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A change of clothes leads to a new life.

Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Julie."

"Then start crawling."

I feel the sled tugging on my cock as I crawl across the room. Master Arnold puts another weight on the sled and I crawl the other way. It takes a bit longer to get to the end of the carpet. Master Arnold puts another weight on. I struggle to crawl across the room. I look at the sofa and see them smoking and watching me crawl. After a while I've made it across the room.

Master Arnold puts a smaller weight on the sled. Now I have to struggle for each inch. My cock is throbbing as I slowly make my way across the room. I'm perspiring when I reach the other side of the room. Master Arnold replaces the small weight with a larger weight. I try to move the sled but I can't budge it.

Mistress Julie laughs. "What's the matter, slave. Too much weight?"

"Yes Mistress Julie."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Mistress Julie."

Mistress Julie turns to Mistress Susan. "Let's test him to be sure."

Mistress Susan gets up and takes off her clothes. She sits down on the carpet in front of me and lays back.

Mistress Julie commands, "Eat your wife's pussy, slave."

I'm less than a foot away. I try to crawl towards Mistress Susan, but I can't move.

Mistress Julie gets up, picks up a cat-o-nine tails and whips my back. "I said, eat her pussy. What kind of a wimp are you? Your wife wants her pussy eaten."

Mistress Susan fingers her pussy while Mistress Julie whips me. I can smell Mistress Susan's pussy, but I can't move the sled.

After a few minutes Mistress Susan stops whipping me and puts the whip down. "Arnold, come show slave how a real man takes care of his woman."

Master Arnold gets on the carpet with Mistress Susan. He kisses her. She gets on her hands and knees, and he gets behind her. He fucks her to a couple of orgasms. She sprawls out on the carpet and mews. After she rests awhile they get up and go to bed.

Mistress Julie commands, "Untie the rope from the sled and put the sled and weights in the corner. Wait for me in my room."

"Yes Mistress Julie."

I untie the rope and put the sled and weights away. I go to Mistress Julie's room and stand in the corner with my hands behind my back.

Mistress Julie comes in wearing a robe. She's smiling. "You passed the test, slave."

"Thank you Mistress Julie."

"You'll wear the leather strap all the time, except when you're showering. I have something special planned for tomorrow, let's get some sleep."

"Yes Mistress Julie."

Mistress Julie gets in bed and turns out the light. I lay down on the rug beside the bed.

I wake up and kneel down by the bed.

After a while, Mistress Julie wakes, kisses me on the forehead, and commands, "Get me my juice and toast."

I get up and get Mistress Julie's breakfast. I hold her tray while she sits on the side of the bed and eats.

Mistress Julie finishes breakfast. "We're going to the beach today. Clean up and take my stuff to the dock."

"Yes Mistress Julie." I clean up breakfast and get Mistress Julie's basket and beach bag. She's sitting on the dock, her feet dangling in the water.

"Put the stuff in the rowboat and let's go."

I put the basket and bag in the bow of the rowboat. I help Mistress Julie into the boat. She sits in the stern and I untie the boat and sit in the middle.

"Slave, do you see that small island in the middle of the lake?"

I turn around and look. "Yes Mistress Julie."

"That's where were going." Mistress Julie slaps my cock. "Let's go."

I pick out a couple of landmarks on shore and start rowing.

Mistress Julie unbuttons her blouse and pulls it open. Her breasts are firm and round, and her nipples are standing at attention. She lights a cigarette and takes a puff. She looks down at my cock and says, "You get aroused watching topless women smoke, don't you slave."

I smile. "Yes Mistress Julie."

Mistress Julie smokes while I row her to the island.

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