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She masturbates then he takes her.

..pulling her feet up onto the edge of the chair...she's deep in her fantasy.

Feeling her nipples, licking her lips, closing her eyes, rubbing her clit...she was so excited at this point she never even felt the warm breath on her neck...the heat of another body behind her...imagining she could feel his soft kisses on her neck...for she had dreamt of the night prior.

With her eyes closed, She feels the wonder of a mans touch on her breast...the feel of a strong arm coming around the front of her...the feel of a strong hand gently rubbing her clit.

Deep in her fantasy...her hands run up and down his masculine arms, so strong and fit...her breasts now hot and desire to be released...her panties are dripping wet...she feels the soft warm wet lips touch hers...her eyes still closed.

Her hands move up his arms feeling his back and neck...she pulls his lips into hers...her tongue searches frantically for his...thinking it feels so real she opens her eyes to see her lover over her...Kissing her...touching her...fulfilling her dreams.

Quickly moving around the front of her...unbuttoning her silk shirt slowly...kissing each spot with each button undone...releasing her beautiful breasts...cupping them gently suckling on each nipple.

Her sweet sounds of desire grow in intensity...as her breathing quickens...removing her shirt, kissing his way down to her awaiting aching pussy...kissing and licking it through her wet panties, driving her out of this world.

Pushing her panties aside so he can play with her ass... licking and rubbing it gently...teasing her slightly as he runs his tongue over her pussy lips...stopping for a moment, he stands her up...slowly sliding her drenched panties from her pussy he drops to his knees...putting one leg over his shoulder his tongue exploring her pussy magically...sucking her clit into his mouth.

Sliding one finger deep into her pussy paying special attention to her clit...grabbing the back of his head she pushes him deeper into her mound...sliding another finger into her...her hips begin fucking his fingers...as her juices begin to flow he replaces his fingers with his tongue, slowly he pushes his pussy soaked finger into her ass...fucking her with his tongue and finger, he sucks and licks the cum from her pussy...as he pushes her over the edge.

Standing, he takes her into his arms kissing her deeply...she can taste her juices on his lips...taking her hands he places them on her desk...he enters her swollen pussy from behind...holding onto her hips he pulls her onto his rock hard cock...her pussy grabs his cock instantly...fucking it with every thrust...she reaches down rubbing her clit while he impales himself deep inside her pussy...she pushes back to meet his every thrust.

His pace quickens...fucking her harder and faster...their bodies covered in sweat...she looks back to see the look of lust and desire in his eyes...feeling his cock and balls tightening his body tenses...he grabs her hips and with one last thrust his head throws back as her pussy squeeze his cock harder than it had before...with a hell of a shout he releases his hot cum into her...his cock throbbing and jerking from the release of his built up tension.

Moaning softly she lies her head down onto the desk as her body begins to relax. As he takes her into his arms again holding her body tightly against him...she takes his hand...leading him off to the bedroom...going into the bathroom she starts the shower...she turns to find him standing behind her...she was drowning in his big brown eyes and his dynamic smile...taking him into the shower the warm water running over his body was just too much for her...she ran her hands over his chest...kissing and licking each nipple lightly...he gasps from her touch...kissing her way down his very firm stomach...taking his cock into her hand stroking it gently.

Backing him up against the shower wall.

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