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I wanted to keep talking, but I realized I needed to pee soon. And the feelings building inside me created a sort of impatience.

I had to ask one more question.

"Did Suzy ever, well - help you have an orgasm?"

He thought for a moment before quietly responding, "No, she never did."

I asked, "Was it - well - okay with you, that she never - well, helped you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, were you upset that YOU didn't get the same - well, kindness, in return from Suzy."

"I don't think so, I mean, when she finally had her climax - it was really rewarding for me."

"But, weren't you - well, sort of turned-on or anything?"

"Oh my god - Yes!"

"Well, what did you want, I mean for yourself."

He kind of seemed surprised at my question, and he just sat there.

I asked again, "Please, what did you want, for yourself? I'm really curious."

He said, "I think we were both so scared about getting pregnant, that we couldn't even consider - making love, like that."

"I know that feeling. I think the reason I'm so awkward around boys and dating. It's because I'm so freaked out about getting pregnant too."

"Just like Suzy."

"But - I'm still curious, what did you want"

Tommy looked worried and awkward.

The rain outside the tent was creating a sort of building tempo. And at the same time, I was getting desperate to pee. But I didn't want this beautiful conversation to be interrupted.

I said, "Please, it's obvious you wanted something. I really want to know."

"But, it just seems so - I don't know, so perverted."

"Oh Tommy, pleases...." I begged.

"Okay, but don't think I'm some kind of a weirdo because of what I say..."

"I know you too well to EVER think that."

"You know how much I loved Suzy, and I thought Suzy was really pretty, and..."

"I thought Suzy is really pretty too, I thought so the first time I saw her when she came to visit."

"I thought that she had really lovely, well - I thought her breasts were really beautiful."

For some reason, I thought it was so warmhearted to hear Tommy praise Suzy like that, about her breasts.

I thought to myself how much Suzy and I looked like each other, and we even had the same bra size - she even borrowed on of my bras when she was at our house. She stood in my room and changed, and she seemed so nervous. But I remember, I saw her with her shirt off, just for a second and I was surprised how much we looked alike - I mean - our breasts were really similar.

I said, "Keep going..."

He went on to tell me how he had never seen her breasts, how she was just too nervous to ever let him even touch them. It was something that she was sort of confused about. It was like a deep problem for her. He sounded really understanding, but I could tell it was frustrating for him.

I said, "Oh God, Tommy, that's sad for me to hear."

"You're right, maybe it is a little sad."

I said, "If I had a boyfriend, I would let him see my breasts, and play with them too."

That was supposed to be a joke, just to lighten the mood. But Tommy still looked so serious.

I said, "What is it, there's more isn't there?"


"Please, you can tell me."

"Don't think what I'm going to say is too much, or too weird, okay - please."

"I won't - really, I won't"

"I wanted to climax too, I really wanted it, but it never happened with Suzy, and - deep down - I know it sounds weird, but I really needed it."

His voice sounded so emotional, I was worried he may start to cry.

I said, "Oh Tommy - That doesn't sound weird at all - that sounds like something beautiful you wanted to share with Suzy."


"Please, it's okay, you can tell me."

"Oh Jackie, you don't understand, it's the WAY I wanted to try and cum."

"Tell me..."

He was trying to collect his thoughts, and I waited anxiously.

I wanted to comfort him, "Tommy, please - you are so kind and tender, nothing you could say would be upsetting to me - really."

He smiled, like he understood and then said, "I thought Suzy had such lovely breasts, and I used to just dream about taking her shirt off, and taking her bra off - and finally

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