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My man and I get to know the new bartender.

I lined my dick with her pussy and started to push into her. She grabbed the side to help her keep balance and then looked over her shoulder at me. Looking into her eyes almost made me cum right there. They were full of lust and burning with desire. I slowly pushed my way into her. I saw her wince just a litte.

"Are you OK?"

"Yeah, just a little sore. It's been a very long time since I've been really fucked, and you're much bigger then anyone else I've been with." I pushed in some more and she winced again. This time I just pulled out. "I'm sorry, I just need a little time to recover. I promise I'll be ready for more." Now her eyes were sad and I saw tears forming.

"It's OK. We have plenty of time." I turned her around to face me and gave her a huge kiss. This seemed to make her feel better. Her hand found my dick again and she started to stroke it. "I see your still ready to go. I do know one way to make it up to you." With that, she got on her knees, took my cock and deep throated me in one try. Then she pulled off and did it again. The whole time she was looking at me with those deep blue eyes. A few more sucks and I pulled her up. She looked confused, but I just kissed her. I pinned her against the wall and devoured her mouth.

Now she was getting hot. Her body was moving against mine. I could feel her nipples rubbing my chest and her hips were pushing on mine. I reached down between us and found her pussy was dripping wet again. I kissed down her body, stopping briefly to give each tit a long kiss, then continued down her body. When I got down to her pussy, I lifted one leg and put it over my shoulder. This opened her up enough to give me good access to her pussy. Her lips were puffy and her clit was sticking out of its hood. I gave her clit some small kisses which caused her to dig her fingers into my shoulder and let out a long moan. Then I took her clit into my mouth and gave it a long suck while my tongue did circles. This time her moan was long and deep and her hips almost knocked me over. I could feel both the shower and her juices running down my face. I did this one more time and she pulled me to my feet, bent over, reached between her legs to grab my dick. She then lined it up with her pussy and pushed back hard. Instead of me going slowly, she was fucking me hard. No more wincing. My attention to her clit got her going enough to lubricate. But now she was doing the fucking. We were facing the mirrors again and she was looking over her shoulder.

"And I thought this was for you" she said.

"It is." I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her back. Her head went back and her mouth opened in to moan, but nothing came out. My hips were just pumping away and I was just fucking now. I leaned over and reached around her to tweak her clit. This caused her to moan again and then her hand replaced mine on her clit and she was rubbing. She looked back over her shoulder again, but her eyes were mostly shut. The noises coming from her mouth were just grunts, moans and purrs now. I was able to watch her tits bounce around with each stroke and saw that the nipples were sticking straight out. I reached up and grabbed some soap. Her ass was staring at me too and I had a real dirty thought.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass?" She stopped moving and her eyes opened wide. I was still stroking in and out of her pussy and must have been rubbing a good spot. She tried to speak twice before finally say "No, but I want you to. Feeling your fingers before was the greatest feeling and I could only imagine what your dick in me would feel like. But not right now. When we're in the bed and I don't have to worry about falling. I promise."

I smiled.

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