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Her dominant has arranged for her first gangbang.


She pulled at his shirt, tugging it over his head. She let it drop on the floor as her hands made their way to his chest. Her lips trailed down over his salty skin remembering their unleashed passion of the night before, her mound becoming wet and slick as his fingers move over her back....upward with the tee-shirt pulling it to her neck and then over her head...leaving her nude. Her sudden gasp made him laugh softly as his fingers moved over her back...she wiggled at the soft touch. Her lips moved down his chest and she stopped at his nipple...biting softly then sucking hard.

"God babe....that ....Jesus what you do ...." his fingers creep around to find her breasts, kneading and squeezing them as she continues to suck and nip at his nipple. Her fingers working furiously at the belt buckle. Images flit through her mind as she closes her eyes taking in his smell and the taste of his skin. His moans and hands in the darkness, his lips trailing down her stomach to her navel. She groaned and straightened pulling the belt from his jeans.

"I wasn't dreaming ... last night happened....." her skin hot and her legs become soaked with her own juices as she pulls at the button trying to open his pants...

"You weren't dreaming...." His hands stop her and he scoops her up in his arms...holding her against his chest. Kissing her eyes closed, down along her cheek to her jaw as he moves..."Not a dream...Something that should have happened a long time ago..."

He walked her to the side of the bed, leaning a knee on the bed laying her down. Pulling back his hands move to the button on his jeans opening them and letting them drop down to the floor. His knee sinks the side of the bed as he leans over her, his head dipping down to wrap his lips around her nipple. Sucking and pulling at her nipple with his lips as his hair brushes over her skin...brushing over her other nipple making it hard.

"I...." her hand grabs his hair pulling on his her heel digs into the mattress arching up ..."God....ohhh....Yesss..." her thighs slick and wet as she shudders and moans.

His teeth clamp onto the nipple as she pulls at his hair, his hand moves over her other breast, pulling at her nipple before sliding over her stomach and dipping his pinkie into her belly button. His head lifts up as he looks into her eyes, his hand moves further down, the tips of his fingers brush though her hair. The pad of his thumb finding the hard nub of her clit and pressing against it, rubbing and massaging using her own juices as one finger slides into the wetness.

"Last night.... Was just a beginning darlin'..." his head dips down and he kisses her stomach as his fingers move in and out of her wetness. She bucks up with a soft cry, heels digging into the mattress more trying to pull back .

" ... can't ... hold back..." she looks at him and pulls his head down her lips opening under his and her tongue flicks back and forth sliding into his mouth as she screams out and explodes around his fingers. His throaty laugh as he kisses her deeply and continues to tease and rub her clit with his thumb the wetness making his fingers slide in and out with her climax.

"I need to taste you...last night....I could taste you all was driving me wild. Hell I had a hard on most of the day...." his fingers drag up her stomach, dripping her juices over her nipples before rubbing his fingers gently over her mouth.


He caught her as she stumbled, her head throbbing from the fall.

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