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A husband has unique motives for sharing his wife.

If it would have swung out it would have hit Jane right in the forehead.

Out came Henrieta, the Popeye with breasts. It appeared she had no bottom lip. "Hi, Jane," she said. "What brings you by?"

"I was supposed drop these tapes off for my dad. He said they were Jim's."

"Oh. Well Jim's up so you can go and give them to him. I'm on my way out. Shopping. The Link Card is back to full strength and right in time too. The grotesque woman smiled thinly.

Jane barely understood a word the woman spoke. Jane smelt beer on her breath though. And she did understand the part about giving the tape to Jim and Jim being up. She would have to talk to him after all. Damn, she could actually see this on coming, but it had not prepared her.

"I'll do that then," she said as she strolled passed Henrieta.

"Bye, Jane."

Henrieta closed the door behind her and Jane was trapped in this house of much porn. She walked all over the bottom of the house and found nobody, then she heard Jim's voice coming from the basement. The whole house smelled of beer and cigarette smoke.

The basement door was open when she found it, so she walked down the stairs slowly. When she gave Jim his tapes she would launch herself up them same steps and get the hell back home. She decided Julie Hymaker's mother had enough people to talk too, and getting home would be a blessing.

Each step to the bottom creaked louder. Obvisouly Jim knew someone was making their way down the steps. But he wasn't saying anything. She waited by the bottom step and listened. She could hear heavy breathing coming from the room and the sounds of moaning women. The women were porno chicks. They were on the TV.

Jim was watching a porno. She feared turning the corner and facing him. However, if she was ever going to get out of her she would have to do so. She took two deep breaths, shook her head back and forth, squeezed the tapes and turned.

What Jane saw sickened her. Jim and his friend, a dirty man named Joe, were both naked and jerking off on a dirty leather couch. There was a porno on the TV and tools surrounding them. Her eyes were opened wide. She felt she would puke all over the hardwood floor that smelled of gasoline, oil and, of course, beer.

Jim turned around and saw Jane staring at them. She was about twenty feet from the couch. Instead of getting embarrassed, she smiled and said, "Hi, Sweetie. What can I do for you?"

Joe turned to face her. He gave a toothless smile and turned his face back to the porno. Neither of them let go of their penises.

"My dad said these tapes are for you."

"Well come her and give them over."

Jane thought about it for a moment. These men were disgusting, sickening and perverted. Even worse they were drunk. But to hell with it. The sooner the tapes were out of her hands, the sooner she would go back to the safety of the house she learned to hate but that she could just as quickly learn to love again if it meant not being here with these vulgar creatures. She walked very slowly, tapes stretched out in her hands. She looked at the men's hard penises. Both were about six inches and both looked clean. Jane never saw a penis before. She couldn't stop staring at them. The veins were like attention getters. And the balls looked so weird to her. It was all so new to her.

"Like what you see?" Jim asked. "This movie is fucking great." In the porn movie, two guys were getting their cocks sucked by a black woman who had titties about the same size as Jane.

Jane handed Jim the movies. Jim laid them at the side of the couch. Jane tried to leave, but was drawn to the movie. One of the men was now fucking the black girl up the ass while she continued to suck on the other guy. The movie was actually making her hot, and for some reason, so were the vulgar creature laying naked on the couch.

"Neat, huh."

"Sort of." She was surprised by her answer.

She felt a strange sensation in her asshole.

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