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"I just want an uncomplicated life."

Lillian's guffaw echoed in the room and Susan had to smile a little too. "You certainly won't have an uncomplicated life. No one does." Perhaps because he was young, he didn't yet understand the world. She was finding it a little easier to relax around him, especially after her blood meal; perhaps she was just getting accustomed to his scent. The girl, however, still eyed her warily, while the witch silently studied her.

"Well. Let's go get her the tattoo," Lillian announced, once they had all finished eating.

"Me?!" Annabel squeaked. She hated all things 'needle'.

"Is that really necessary?" Chris knew it was, but asked anyway.

"Absolutely," Susan replied out of the blue from the head of the table. "Without it, you won't be legally protected against the actions of other Beings. You'll be a regular human. Nowadays, they tattoo the owner's ID number on each familiar. They used to brand humans, like cattle."

"Yes, and without your master's tattoo I could come gobble you up in the night," was Lillian's light-hearted rejoinder. Chris hissed. "Relax," the vampire eased, "I meant it as a joke. Although it's true, you know."

"Do you really hunt people? Kill them to drink their blood?" Annabel asked.

"Well of course I do, I'm a vampire. Most of us try not to kill our victims. It's greedy, you know; messy, too." Damping down her sharp wit, she continued, "We each have an allotment of humans we are allowed to kill each year; some vampires get off on it, but they usually don't last long. We are allowed as many non-fatal feedings as we need, provided we leave no trace behind, keep the Secret, and all that. Human familiars of other Beings are off-limits, though," she added kindly. "A lot of vampires just keep their own human familiars, or feed from another willing Being."

"That's sick, how can you just treat people like that?" Annabel whined. Chris hugged her across the small gap between their chairs; still, she felt a little nauseous at the idea.

Lillian wasn't at all offended by the girl's accusations. "It's just nature Annabel, it isn't pretty," she explained patiently, meeting the girl's bright eyes. This was a serious subject, the human needed to understand that the Being world wasn't some idealised fantasy. "Vampires aren't even the worst; true demons used to go on absolute bloodbaths before they got stopped. That hasn't happened in several hundred years. And it's been very rare since the Devines put a barrier around our dimension millennia ago, saying it was unfair that demons still influenced our lives, even after the ban." She had embraced her nature long ago. A hungry vampire was a dead vampire, after all.

Susan looked on approvingly, it wasn't the most gentle of lessons in the uglier side, but it would be good for both Annabel and Chris.

Slumping sideways back into Chris's body with a slight sigh, Annabel was rocked. "Demons? Holy shit ... what, what about God? The Devil? At least tell me you don't go around killing people. I mean you're a good vampire, right?" Magical Beings were one thing but she'd lost faith once she realised that people did all manner of things in the name of their gods.

Across the table Lillian laughed huskily, watching the dynamic between the two, they certainly seemed to take a lot of comfort in physical contact with each other.

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