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Adventures in truck driving.

As an online chat expert I can also gauge how quickly he answers my questions. If it takes him five minutes per question I will blow him off and block him. Not only am I fussy who I fuck, I like a guy to possess enough intelligence to answer me right away, if they're witty to boot that's a huge tick against their name. I nibble on a cracker and pour another glass of wine as I wait for him to reply.

I have Skype. What's your addy? A x

I give it to him.

Two hours later, I'm still chatting to Ali and surprisingly for me and my past track record, he seems to possess a higher level of intelligence than most guys who I have picked up online. Some people have a gaydar or a fuckdar, I usually possess a fuckwitdar but tonight it seems to have gone into retirement.

So anyway, he is witty and funny and has a nice air about him. He doesn't engage me in perverted chat in the first ten minutes and I relax to his theme which consists of more flattery. The only thing I am worried about is this, if he is nice as he comes across, he might want more than no strings attached sex.

I determine his intentions within ten minutes and we agree to meet at 10pm. I hop out of bed to grab a shower and get ready, I have Ali sussed already and I refrain from allowing my excitement to over take me. I force myself not to play with my pussy in the shower which is no mean feat seeing as I am horny, revved up and ready to go. I want to save myself for this evening and the potential events.

I decide to wear my knee length black leather boots, black g string, short black skirt and a black polo neck. I'm hoping to capture the vamp look, plus the outfit compliments my newly dyed black hair. The only flash of colour I use is a slash of red lipstick to enhance my full lips. I have been told my lips are my best facial feature, only men say that though and you can imagine what's running through their minds when they say that. It makes me slightly horny I must admit, to have a guy compliment me on my lips when I know all they are really thinking about is having them plugged tight around their cocks.

Ali is late but this is due to the fact he has managed to get himself lost. The fact he has rang me to tell me all about however, has redeemed him in my eyes. I hate tardiness of any kind but if there is a genuine reason then I am okay with that, plus I am horny as hell. He finally arrives and I jump in his car. The fact I know I am taking a risk turns me on but I am a live for the moment kind of girl and despite the fact I might not be romantic per se, I do believe a little in serendipity.

Ali is really nice. He seems a little shy and nervous at first so I let him jabber on until I can see him visibly relax. I zone out a little as he starts to talk about his work, who talks about work when they are going to potentially get a fuck?

I look at his side profile as he concentrates on negotiating his car through the motorway traffic. I decide he is definitely worthy of my time, plus he is coloured. I've never fucked a coloured guy before and I admit I am partial to be a bit of inter racial porn in the privacy of my bedroom it's such a turn on. For me, Ali is like a packet of Refreshers, colourful, fresh and he makes me feel fizzy inside.

We drive around the city and I'm wondering if he has found himself lost again, however, he definitely has an inbuilt sat nav in terms of finding a back alley as he pulls his car into one. I suddenly start to feel a little self conscious and absent mindedly pull at my skirt that has ridden up my thigh without me noticing, however, the excitement is definitely the main emotion dominating my mind right now.

Ali turns off the car engine and undoes his seat belt.

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