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He held the back of head and kept pushing his cock in. I couldn't withdraw so I just moved my mouth back and forth over his cock. He came fast again, maybe he was excited that he was able to make a naive girl like me, sucking his cock. He shot every drop of his cum, deep and hard inside my mouth, hitting my throat. He pulled it out and he opened my mouth to see his seed, kind of admiring it.

He smiled again and I can tell that he was extremely satisfied. He closed my mouth and signaled me to swallow it and I did it without much hesitation. The cum taste was strong but I convinced myself that I would like it. I realized then that I was so damned wet down there too but I never really dared to do anything in front of him. I just saved it for my nightly masturbation, thinking about the day's happenings.

As days past by, I found that I was looking forward to see him, sucked his cock and ate his cum. Lyn suspected something fishy as I kept asking her, more and more of those sex stuff. She asked me if I had found a boyfriend and wanted to meet him. I just lied and said he was extremely shy and wouldn't meet anybody at that time. Luckily, she didn't press on.

It would be extremely embarrassing to tell her that I was sucking a stranger's cock. I didn't even know his name nor where he stayed or work. Totally no information about this so-called boyfriend. The only thing I knew well was, his cock! We had never exchanged a single word at all. Sometimes, I just wondered, was he dumb? Or probably, I was dumber to let him made used of me in his perverted ways.

Over the next few weeks, it was like an unwritten rule. I already knew the routine well on what to do but he would always signal me to do something more everyday. He would go slowly, one thing at a time, probably he didn't want to scare me off. He was right. I can only comprehend that much as everything was new to me and in this way, it kept up the suspense that I was really looking forward to, everyday.

He got bolder with each passing days. He made me unbutton my blouse, took off my bra and exposed my boobs for him to play with and at the same time, me holding on to his cock. He would then pull and pinch my tits making me uncontrollably wet. Most of the time, my cunt juice would just flow down my thighs or wet my panties.

The first time when I took off my bra, he took it with him when he left. I guessed he wanted it to keep it for souvenir. From then onwards, I would take off my bra in the girl's toilet and put it in my bag as I couldn't afford to let him take away all my bra everyday. So I always ended up topless after school. I loved the feeling of my heavier than normal boobs, bouncing away when I happily, walked faster to meet him. It brushed against my blouse making my tits pointing hard by the time I reached him.

Then he started to grope my ass. He would always lift my skirt up a little and peeped up, to see what was under my skirt. It really turned him on this way. So I would always try to wear all kind of different colors and shapes of panties everyday and my collections grew sexier: silky, satin, sheer, transparent, skin-tone, tongs, g'string, crotchless etc etc. Sometimes, I would take off my panties in school and put it in my bag and go bottomless to surprise him. I loved to watch his cock rose up and it was usually quite fast, the moment he peeped under my skirt. Most of times, my panties were wet by then. The anticipation and the sight of his growing cock never failed to make my pussy juice flow.

After a month or so, a typical day usually went like this: He would stand near the path I would be crossing.

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