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It all started so innocently.

"Quiet!" Her words were forceful and confident again, back to lawyer mode she thought. As she turned back to throw the lock on the door over she dropped her briefcase. She turned to him then and tilted her head a little downward. Her gaze caught his eyes and pierced through hi as she walked towards him slowly. Each of her steps was deliberate, and after two or three she stepped out of her heels without even missing a moment in that cadence. The steps after were slower as she moved to slide her panties down and step out of them. His hands started to fumble with his buttons, as she reached him.

Her right hand stopped him as she approached within inches of his chest. "No, not yet." He immediately obeyed and dropped his hands to his sides. "Shoes and socks off."

He sat on the edge of the queen bed and started doing just as she commanded. She smiled noting the lime green of the comforter and how she was going enjoy the thought of that color after today.

When his feet were bare, she walked up and pushed him from his shoulders back on the bed. He provided no resistance, but instead quickly readjusted himself so that his head was on the pillows.

She placed her left knee up on the outside of his legs and then her right followed on the opposite side. She was straddling him now, and yet he had not reached for her. She loved this control.

Her gaze drifted downward and she caught sight of his bulge. God that was exciting. She had not even touched him yet and he was excited. Then, as if she had planned it all along, she crawled over him one knee on each side and one hand too. His hands pinned against the bed. She felt the skin of his arms graze her knees as she crawled past. Yep, she was about to do one of her dirtiest thoughts and not give a fuck. Wow, who the hell had she become?

As her breasts were over his face, she looked down at his eyes. Then, she reached over and grabbed a pillow off to the side of where his beautiful face gazed up at her. Her hand behind his head made him lift up. She could feel his hot breath as she put the extra pillow under his head. She slid her skirt all the way up to her waistband now, and just told him...

"Taste me."

"Oh god yes Lady Jacky." His words were almost a sigh at being permitted. His hands moved to her ass cheeks, thumbs on her hips He pulled her into his face now and then she felt him lick the tip of her clit. From there, his mouth devoured her. He put his tongue in her and all over her at the same time. He seemed to have no rhythm to it at first, moving as if he was ravenous. Then, she realized that he was responding to her facial expressions. He soon learned, at nearly the same time as she did, that sucking on her clit made her feel amazing.

As he did so, she found herself lost in this moment. His tongue moved rhythmically and her hips moved with it. She felt her weight shift more towards him and she put her hands up on the wall above his head. Her moans started to become louder and louder. Every motion of his tongue sent waves through her clit and her entire sex. She felt herself dripping, and felt his chin rubbing her dripping hole as she moved with him. His grip become more intense as her moans grew louder. Her face was on the wall before she even knew it, and she was lost in the pleasure.

Soon, she heard her own voice deepen as moans turned to grunted yeses. This was intense. In this moment, she did not care how she looked or sounded all she cared about was how amazing his mouth felt on her. The "oh fucks" that started from her lips led to his own moaning that she could feel through her body as if her clit was an amplifier. She looked down to see his eyes fixed on her and she could read the joy in them. She kept the gaze as long as she could before "pop" she felt her orgasm explode through her. Her grunt of pleasure was delayed by a second as her body tensed and she spasmed against him. She felt his tongue slow, but still explore finding a way to express how much he was enjoying this moment.

As she caught her breath, she sat back on his chest

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