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And if she was being honest, she was looking forward to flaunting her new found confidence.

As she stepped onto the fine white sand Sophie felt like a different person. Knowing there were no kids or house to think about for the next few days was a weight off her mind. And the free bandwidth quickly filled with thoughts of her husband and her longing to be more intimate with him. She recalled some of the naughty things they had done together over the summer, and hoped to reignite that passion and intensity.

The warm waters of the Caribbean were welcoming as they waded into the gently lapping waves. After swimming and splashing for a little they embraced. Alex could taste the salt on her lips as they kissed like teenagers. Sophie wrapped her legs around him and could feel his hard-on as it poked against her crotch.

Sophie broke off, "I know since the summer you have been frustrated honey," she began, "me too. But I just haven't been in the mood. I hope you can understand, it's exhausting between the house, kids, and everything else. But we are here now, and I want to make it up to you. So let's go back to the villa and have sex."

Alex was surprised that she was so forward, and Sophie could see his confusion.

"This place is so beautiful, and you really are the perfect husband for surprising me with this trip...and...the video I watched on the plane made me really horny," she confessed, giggling.

"We can buy the DVD when we get back," Alex joked, following his wife up the beach and adjusting his hard-on so that it was more comfortable. He couldn't take his eyes off his wife's ass and the way she looked in that itsy orange bikini.

Their villa and terrace was flanked on both sides by a large hedge, with a few similar villas to the north. But it felt very private nonetheless. The only way someone could actually see their terrace was by walking along the dune directly in front of it.

Alex watched in lust as his wife approached the plunge pool and sexily removed her top, before leaning forward and slowly peeling her tiny bottoms down. Tossing them aside as she jumped into the water.

"It's heated," she called out happily.

Sophie then watched as her husband removed his trunks. She glanced behind him, knowing that they were taking a small risk that someone might pass. But if anything, it added to the excitement. As his erect penis sprang into view it looked different to her, bigger and somehow tidier. But before she could dwell on it he slid into the water next to her.

Sophie didn't waste any time and immediately embraced him. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she positioned herself so that his cock was rubbing against her clit. Strong sensations radiated through her body as she kissed him forcefully and ground her body into his.

"I missed this," she said, reaching down and positioning his swollen head so that it was between the folds of her pussy.

Alex thrust up. The first few movements didn't allow him to go very far as the friction was too great. He knew from experience that in the water her pussy juice would be deeper inside. So he pushed more forcefully, searching out her natural lubricant and enjoying how tight she felt. He hadn't fucked a teen for over a decade, but this is how he imaged it must have been.

"Ouch, easy," Sophie groaned. Her hand instinctively reached down to his groin to slow him down and control how far he could push. That's when she realized that his pubic hair felt really short in her fingers.

"Wow, you seriously trimmed," she said, now understanding why his cock had looked more appealing.

"I thought you might like it with less hair down there," he replied, not mentioning that he also thought it would improve his chances of getting a blow job at some point during the holiday.

"Is that a hint?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Hint?" He responded, unsure of what she meant.

Sophie was quiet for a second, and then to Alex's frustration pushed off him.

"I will be right back," she promised, a cheeky smile on her lips.

He watched her wet

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