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Leona becomes more involved with Gareth.

"Oh my... Oh my..." I moaned

Suddenly, it wasn't enough. His finger and tongue wasn't enough, I needed more. He sucked my clit with renewed vigor, my back arched, and his finger slid in and out of me faster. I squeezed his finger with the walls of my vagina, hoping to intensify the excitement.

Like a vacuum, the electricity that was running wide in my body concentrated on my vagina. My hips met his finger thrusts. All the glory of heaven blessed upon me as I exploded around his finger, he continues to suck my clit and again, the same intense feeling built up and I burst once again.

He unceremoniously left my skin. He nodded to the guy who was holding me and they exited without saying a word.

I never felt so vulnerable in my life. Emotions are going wild and I was left to pick up pieces of me. I hastily removed my feet from being hoisted, tied my robe and wiped the wetness between my legs. I am embarrassed. I came for someone who I don't even know. My body has betrayed me.

The woman from before entered. With her, a syringe filled with medication. She cleansed the side of my arm and stuck me with it. I winced. She withdrew the needle and put a Band-Aid on the site.

"Birth control," she said and exited.

As if the events haven't sealed my fate, the announcement of being given birth control took my emotions to overdrive. Here, in this majestic place, I am to rescue my sister. But in order to do that, I must become what she is, a slave.

The night was uneventful; after what transpired earlier, I'm relieved that it was. I was escorted to a room bigger than the cafeteria on my boarding school. The wallpaper, four-poster bed, white Egyptian cotton with delicate bedding, antique armoire reminds me of Marie Antoinette. It was delicate, romantic and over-the-top feminine.

I touched the bedding, exploring the gentleness of it. Lifestyle of the rich and famous, I thought. The adjacent bathroom was marble white, it boasts a whirl tub that could probably fit 5 people. The walk-in closet was filled with gowns and delicate lingerie. The theme of this room is evident, innocence and purity, just like I was an hour ago.

I was still wearing the black robe when a woman, platinum blonde hair, red lips with black eyeliner that rims her amber eyes, came in. She was wearing silk red long lingerie, a great contrast to the room.

"I'm Alicia Monte. I run this house." She said with her French accent. Taking a seat on the bed, I nodded in acknowledgment.

"Do you know what we do here?" Her eyes boring into mine.

You blackmail girls and sell them body and soul to the highest bidder, I thought but didn't say. Shaking my head in response, wanting to hear how the devil can convince a soul to come with him to hell.

"We sell pleasure. Fulfill desires. Make dreams come to life." The twinkle in her eyes and the desire embedded on her voice tells me she believes her lies. My eyebrows shoots up, eyes wide, unprepared to hide my emotions because I don't believe any of the bullshit she's selling.

She laughed. A laugh that reverberated throughout the walls of the room and walls of my psyche. It's one thing to make a person believe your lies, and quite another to believe it yourself.

Irritated, "I want to see my sister," I snapped.

"You have seen her."

"I don't trust any of you in here."

"Very well," she said calmly, clasping her fingers together. "But before that, you need to sign the contract."

She handed me a leather folder, inside was the contract we've discussed over the phone two days ago. Written in legal terms, I am to assume responsibility to my late father's and my sister's debt amounting to $10 million dollars. The only way to pay this debt is to work for them. I will be their property for...

"1 year?" I asked, remembering our discussion where I was supposed to stay with them for 3 years.

"You are untouched, we are not unreasonab

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