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A white boy is tormented in a future ruled by black males.

"Stick your hand down inside your panties," he briskly suggested.

"MMM....Rub yourself Baby...rub your pussy for me," LJ brimmed, seeing the woman's small pale hand disappear under the elastic band before her knuckles visibly began protruding the front panel of her underwear.

"Damn..look at her knees start to buckle," LJ thought to himself as Hope started to cautiously and gently manipulate herself.

Watching for nearly a minute until Hope's eyes gradually began swooning in their sockets, LJ told Hope to remove her hand and put it up to her mouth.

"I wonder if she's ever tasted herself?" LJ openly asked the imaginary devil sitting on his right shoulder.

"Quite a few times...late at night when no one's looking," that same devil replied, having sat on Hope's shoulder during her occasional moments of lurid and depraved weakness as well.


When it came to her own body, Hope Andrews was about as self-conscious as they came. Even during the early years of school, she always dreaded Phys. Ed. due to the fact she had all the coordination of a flag pole, with much the same build. When high school rolled around and she was required to shower after gym class, having to measure her flat-chested frame up against all the other girls further added to her nightmare. At some point she just assumed her hormones would kick in and she'd somehow catch up, but once she was old enough to see how meagerly endowed most of the women in her family were, Hope knew winning wet tee-shirt contests would never be a side source of income.

Thankfully those days were behind her and in the years following, she'd more than adequately learned to fill her esteem needs in other, much more important ways. Still, there was always that young, pubescent girl in Hope's psyche that yearned to be physically desired and perhaps that, along with all the other complicated psychological factors, was what had drawn her to LJ Addison.

She'd always felt a twinge of apprehension each time she'd undressed for the first time in front of the lovers in her past. Doing it in the middle of a high school gymnasium, even with no one around, would have been unimaginable for Hope, but somehow there was an element of trust with LJ she'd never had with a man, and for that she found herself willing to do anything he asked.

The fingers of her right hand now sullied with the stickiness of her own arousal, Hope slipped them around the front clasp of her bra and undid it under LJ's watchful and steady eye. Her nipples erect and pointing like three-quarter inch bullets once she pulled the cups apart, Hope meekly tried to cover her nakedness, but LJ wouldn't give her the chance.

"Now your panties," he said from the stands and Hope quickly obliged.

"Sit down..right there on the center jump circle," LJ told Hope once he'd surveyed her naked body several times.

The freshly buffed and slick hardwood floor was chilly on the bare skin of Hope's rear end and thighs as she sat Indian-style facing LJ. The only warmth came from the man's persistent and penetrating gaze as she waited for him to tell her what to do next.

"Lean back on your elbows Hope...spread your legs and let me see your pussy," he told her a few seconds later.

Hope did as she was told. Scanning the bleachers as she spread her thighs apart, she couldn't help but guiltily imagine the gym completely full, everyone gawking down at her as an excited hush fell over the place. It was then she felt several droplets of her vaginal sheen ooze from her exposed cunt, creating a slippery pool below her crotch on the floor.

Next thing she knew, Hope had her feet spread wide as she straddled the half-court line, her puffy and throbbing labia clearly visible, like a pink beacon to LJ as he leaned forward on the seat.

"Now slide back and masturbate Hope.

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