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A cheerleader gets into very sticky trouble.

t you know?'

'No,' Aimee replied. 'I knew it was a friend of Val's who chose me, but I assumed it was Oliver.'

At the mention of Oliver's name, Val's face twitched. Kyle poured everyone drinks, and they settled down to eat. It was nice food, and the mood was comfortable. They talked about work and kids and life. It was all very tame until Samara piped up and asked if they'd heard about Linda.

'What about her?' Val asked cautiously.

Samara set her knife and fork down. 'Can you remember the open invitation night you catered? The one you took Aimee long to?'

Val nodded. 'Sure.'

'A newbie showed up. Came from Brisbane. He was petrified of being recognised, so he thought if he travelled a few hours from home he'd be safe. He was a sub, and extremely anxious about the whole thing, but he'd heard there's some other submissive men that hang around the group, so he thought he might fit in.' Samara explained. 'The first person he runs into is Linda, who demands to know what he's doing there. He tells her he just wants to meet some like-minded people.'

'What did she say to him?' Aimee asked curiously.

'She looked him up and down and told him that this particular group expects a certain standard of dress, income and personality, and he'd be better off finding another group,' Samara said.

Valery rolled his eyes. 'Sounds like Linda. What did he do?'

'What do you think he did?' Samara inquired archly. 'He hightailed it out of there. Apparently Vaughn overheard part of the conversation, and he mentioned it to Miles, who in turn questioned Linda. Linda swore blind that Vaughn misunderstood. Nobody thought anything of it until a few weeks ago, when Miles announces online that he's holding another open invitation night.

In one of the groups for submissive men, they start talking about it. The boy who got chewed out by Linda posts something along the lines of 'they're all very upper class and don't like tradesmen, so keep that in mind if you're not someone who wears a suit every day'. Long story short, Miles finds out about this and contacts the guy. Miles realises Linda was out of line, contacts her, and tells her not to bother showing her face again. Her strike one was with Aimee. Strike two was with this guy. Miles doesn't let it get to three strikes.'

'Hallelujah,' Aimee muttered.

'I'll say,' Samara agreed. 'She can go back to Catrin's group, where getting to be a snob is apparently part of the appeal. I've promised Miles I'll contact the boy this week and see if he wants to come back. He seems legit.'

'Do you want me to do it?' Val asked.

Samara nodded. 'Actually, I wouldn't mind if you did. I don't want him getting the wrong idea. He seems genuine, but you never know.'

Dinner was finished and dessert was served. It was sticky date pudding. Aimee thought it tasted remarkably like Val's, and asked if it was the same recipe.

'It is,' Samara said.

'I made this at Miles' New Year's party and nobody wanted any,' Val said. 'Warren actually said 'why would I want pudding?' and I said 'because it tastes good'. He rolled his eyes at me, so I decided to take Aimee home, and leave them to make their own bloody dessert.'

'From what I hear, nobody had dessert because you two put on a nice little sex show in the kitchen,' Samara remarked.

There was a minute's silence. Aimee didn't know what Val was thinking, but she knew she was running over exactly what she and her lover had done with each other. From the outside, it wouldn't have looked pretty. It was sex designed to get each other off, not appeal to an audience.

Val went pale. 'Oh shit,' he swore.

'Forget the house was wired up?' Samara asked him.

He nodded, and turned to his girlfriend. 'Sorry Aimee.'

Aimee wanted to crawl under the table and die of embarrassment. 'Did everyone there watch us?'

'Of course they did,' Samara replied matter-of-factly. 'Why wouldn't they? From what I heard, the night descended into an orgy. I can't believe neither of you realised, particularly you, Val. You really are thick at times.'

Valery shrugged.

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