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Judy's ring however was the hit of the office. I was complimented on my taste which I thought was funny because Judy had designed it and picked out the diamond. It did significantly drain my bank account by the way.

While getting married on most worlds is easy, Delta-Knox put up roadblocks. There was grueling and humiliating physical, a psychological and genetic profile. Your financial status is minutely examined. Only if everything matched up with government approval could you pay the fee to secure your license. We applied for permission to get pregnant at the same time because there was currently a several year wait on pregnancy permits. The fact that Judy was veteran made things quite a bit easier.

On nearly every world, couples get to plan their own weddings. On Delta-Knox the government does. The government never lets you forget that every benefit your receive comes from them They tell you when and where you will marry, where you will honeymoon and how much you should spend on the ceremony and the honeymoon. They decide when you have children, and what sex your children will be. The founders of Delta-Knox have an obsession with population size. They believe they have a utopia, so long as numbers stay between a hard set of variables. About the only thing they didn't do was consummate the marriage themselves.

Judy and I started attending wedding school. We had to go once a week to meet with our wedding planner and honeymoon consultant. This was actually quite easy. Judy had the hard work. She had to arrange for the fitting of her gown. To be honest I did not pay much attention in class. Our wedding planner had the personality and oratory gifts of a low level bureaucrat. I just had to give my measurements and my wedding duds were delivered to my doorstep. After classes ended we were told when our wedding would be. For a honeymoon we got lucky, Azimuth Island in the southern ocean. Like EVERY honeymoon spot on Delta-Knox it was clothing optional, emphasis on the optional. It was part of their dictum that there be no secrets at the start of a marriage. There must be something to their system. The divorce rate on Delta-Knox is something like three percent.

Attendance at the ceremony was small Judy's family was not large and I did not want mine to travel to Delta-Knox lest they end up enslaved. I also did not want to remind them of Sherry. I had contacted my family and Sherry's family when I won my freedom. Because they did not understand the situation, Sherry's family blamed me for leaving her enslaved. I tried to point out that I had no choice but my words fell on deaf ears. The ceremony hall was filled with our co-workers. The company slaves were also given the day off from their labors to attend and dine on some nice food.

The rites were very simple. Judy wrote most of the actual vows. In very flowery language I promised to obey her several times. In exchange she promised to respect, love, and honor me. Judy looked spectacular in her white dress trimmed in red. It all took about an hour before we hit the reception hall and many hours later Judy and I boarded a domestic air liner for Azimuth Island. Being married gave Judy and I certain tax advantages and put us on a shorter waiting list for government programs. It also made it easier for us to borrow money. And while I could not own property in my own name for a while yet, I was encouraged to purchase under Judy's name.
Judy and I slept in the plane for the three hour trip to our honeymoon island.

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