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College coach and attractive athlete at his apartment.

It would be an impressive sight to observe - but there wasn't! It was very annoying but that is time stop for you. I had to content myself with coming into the bathroom every minute or so to see what was happening:

Tableau 1 - soapy hand around cock probably speed wanking

Tableau 2 - couple embracing in shower

Tableau 3 - couple still embracing in shower (penis and breasts being fondled)

Tableau 4 - cockhead in girl's mouth

Tableau 5 - girl sucking left ball

Tableau 6 - couple out of shower and drying with towels

Tableau 7 - man sitting on floor with mouth in girl's completely hairless sex

Tableau 8 - Couple about to come out of bathroom

It was all a bit like a series of porno pictures or images albeit rather more three dimensional! Note that at Tableau 1 I did borrow the soapy hand to run up and down my own a little and at 4 I did extract the impressively large cock - it is always a strange feeling handling another man's cock - and replaced it with my own for a little play. Quite understandable I am sure.

The bedroom, though, gave me a bit more opportunity to hide and watch. I have to say I did rather enjoy watching that cock slip into the girl from not more than a foot away, or 30 centimetres if I had used that ruler. They were in the good old missionary position and kissing at the time. I was crouched by the bed and had a marvellous view of the big round end pushing away seeking egress. I could have reached out and helped but the touch of the unexpected hand might just, possibly, have made them both jump six feet into the air! I watched as, inch by inch, the 'whopper' went in until only the balls were touching her and then slowly, and wetly, it all came out again. How funny, but fascinating, is human sexual intercourse. You can criticise it as boringly repetitive but just look at a football match. I mean, they are both repetitive and similar time and time again - but I know which interests me more.

The question, of course, was when should I join in? Difficult whilst another man is in possession, so to speak. A change of position gives the opportunity or else I have to wait until there is a natural conclusion and I enter 'sloppy seconds.' I always think the trick is to try and enter and come just before the man so that I take the primary position and it is him that has the 'seconds' but it is not at all easy to time. Very confusing to find your girl all full of semen when you haven't come: much better to find her simply dripping after you've come.

After some vigorous work there was a rolling over and the girl made to straddle the man 'cowgirl' style. This is usually good news because it often leaves the girl exposed and vulnerable before she descends; it gives me the opportunity to stop time, get on the bed and slip in. I did not waste this opportunity and I am always keen on rear entry/ doggy style fucking. She was leaning a little forward kissing him, one hand holding his cock ready to ease herself down upon it. In that pose entry was going to be easy, not just given the size of cock she was used to, but because she was all open and exposed to me. All I had to do was hop up onto the bed, straddle his pelvis with my knees well apart and slip in. Yes it was as easy as that and very enjoyable nonetheless but I did not go all the way at that point.

With her riding cowgirl I had to be more circumspect and keep further out of the way, indeed settling for merely looking through the crack in the door.

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