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Will & Eva's vacation: Wednesday, Part 1.

Damn, I wish I didn't have to go to work.

It only took a few minutes to get there. Just as I stopped the car in the parking lot, my phone went off. It was a text from Mom. It said, "have them on." She was now wearing the panties I came in last night. How the hell am I supposed to concentrate with that thought running in my head. I entered the building and got in the elevator to go to Phil's third floor office. Half way up my phone went off again. "luv ur cum." My cock was getting hard. How am I going to hide this? The elevator let me out on the third floor. My office was on the fourth floor. I decided to take the stairs to grab something like a notebook or manila folder or anything to cover this up. I grabbed a set of prints and headed for Phil's office.

We dialed the British Defense Agency and got their lead contract engineer on the line. He started asking his questions when my phone went off again. It said, "i just came ... so good." I don't remember a damn thing that was said after that. I hope I didn't give away any national secrets.

When the meeting was over, I bounded down the stairs, three at a time, to get to my car. I texted Mom. "on my way." Halfway there I got a call from her. "Hi Mom", I answered.

"Hey, baby. When you get here, just come on up to my bedroom."

"Ok." I pressed down on the accelerator a little more.

When I got there, I let myself in and walked up the stairs to Mom's bedroom. The door was open. She was sitting up in bed in a light blue baby doll peignoir, her large breasts barely contained by the nightie. I could just make out her nipples. Her right leg was straight and her left leg bent at the knee exposing her thigh all the way up. "Our" yellow panties lay on the floor beside the bed. They were spread out with the crotch exposed. They looked stained with the combined fluids of both our orgasms.

"Do you like my nightie, baby?"

"It's beautiful, Mom. You look so sexy in it."

"Thank you. I bought it for you. I was hoping you'd be pleased."

She began rocking her leg back and forth, opening and closing her thighs.

"Are you going to give your sexy mother a kiss?"

I bent to kiss her. Our lips touched. Her mouth was slightly open. I could feel her tongue just touch my lips. As we broke she said, "You are a fantastic kisser. I could get used to that."

She touched my thigh and rubbed it lightly. Then she said, "Last night when we were masturbating, just as you came, you said that you wished you could really cum on my cunt."

"I remember saying that. And yes, it's true."

"Good. Because I want the same thing. In fact, last night as I was watching your video, that's what I was thinking. That I wanted you to cum on my pussy. When I saw your cum spurt on my panties and my picture I cried out, 'Oh yes, baby, cum on my cunt, Cum on mom's pussy.' I imagined you spurting all over my lips. As I climaxed I thought of myself rubbing your cum all over my clit. It was an earth shaking orgasm. I watched it again and came even harder the second time. I think I might even have passed out briefly it was so strong. And then today, I put on my, I mean our, cum filled panties. I can't begin to tell you what it felt like to have your semen pressed against my swollen lips. That's when I texted you that I was wearing them. Then I played the video again. I climaxed as you spurted, feeling your cum on my pussy through my panties. That's when I texted you that I came."

I picked up the panties and sniffed them, smelling her cum and mine mixed together. I quickly stripped down to my underwear. She grabbed the waistband and pulled them down freeing my rock hard cock.

"Baby, your penis is even more beautiful in person", she said. "Stroke it for me, just like on your video."

I wrapped my hand around my cock and started pumping it, all the while breathing deeply of her womanly scent.

"You look sexy sniffing my panties and masturbating."

The leg that was rocking back and forth stop

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