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Against her will, Jessica is helpless and at his mercy.

Now that the fuck was over, she couldn't believe how she'd behaved. She should have had more control of herself.

It seemed to take hours, but finally Connie made it inside the club. The place was decorated in neon and silver, with small tables scattered around the perimeter of the dance floor and a bar near the door. Connie made her way toward an empty table, but a trio of college-age bleached-blondes cut her off and took the table instead. "Oh, were you going to sit here?" one of them asked.

"Never mind," Connie said.

"Thought so." The girls snickered.

Connie went to the bar instead and found a vacant stool. Of course, she knew she would lose it as soon as she stood up to dance, but first things first. "Strawberry daiquiri, please," she told the bartender. She didn't drink often, but she needed something to help her cope with what she had done outside.

The music was loud, but not unpleasantly so, and gradually the dance floor filled. Connie scanned the crowd, hoping for a glimpse of the man who had fucked her, though she'd barely seen him outside and probably wouldn't have recognized him if he'd stood in front of her. The thought both scared and titillated Connie. She had fucked a man she wouldn't know if she was right beside him. So out of character for her, but it had felt so good.

After she finished her daiquiri, Connie slid from the stool and ventured onto the dance floor. It was packed, almost as much as the sidewalk outside had been, but there was enough room to let her body move to the music.

Soon she felt someone's arms come around her from behind. "Who do you think you are?" she demanded, struggling to break free. "Let go!"

"Calm down." The voice was instantly recognizable; it was the man from outside. "I thought we could dance together, since in a way we already have."

Connie turned in his arms. The man was slightly taller than her own five foot seven, with piercing blue eyes and sandy blond hair. Connie opened her mouth to speak, but he pressed his lips against hers. His tongue penetrated her mouth, and for a moment they were lost in the kiss. Then Connie pulled back. "I don't even know your name," she said.

"Do you need to?"

"You fucked me outside, you're kissing me now. It would be nice to know who you are."

"Maybe before we leave, I'll tell you." He let go of her, only to bring his hands up to cover her breasts. "For now, let's just enjoy each other."

"What are you doing?"

"Enjoying you."

Enjoying fondling her in the middle of a huge crowd. Connie grasped his wrists. "You can't do this here."

"Darling, I fucked you outdoors on a sidewalk surrounded by people," he pointed out. "Compared to that, playing with your gorgeous tits is nothing. Of course, if you really want me to stop, I will." He took his hands away. "Happy?"

Yes and no. Connie wanted his hands on her again, even though she was horrified at the thought. Instead of answering, she resumed moving to the music. "Dance with me."

"Are you sure you aren't worried about people seeing us?" he teased.

"Dance with me," Connie repeated.

She pulled his arms around her and they swayed to the music, not exactly dancing but still setting a rhythm. After a moment, he began moving his hands up and down her body. Connie felt a rush of wetness between her legs. "If you keep doing that, we'll end up the way we were outside," she said.

"That's the idea." He rubbed one hand against the front of her skirt. "I'm planning to fuck you right here."

"In the middle of the dance floor?"

"Think anyone will notice?" With his other hand, he pushed her shirt up over her breasts. Connie frantically tried to pull it back down, but he held it in place. "No one's even looking," he said. "What are you afraid of?"

"Being arrested for public indecency."

"Never happen, not here. If anyone sees, they'll probably want to join in. As long as the bouncers don't catch us, you'll be fine. And they might not even care." He squeezed one of her nipples, and Connie moaned. "Do you really want me to stop?" he asked.

"N- no.

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