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A naked dare exposes more than skin.

She looked very sexy. I longed to bury my face against her pussy and lick her cunt. I found some matching blue nail varnish and started painting her toe nails. I could see she was enjoying this. When I had finished one of her feet I moved across to the other and started sucking the toes. Nita sighed and said, 'Oh that makes me so horny and wet. My pussy is beginning to leak. What can you do for me. I love having my toes sucked but I think my pussy is going to need sucking too'. I replied, 'I'm sure Mrs. Wyles would be happy to join us, she loves sucking toes and pussies, so between us we could both give you what you want.' Nita replied, Yes please, I just need to cum.'

Mrs. Wyles was in the outer office waiting for me to call her. She followed me in and I saw that Nita had now taken her bra and knickers off and was sitting back on the sofa with her legs on the supports. She had moved the supports even further apart and she was stroking her pussy. Nita said, 'Can I wear stockings and you suck my toes through them'. 'Of course', I replied. I fould Nita a pair of silky support nylons. Mrs. Wyles took one and I took the other and we both pulled them up Nita's legs. Mrs. Wyles brushed her hand against Nitas very wet pussy. I said to Nita, 'Who do you want doing what.' She said, 'I want Mrs. Wyles to suck my toes and Robert to make me cum with your tongue'. Mrs. Wyles said, 'First of all I need to dress appropriately. She undressed and put on her favourite fishnet seemed stockings and her 8 inch high heels and said to Nita, 'Look how good those heels are. I'll let you suck them later or you can wear them and Robert and I will suck them while you're wearing them.'

I undressed and Nita reached out and grabbed my erection and said, 'I want this in my cunt later'. Mrs. Wyles started sucking Nita's toes and I dived in between her wide apart legs. Her cunt was soaking wet and almost leaking cunt juices. Nita put her hands down and pulled her pussy lips apart and said, 'Suck my cunt, lick my slit, suck my clit, put your tongue inside my cunt and tongue fuck me. Oh that's wonderful, all I need now is a cock in my mouth and I'd be totally satisfied. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Let me get you a vibrator and you can fuck yourself while you suck Robert off and I suck your toes'. Nita replied, 'Later, I need Roberts tongue in my cunt now, I need him to suck my clit to orgasm, I need to cum over his face. Oh Robert that's great, suck harder, push your tongue right inside my cunt, oh Robert, you're making me cum, oh Robert, I'm cumming, oh fuck, I'm cumming, cumming, cumming, oh yes.'

My face was soaked with Nita's pussy juices. Mrs. Wyles was still happily sucking Nita's toes as her orgasm happened. She also had two fingers inside herself and was busily finger fucking herself.

When Mrs. Wyles saw my face she leaned over and licked Nita's cunt juices off me. Nita lay back recovering. Her legs were still wide apart on the leg supports and her cunt was clearly still soaking wet. Mrs. Wyles said to Nita, 'Its time for you to wear the 6 inch spiked heels you chose and went and got them. Mrs. Wyles and I put them on Nita's feet for her and helped her stand up. Nita walked over to mirror and twisted and turned and admired herself. She paraded up and down, looking at herself all the time. After a few minutes she said to Mrs. Wyles, 'What did you say about vibrators earlier'. Mrs. Wyles went over to a cupboard and bought out a huge box. Nita happily rummaged through the box and was fascinated by what she found.

I said to Nita, 'Both Mrs.

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