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Uncle and niece's bathroom liaison leads to wet fun.

I couldn't let them make me cum again, they couldn't control me like this! I eyed the shower curtain, neither one was holding onto it at all, if I pushed it out maybe I could sneak under it..

Greg followed my gaze, and must have figured out what I was thinking. He jerked my face back towards him, an evil look in his eye.

"I don't think so kitten." He barked as he began to rub my clit.

I groaned in pleasure as he circled it. It was so sensitive.. the slightest movement made my whole body jump. He stared into my eyes as he continued to abuse it, still finger fucking me. I felt Brett bite into my neck behind me, his fingers pumping me hard. The pain and overstimulation of their actions were too much, and I began to give into my orgasm.

My eyes fluttered in their sockets, my mouth dropping open slightly as my body became limp. I let them support me as I came, my head rolling back and forth as it ripped through me. They didn't stop as I came, they just kept on playing, making my orgasm last much longer.

As I was still cumming they both pulled their hands away. I felt Brett's hand on the small of my back, pushing me down, and with one swift motion he entered my ass.

I screamed in pain and pleasure, Greg quickly covering my mouth. I had completely forgotten about the kids sleeping.

Brett sunk into me all the way, not giving me a moment to catch my breath before pulling out and slamming back into me. I shook my head and tried to scream, muffled by Greg's massive hand. I looked at him pleading. He smiled back.

"You want it in your pussy too, huh kitten?" he cooed.

At that moment Brett pulled out of me, and they flipped me around. I now faced Brett, who was grinning, and felt Greg pull my hips back to meet his hard cock. He sunk into my pussy quickly as well, going deep and pulling out all the way. He fucked me hard with his whole length, being extra rough. He grabbed my arms behind my back and held me up straight, giving Brett perfect access to my swollen breasts. He began to suck on them, twirling his tongue around them.

Just as I was getting used to everything, Greg pulled out of me and flipped me around again. As I steadied myself, Brett buried himself inside my ass. My eyes rolled back as Greg took one of my nipples in his mouth, biting it hard. I cried out as he twisted the other one, making me weak again.

"God, I never grow tired of how tight you get when we play with you kitten" Brett whispered in my ear, sliding deep inside me before pulling out and flipping me again.

They repeated this motion, fucking me in different holes, biting and twisting my nipples and laughing as they felt my pussy tighten in shock around them. I had no idea how much time had passed, eventually I ran out of strength and let them use me like a rag doll, turning me round, fucking me senseless, hurting me to get my pussy to twitch. The entire time they laughed and snickered at my situation.

After some time of being fucked back and forth, they both pulled out of me. They exchanged a look, and then Brett started pushing me down on my knees. I wobbled a bit as I slid to my knees, the water hitting my entire body as I looked up at him.

"Are you hungry kitten?" He asked innocently, his face amused as he watched mine process what he meant.

" I'm not.." I shook my head, knowing what was coming.

"What a shame, you're about to have a huge meal sweaty." He grinned, grabbing my chin and forcing my mouth open.

He shoved his hard cock in my mouth, it was already twitching and I knew he was about to cum. He grabbed the back of my hair, forcing it deep down my throat. I gagged on it, barely able to breath as he bobbed my head back and forth on it.

"That's a good girl." He sighed, pulling my head right up to his stomach. I gagged and thrashed as I felt his milk shoot out. It was very warm, hot, even from the shower, and was coming out in strong spurts.

"Suck it all out.

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