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Wife leaves for greener pastures, but there are none!

Many times just the penetrating her would set her off.

And that is exactly what happened when I entered her there in my living room - she came immediately. If I had any worries about not being able to perform after last night's sex marathon they were quickly put out of my mind as I began to slid my full length in and out of this sex kitten.

I banged away at her with all the passion that I felt for her - at one point I had really loved her and envisioned a future with her. I watched as her large tits flopped against her chest as I fucked her with long, deep strokes. Karen was holding onto my arms, her grip firm on my triceps and she began to squeeze hard as she came yet again. Don't be alarmed or think that I'm bullshitting you, but in the past she would routinely cum twenty to thirty times during our sexual encounters.

Karen and I were pulling at each other with furious passion, and soon the clothes that hadn't come off in our initial 'attack' were also strewn about the room. I pushed her legs back and apart, laying myself down on top of her, placing my bare chest against hers. We kissed as I kept fucking her pussy, feeling its warmth wetness inviting me in deeper. I broke our kiss and went to work on her tits.

One thing about her having ultra-sensitive nipples was that if you got her in the right mood, you could make her cum just by sucking on them. Obviously I was working on her with more than just my mouth, but I attacked her nipples just the same. I pushed her flesh together and buried my face between her huge mounds, smelling the soft scent of her body spray. Concentrating on each breast in turn, I began to work on her nipples, taking them into my mouth and sucking on them hard before flicking my tongue over them softly, then biting on them rather roughly. It was the varying pressure on her nipples that drove her crazy and it worked tonight as it had so many times before - I heard her moans start softly and gradually build to a loud explosion as she came again.

She pushed me up off of her and back against the arm of the couch. My cock was sticking straight up in the air and I could see that it was coated in her wetness. Karen shifted positions on the couch, kneeling before me on the soft leather. She opened her mouth and put me inside, sucking her juices off of my engorged prick. Again and again she ran her mouth over me, giving me the same expert blowjob that she had so many times before.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, for some reason my desire to be inside her that night was very intense. I stood her up and bent her over the arm of the couch, which made her ass stick up in the air seductively. My cock entered her pussy easily and buried to its full depth in one motion. Karen cupped her breasts in her hands and held on as I grabbed her hips and pulled myself into her with violent thrusts. Desire and lust had taken over my body and I was going to give this girl the fucking of a lifetime if it killed me in the process.

Again and again I slammed into her and she began to cum, I could feel the muscles inside her tighten and release as she did. I never let up for one second, just continued my assault on her insides with my cock. Karen let go of her breasts and steadied herself on the couch, I reached around and replaced her hands with my own. I pinched her nipples hard and felt her quake with the stimulation.

My cock slid inside her again and again and the heat coming off of us was incredible. Never before had I felt someone so hot and so wet inside, the temperature in her pussy had to be approaching that of the hot tub out on my back porch. Sweat was rolling off of our overheated bodies. Karen slid herself forward, causing my cock to slip from between her legs.

She turned and sat down on the couch, taking my cock into her hand and looking at it.

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