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Lucas helps Scarlett end the night with a bang.

"Am I making you hard?" she said out loud as if she were alone in the house. I noticed that both of her hands were busy at her crotch, two fingers of one hand filling her hot sticky hole, while the other worked her engorged little clit. I thought she must be on speaker phone but there was no response to her query. Her eyes opened and she looked right at the crack I was peeping through as she said "Why don't you just get in here and get after my goodies?"

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. I pushed the door open and stood there in the light with my hard cock in my hand, stroking it slowly. She smiled and closed her eyes once more, continuing to work her hairless pussy into a lather.

I stepped over to her and brushed the head of my dick across her lips. Moaning she opened her mouth working her lips around my shaft as she slowly swallowed my length. I reaching down to fondle her boob and she groaned around my cock as another self induced orgasm swept over her. Stepping over her legs I placed my other hand behind her head and began to fuck her sweet wet sucking mouth with firm deep thrusts. She tends to be very vocal during sex (hence my previous eavesdropping experiences) and the sensation of her moaning and groaning around a mouthful of my cock were a wet dream come true.

"Suck my balls." I told her as I pulled my cock from her soft wet mouth with a loud plop to keep myself from cumming too soon. She obediently took both of my large testicles into her mouth, laving them gently with her moist pink tongue as she watched me stroke my big hard cock just a couple of inches from her beautiful face. I couldn't resist bouncing my cock off of her forehead and slapping her cheeks with it playfully a few times. Her vocalizations were still shooting right up my spine through my balls so I had to get my cock away from her for a while.

Picking her up under the arms I turned around and sat her hot little ass on the edge of the sink. Dropping to my knees before her I buried my face in the damp pink folds of her flesh, inhaling her musky fragrance and tasting her tangy secretions. My nose rubbed her erect little clit as I lapped up the hot sticky girl cum that ran from her soft wet slit.

"Lick my button." she moaned between ragged breaths as she squirmed her sweet ass around on the edge of the sink. Moving my attentions to her erect little nubbin I held it gently between my teeth as I playfully teased the tip of it with my tongue. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she built up to another powerful orgasm, her firm tight ass bouncing frantically on the sink. "Oh God, make me cum, make me cum hard!" she pleaded as a fresh gush of hot girl cum flowed from her hot pussy.

I pressed my hand to her steamy slit, feeling her secretions flowing between my fingers. While she was still coming down from the last orgasm I began to slowly insert a middle finger into her soft wet opening, rotating it back and forth. With my palm up I started to tickle the spot right behind her stiff little clit as I licked and sucked at it. Almost at once another orgasm began to wash over her as she squirmed feverishly on the sink and a fresh flood of pussy goo flowed from her hot wet box. "Oh my God!" she screamed as her ass scooted back and forth on the sink. "I'm cumming again! Oh God! Oh God, I'm cumming!"

I gave her sopping wet shaved pussy one last lick as I stood up, savoring her salty tangy flavor. I pushed her shoulders back against the mirror forcing her hips down on the edge of the sink. Slapping her button with the head of my cock a few times caused her to moan loudly. "Fuck me now," she said, "and fuck me hard! Shove that big hard cock right up my tight wet cunt and fuck me!"

She gasped as I drove my fat hard cock deep into her tight wet fuck hole.

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