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Wie ich schwanzsüchtig wurde.

The man started moving her up and down on his shaft.

She couldn't fight them. There was no way she could get away from them. She had to take it and try to enjoy it as much as she could. This man was hurting her, but she wouldn't let him see it.

He pulled her back and she settled on his lap. His cock was all the way up her asshole and he was moving her up and down on it. It felt good, even though there was so much pain. He knew he wasn't that big, not as big as Leo for sure, but he felt enormous inside her.

She tried not to look at the others in the room but could not resist. They were all watching her. Leo had a huge grin on his face. She felt so embarrassed. Leo laughed.

"Ain't that so cute," he said.

"What's she doin'?" the guy she was fucking said.

"She's blushing."

"Get her up here. I want to put my thing in her."

Mikey looked at the guy beside them on the couch. He had been pulling on his dick. Now he had an anxious look in his eyes and was staring at Mikey's crotch.

The guy she was fucking held her glued to his crotch and turned so he was laying lengthwise on the couch with Mikey on top of him and his head resting on the arm of the couch. She tried to hold herself up but had to lay back against him.

The second guy kneeled on the couch and spread her legs. He was grinning wickedly and staring at her bare mound. Droplets of Leo's cum leaked from her lips. His cock was rigid in his hand. He moved between her legs and his hand guided his cock to her hole.

She watched it part her cunt lips and push in. He used his weight to sink it into her and she groaned. She could feel the shafts of their cock rubbing against each other.

Leo kicked off his pants, got up and sauntered to the couch. Mikey watched him approach, her eyes focused on his swelling cock. Her mouth was open. She was moaning and panting and her small body rocked between the bodies of the larger men. Leo raised his cock to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue. He put the head of his cock on her tongue and she closed her lips around it and started sucking. She put her hand around the shaft to hold herself steady. It was difficult to keep it in her mouth when she was moving back and forth so much.

The guy beneath her was the first to cum. He shouted, then she felt his warm fluid squirting in her asshole. The second guy came quickly after that. He rammed his cock deep into her cunt and sprayed her insides. He was grunting loudly in her ear, but she didn't care. At that moment she wanted him to cum inside her.

She wanted Leo's cum as well. She sucked hard to get it. His knees started to buckle and she knew she was going to get it. The first spurt shot to the back of her mouth and the rest of it filled her mouth rapidly. She drank it all up and let the rest spill from her lips.

The guy on top of her pulled out in a hurry and left. Mikey had to release Leo's cock when the guy under her lifted her off and dumped on the couch. He pushed her back and spread her legs. He was still hard.

"Let me have some of that," he said. He hooked her legs under his arms and pushed them back, pressing her knees up by her head. Fresh cum dribbled from her cunt and mixed with the cum from her asshole. Mikey, panting, held her head up to watch. He put the head of his cock between her cunt lips and pushed it in. She groaned. The cum made her channel slippery, but she was still tight.

She looked up at him. His eyes were looking down into hers. She put her hands on his sides and wrapped her short legs around his waist. He was pushing with his hips and this made her crawl on her back up the couch until her head touched the arm.

Having spent himself once, this guy was able to last longer the second time. Mikey started moaning. She felt an orgasm building inside her. The guy kept up long enough to make her cum, then he came himself, spilling even more cum inside her.

He climbed off and left her with her legs spread.

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