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Staying over with a cousin has a very interesting effect.

But instead of her doing the talking, it was Tess doing the dirty talk narrating. Which was just as good, if not better. Deena began to take a little more of Todd's length into her mouth. She sucked and slurped her way into about 4" of his dick inside and that was it. She began to bob of and down with a slow rhythm and then alternating with curling her pierced tongue around the wide smooth brim of his crown. She emitted some mmmmmm's as she sucked which enhanced the overall physical feelings. Todd's hips were in constant motion from the sensual overload. 1st of all, he is getting his cock sucked by his girlfriend's hot mom. 2nd of all, his girlfriend and the husband are sitting right there watching it happen. But he didn't let it phase him as he focused on the tongue lashing my wife was giving him.

"Mommy, do you like sucking my boyfriend's big black cock?"

"mmmmpppppffffff... uuummmmmmmm... "

"Ha-ha, I'll take that as a yes."

While she sucked and slurped, Deena tightened her grip with her left and began to jerk him off in unison. His ball bag was bouncing up and down like a yoyo as he threw his head back. He had both hands on her head, but was not forceful at all. Again, they were just there for effect. Tess was still moving around slowly getting the action from all angles. I had my cock out of my shorts and gently tugging myself off.
"Now this is how you suck a nigger cock folks. A sexy white wife with her little wedding ringed hand and fingers that don't even wrap around his cock. It just doesn't get any better than this. How about it daddy?"

"I love it baby doll. Your mom is a hot little slut."

Deena stopped long enough to squat down a little further and had Todd move his butt further to the edge of the bench so his balls were hanging over the edge. She bend down and flicked her pieced tongue around his huge saggy ball bag. She gently sucked one ball at a time into her mouth and massaged them orally. He moaned and groaned as she mouthed his enormous testicles. She reached up with her wedded hand and continued to stroke his length while she mouth fucked and slurped his big balls. Tess backed up my way so has not to miss any action and indicated she wanted to hand the camera off to me.

"Now my daddy is going to do some filming while his wife and daughter share Todd's big nigger cock. Here you go daddy, don't miss anything." (Giggling as she handed it to me)

I got up and stepped closer as Tess made her way to them. She knelt down next to Todd and engaged him in a deep French kiss with a ton of tongue action. His hands immediately went to her tiny little A-cup boobs as he mauled them right through her bikini tip. She put her tiny hand on top of Deena's as their fingers intertwined. They jerked Todd off jointly with their combined actions. Todd had his big dark tongue deep inside my tiny daughter's mouth as she willing accepted and reciprocated his tongue fucking. After a couple minutes, Tess got down on the floor next to Deena between Todd's spread legs. She looked at the camera.

"Now my mommy and me are gonna double suck my black boyfriend's big cock."

And that they did. The both leaned in and took turns licking up and down his shaft and then wrapping their lips around his knob and sucking him off. The also took turns massaging his now aching ball bag as he was getting closer to the point of no return. I maneuvered around to catch the action for various angles. And helped Todd along with some encouragement of my own.

"Hey Todd, why don't you pull those bikini tops aside so we can see their sexy boobs."

He did just that and the look of excitement on his eyes increased tenfold.

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