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Begin the same way you normally would for any sexual encounter with your partner. Kissing, fondling, etc., bonding with the person. If you've never fisted someone before, or your partner hasn't been fisted before, it's essential that you bond throughout the process. This is a very personal experience, she's allowing you to do something to her that's very intense and can be very painful if forced. Take your time in foreplay, but if you've read any of my other articles you already know foreplay is always stressed in love making.

1. Start by well lubricating the outside of her pussy, rubbing her clit, and slipping one finger gently inside her. Add another finger, keep the lube handy and add more as needed. Be patient, allow her body to adjust as you add a 3rd finger, adding more lube, keeping your pace steady and even. Gently tapping her clit with your thumb as you finger fuck her will add to her relaxation and pleasure. You sitting between her legs and her on her back is the best position to start this process.

2. Let her body be your guide. She's likely to begin rocking her hips into your hand, giving you a sign that she's ready to progress to a 4th finger. As you slide the fourth finger into her, hold your hand in place for a few moments, then slip your fingers further into her, keeping your knuckles facing down. Her pelvic bone won't appreciate your knuckles smacking against it as her muscles haven't become loose enough for them to stretch enough to keep your knuckles off her pelvic bone.

3. Once you have your fingers fully inserted into her, gently nudge your knuckles in her, you may find twisting a little with your hand will help this, turning it from side to side, keeping the knuckles facing down or to the left or right, not towards the pelvic bone yet! Once you've managed to get your entire hand inside her, the only thing left to do, is add your thumb. Again, let her body be your guide. Ladies, do NOT be afraid to reach down and hold his hand back or speak up and tell him it's too much or you aren't ready. Fisting doesn't always happen the first time, especially if your partner has larger hands.

4. Now you have your entire hand inside her, fuck her gently in a rhythmic motion, not too fast or slow, her body will guide you in this. The wonderful thing about the human sexual organs is that once a person is excited, they take over and the body takes its self where it wants to be. Once she's comfortable, and you can feel her muscles relaxing against your hand, slowly pull your hand back and curve your hand into a concave shape, tucking your thumb against the palm of your hand. Now would be a good time to add a large amount of lube to the center of your hand and around the outside of her pussy, pay attention to her clit. Some women are very clitoral and need that stimulation to orgasm, no matter what else you do.

5. Slowly slip your concave hand into her, gently nudging her open. You may have to begin to tuck your fingers as you get to the knuckles, remember all women are different, some have a deeper canal than others. On average a woman is between 5 and 7 inches deep, some women after a hysterectomy can take a little more depth, but patience in this is your strongest virtue. Once you've worked your hand into her, and gotten over your knuckles, the rest of your hand should slip easily inside her. You will need to clench your fist inside her to make the most of this, but it's not going to be easy, listen to her body language. Now that your hand is inside her, stop for a moment, let her body relax and adjust to the stretching.


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