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Thirty year old plans to lose her virginity.

Within a split second she was deep throating his cock and moaning over his length. The guy fucking my daughter's throat tossed his head back in pure joy. The guy between her legs had pulled her bikini bottoms off and was already eating her pussy. It was as if they were trying to set a land speed record. Neither guy was taking any time to savor my daughter and ensure her enjoyment. I watched as Melanie had her pussy eaten and her throat fucked. It took the guy in her mouth less than a minute to blow his load. She swallowed every drop. The guy between her legs climbed up on top of her and put his cock in my daughter, and started fucking her. Again, he quickly pulled out and blew his load on the concrete. He mustn't have known that my daughter was on the pill.

Both of the guys stood around for a second and then pulled their clothes back on to leave. Melanie looked disappointed. She stood, and walked into the house not even putting her swim suit back on. Having forgotten to close the door, I stood by the window taking a second to let my hard on fade before moving. It was to late. Melanie into my room and saw me standing by the window.

"Did you enjoy the show", Melanie asked? Not sure what to say, I responded that it was ok, but they must have either been overly excited or inexperienced. "Both, I think. I have been flirting with them for some time now. We are interns together at the High School. I figured today would be a good day to bring them home to fuck. I didn't think you would be here though!" I explained to her about the car and my plans, all the while my beautiful daughter stood before me totally naked. "Well, I was about to come up here and borrow some of mom's toys. I am not even remotely satisfied. Would you like to help?"

I walked over to my daughter and kissed her on the lips, reaching up and grabbing her tits. Twisting her nipples, she moaned out loud at my assault. I could taste the cum on her mouth and lips. It made this even more erotic. Pushing her back onto the bed, I removed my clothes. Melanie took one hand and began playing with a nipple while taking her other and began rubbing her clit. As I removed my clothes, she began working her pussy to a small climax. Once I was totally undressed, I crawled onto the bed and slowly ran my tongue up her leg, along her inner thigh, and then slowly pushed it deep into her wet pussy. Spreading her lips apart, I began sucking and licking her clit. I had eaten my daughter's pussy before. It tasted great then, and tasted just as good now. Melanie lay flat on the bed, her knees up and her legs spread wide, and twisted her nipples as I brought her to an incredible orgasm fucking her pussy with my tongue.

I pulled back, stood up, and walked around to the other side of the bed. Grabbing under her arms, I pulled her to the edge of the bed so her head was hanging off of the side. I then took my cock and placed it in her mouth and began fucking her throat. She took all 8" of me and never missed a beat. She continued to twist and play with her nipples, and rubbing her clit, while I worked her throat. After about 5 minutes, I pulled my cock out and told her to hold her mouth open. I stroked my cock until I erupted. The first shot hit her mouth and upper lips. The second landed on her cheek. I pushed my cock up to her mouth and watched as she caught the remaining shots on her tongue. As I pulled out, she looked up at me with her cum filled mouth and then closed her perfect lips and swallowed.

Leaving Melanie on the bed, I walked into the Master Bedroom and retrieved my wife's 10" dildo.

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