her left buttock, BEFORE she went missing, so it looks like she must have had it done, voluntarily. Also, there were no signs of oozing or scabbing, so the tattooing must have been done at least two weeks beforehand, most probably by a professional tattoo artist."

"Are we sure these tattoos aren't just red herrings?" Jenny enquired, crossing her shapely legs and linking her hands about her upraised knee. As usual, she was perched on the corner of Barbara's desk, wearing a disgustingly short miniskirt, contrary to library policy.

Barbara, both hands wrapped around her hot coffee mug, looked up at her and smiled. "No, they were definitely butterflies," she replied, before taking a sip of coffee.

Jenny's frowned for a moment, then got the humorous quip. "I meant that butterfly tattoos are pretty common, nowadays," she protested. "Lots of the girls in the clubs have them. They are especially popular at the base of the spine, or on the breast."

Barbara placed her coffee mug down and shook her head. "The tattoos were near enough identical on both corpses, both high on the left buttock. That is more than just a coincidence, Jen."

"Hmm? Have they identified the other girl's body yet?"

Barbara shook her head. "Not yet! Perhaps they never will."

November 10th, 11:37 am

Zhang groaned into her ballgag and realized she was lying face down on the bed, her face pushed into the pillow. It had become soaked with her saliva, as she had drooled around the gag, during her fitful bouts of sleep. She had no idea how much time had elapsed since she had been brought here, but ironically she'd developed a raging thirst, so it must have been some considerable period of time.

"I must have managed to turn over, somehow," she concluded, logically. "It was very uncomfortable when I was lying on my bound arms. Heck! It still IS bloody uncomfortable!" she added, under her breath. Her generous sized boobs were squashed, painfully, beneath her.

She closed her eyes and tried to regulate her breathing and bring her pounding heart under control. "It's no use getting hysterical," she told herself, sternly. "I have to try to remain strong."


A few minutes later, she heard the bedroom door open, and realized just how vulnerable she was in her current position. "I hope he's not hung like a stallion," she groaned, bracing herself for the expected penetration.

She suddenly realized that at least two or three people had entered the room and, moments later, a black hood was pulled over her head, cutting off all light.

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