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It all started so innocently.

I nip one of your cheeks playfully, then probe you with my tongue a bit more firmly. I hear your short gasp.

"Come up on your knees for me," I command firmly but tenderly, rubbing over your back lightly with one hand as you do so. You are so fully exposed to me now, so vulnerable. It is exciting. I have an urge suddenly to bite you, force myself upon you, treat you a bit roughly, but it passes. Another time, when this is more familiar territory. For now I just want to please you, to show your body a new kind of pleasure you only dared think possible in your most private thoughts.

I flick my tongue across your upturned asshole a few more times, then let one of my thumbs lazily circle it as I reach for the gloves with my other hand. As I slide one on I snap it loudly for effect. Your lift your head and turn your face to me, your expression a mix of anticipation, lust and fear. "Hey, you've had my finger up your bum before, why so worried?" I ask, grinning.

"This is different." A hoarse whisper.

I lay down for a moment, my face close to yours. "Yes. It's different and it's a little scary and it's fantastic. And it's also going to hurt a little bit, but in the best possible way, because it's going to feel so good and it's so bad all at the same time and it's worth it," I tell you honestly and encouragingly. Your eyes shine; I have your trust.

I come back up to my knees behind you and open the bottle of lube, holding the opening at the top of your crack and watching a few drops roll tantalizingly down. I smear them around a bit with a fingertip, then press slowly and consistently against your sphincter. It slides into the ring fairly easily and I start to move it in and out slowly as I hear your breath quicken, "aaah,aaah,aaah." With my free hand I reach for the smaller vibrator and turn it on. These little ones are small but powerful and can vibrate pretty intensely. I start it at a lower speed and press the tip to your perineum, just below my finger sliding in and out of you, feeling your body jerk as the vibes hit you and your ass contracts for a second around my finger with the sensation. "Like that?" I coo. You just nod, your face pressed to the cushion. "Good," I assure you, "it's going to keep getting better."

I remove my finger, turn the bullet up a notch or two and bring the tip of it to your anus, leaving it for a few seconds, taking it away, leaving it, taking it away. You moan and your hips push back involuntarily each time I move it. I torment you like this for a few moments, working you into a state of desperation. Your cock is drooling precum on the rug below your belly. I finally decide you are ready and increase the vibrations to maximum and sink it into your hole in one easy stroke. A stifled gasp from the cushion. Instead of sliding it in and out of you, I use a few fingers to guide the exposed end of the vibrator in a circle, letting the vibrations do their job. I keep this going for a few minutes, allowing you to enjoy the sensations.

I notice your hand moving down to stroke your cock and pull your wrist away.

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