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Man reunites with high scool crush.

"I think that it might be better for me to do some looking around first since Stan is only going for two days or so, and then if I find something interesting, you and I can go back for a week or so and make some serious living arrangements if you and your little brother want to come up there with me." The younger brother Alice referred to was Tammy's other younger brother, Bill, who was not yet thirteen.

Turning her eyes back to me Alice said, "What do you think Stan?" I answered, "Sounds great to me, I was just going up and back so it will be good to have the company." "We can take the Caddy if you like and save the wear and tear on your car." Alice offered and I readily agreed, my car was a 67 Chevy Impala SS with bucket seats and a center console, and I knew her car would be far more suitable for adventure than mine would be. The decisions made, plans for departure were discussed and we elected to leave just after noon on the following day. Allowing me some rest after the nights show and time to load the car and have it serviced.

1:00 Sunday afternoon saw us pulling away heading for Reno in a comfortable Cadillac two-door hardtop, we had been on the road less than ten minutes when Alice had slid over next to me and again placed her arm inside my thigh with her elbow pressing against my manhood. Her dainty feet were together on the hump, her legs covered by a full skirt with a white blouse that buttoned down the front. As we drove my arm was around her shoulders and I reached down and un-buttoned the next two buttons on her blouse and then began lightly tickling her breasts above the bra she was wearing, the bare skin was flushing read under my touch and she was beginning to fidget in her seat as she began to rub her entire forearm the length of my hardening prick..."I have wanted you so much, I could hardly stand it!" She said. "I wanted to sneak off with you this week when you were at the house." I said as I brushed her nipple through the bra, and watched her legs clamp together in an attempt to bring some pressure to her clit. She became less interested in keeping up appearances and more interested in getting my cock into the open air so she reached over with her right hand and unzipped my jeans, then unbuttoning them she looked up at me and said, "May put my head in your lap and take a little nap?" and with that she pulled my cock upright and lowered her mouth over it, I had the power seat as far back as it would go to make room for her head. And, Her head went agonizingly slowly up and down and then side-to-side. With her head leaning against my chest she was able to lick and suck to her hearts content and it seemed that she was very contentedly sucking me and be comfortable at the same time. Sunday afternoon traffic around San Jose and that area as we headed toward I-80 to go to Reno was not bad, there was the occasional truck to be passed on the left in order to afford the driver a view of something he would love to be getting. But, to others, I just looked like a man driving along with a smile on his face.

Not to be outdone, my long arms enabled the stretch to reach up under her skirt and find her moist, hot, center.

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