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A lover haunts her memory.

I could cum just from that alone, but my lust was overtaking me as I grabbed her by her flared hips and began thrusting in her wildly. Her movements matching mine as our hips met in mid-thrust banging her clit on my pubic area.

I grabbed her tits with both hands and squeezed her nipples roughly, causing her to moan with pleasure. I pinched her nipples and pulled them watching as they stretched out as far as could pull them. She began to fuck me faster her pussy was dripping her thick juice on my body as I pounded her as hard as I could. She cried out as she came, her cunt was gripping me so tight I felt like I wouldn't be able to move, but her wetness kept me sliding in her pussy. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me with each thrust, squeezing her ass cheeks as I did. She came again harder never stopping her crying out my name as she fucked me.

I felt my own orgasm building in my balls, as they tightened up against my body. I told her to fuck me faster, Her tits bounced against her chest as she did. My cock spewed into her hot pussy, shot after shot of my thick spunk shot into her womb, she never slowed down crying out as she felt its heat filling her, causing her to have another orgasm as she flooded us both with her cum. She fell across my chest. Our now sweaty bodies clinging to each other as our senses came back.

Her breathing was returning to normal as I kissed her full lips sucking her tongue deep into my mouth. Holding her soft ass in my hands, not wanting to part from her hot sweaty body as my now softening dick fell out of her cum filled pussy with a plopping noise. Her eyes closed as a satisfied smile crept to her face. We fell asleep her back to me my hand on her breast, my dick against her ass.

The next morning when I woke up, Juanita was still against me as I looked up at a shadow as it crossed the doorway. Bonita stuck her head in, her eyes widened as she saw her mom in bed with me. She turned and left as I crept out of bed and went to talk to her. She had coffee made and was sitting at the table.

"Mornin' Bonita!"

I said as I poured me a cup and went to sit down. She didn't look happy with me at all, and I don't really blame her but she didn't know whose idea it had been to be in bed together. She looked at me as I asked her,

"Kind of shocked are you?"

She just shook her head yes and lit a cigarette. Blowing the smoke from her lips, which she had gotten from her mother, Full red lips, sexy lips! I tried to explain to her what had happened but she didn't want to hear it.

"Your mother just needed someone to hold last night, Shit, Bonita, she still has her needs, Juanita is a very sexy woman, and you can't really blame me!"

She looked at me with tears in her eyes as she said,

"But I would've fucked you if you wanted to!"

I was shocked at her, me not having had any idea she wanted to fuck me.

"What's to stop us then Bonita?" I asked her.

"You fucked my mother that's what!" she cried at me.

About then Juanita came in and had heard her. She just told Bonita to grow up and got her a cup of coffee then sat down with us.

"Mother how could you!" She asked her mother.

Juanita laughed and said to her.

"If you saw what I did last night when he took a leak, you wouldn't ask such a stupid question!" I was almost afraid to smile but had to anyways.

"You watched him piss?" Bonita asked.

"Only by accident, I had to go and he was in the bathroom peeing, when I saw his tool, I knew I was going to get it! Don't be a jealous little bitch, if you want it, ask him I bet he would let you have some, you wouldn't be sorry either!" with a smile as she grabbed my cock under the table.

I couldn't help but jump when she grabbed me. Bonita saw me and looked under the table,

"MOTHER! What are you doing?"

Juanita pulled my cock out of my boxers and jacked me off under the table, when Bonita saw her Mothers arm moving, she looked under the table again and gasped when she saw my h

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