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" Sarah crawled out from under all the muck and sat her chubby ass into the wheelbarrow. Off she she carted to the pig sty that was awaiting her. Once to the sty, her husband opened up the gate and tipped the wheelbarrow over, dumping Sarah face first into the deep thick mud. "Welcome home!"

"It's good to be back," Sarah said with a muddy smile.

"Why do you go wallow for a few minutes while I get some equipment out." Sarah started rolling around and around in the mud covering herself completely while her husband rolled into the sty a fucking machine. "Look what I have for you piggy! Since I don't want to get myself messy by going into the sty, I thought this would work just as good."

Sarah's eyes lit up when she saw the machine. It could go nonstop, making her cum again and again. "I want that in me!"

"Why don't you come over here and bend over in front out it so it can slide into your pussy from behind just like you love." Sarah crawled over and stuck her ass up in front of the mechanical cock. Her husband positioned it so it was right up against her muddy pussy. "As you are getting fucked I'm going to make you an unrecognizable mess. And the only sounds i want to hear are that of a piggy. How do that sound?"

"Sounds great to me!" The machine started up and started to impale Sarah's pussy over and over again. It started slow and then picked up speed. Sarah's whole body was vibrating from the jackhammer speed of the machine. As this was going on flour was dumped all over her. Then molasses, then oatmeal, then chocolate, then powdered sugar, and then more mud. All the while Sarah sat there grunting and oinking as she was being fucked. She came over and over again, too many to count. She was in bliss. Slowly the machine slowed to a stop. She was disappointed.

"Congratulations honey, you made it! So you know what you get?"

"More fucking I hope!"

"Probably, if you play nice. But your prize is...well, why don't you tell her Carrie." Carrie was one her best friends from college. She was about the same size as Sarah, maybe a little more chubby but still hot.


"That's right Sarah, I'm your prize or you're mine in a way. I've always wanted you, why do you think we became such best friends? I stopped by your house one day and no one answer, but what did I see there through the window, my hot friend in the kitchen dressed as a pig covered in food and getting herself off no less. I talked to your husband the next day and he confirmed that yes, it was you and it was a kink of yours. I told him how hot it made me to see you like that, doing that to yourself. So he showed me the videos you guys had done. I have to say Sarah, you really love to be humiliated don't you. The things I've seen you do to get yourself off are crazy. I can't believe that dressing as a pig and being covered in food get you that turned on. But from what I've seen today, and yes I've been watching the whole time, you need it to get off. And the more disgusting you get the more turned on you get. I mean look at you right now, sitting in a pig sty, an unrecognizable mess, attached to a fucking machine. By the way, how it you like it? I thought I did a good job running it."

"I'm so humiliated. No one was to know about this. Please Carrie don't tell anyone," Sarah begged.

"I promise I won't tell anyone, but you have to play nice. Even if other people knew I bet the humiliation of it would turn you on. I think just the thought of me standing here and know is causing your pussy to drip, isn't that right piggy?"

"Yes. I'll do whatever you want just don't tell anyone."

"This is going to be fun! I've wanted you for so long and know I get to do things with you I've only fantasized about.

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