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College coach and attractive athlete at his apartment.

" As slutty as she was she was shy when it came to asking about working as a prostitute, for that is the code which she used.

"I see," I smiled, "well it is not bad work for a young, single, fun loving college girl in need of cash. I am not sure you have the ambition for it however." She frowned at me and insisted she did. I stood and walked around the desk, sitting down on the couch along side her, lounging comfortably. "Do you know what being a hostess entails my dear?" I placed my hand on her knee, caressing her thigh as she jumped slightly. She swallowed hard, visibly nervous. "Well dear," I asked her, "let me hear you say it." Still she fumbled nervously before getting the courage to say it.

"It involves having sex for money," she whispered softly.

"It involves being a whore," I stated coldly, and she nodded nervously. "Let me hear you say it," I squeezed her knee.

"It involves being a whore," she said clearly, obediently. I could sense her fear and arousal as she followed my command.

"Have you ever fucked for money before?" I asked her. She stated she hadn't but that she had always been told she was good in bed. I had no doubt she was, looking at her it was clear she had a talented body. "Can you suck cock?" I then asked, she fidgeted only slightly this time, it was obvious she was getting used to the situation.

"I'm fantastic at sucking cock," she whispered, licking her lips. It was clear she wasn't sure where this was going, and was enjoying the fear and mystery. I on the other hand, needed to cum.

"Then show me," I told her.

"What?" she asked, taken off guard. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her over, she slapped at my arm, protesting as I pulled her face close to mine, reminding her who was in charge.

"I said show me whore," I said sternly and let go her hair. She nodded slowly, fearfully, as she slowly slipped off the couch onto her knees. She pulled her hair back, looking up at me with that mix of fear and lust in her eyes that just drives me wild. Leaning over, she licked her lips and swallowed hard as her hands ran over my crotch, feeling my hard cock throbbing within my pants. She moaned out loud as she felt it pulsate beneath her fingers, fumbling with my belt and the button of my pants as I watched her intently. As she tugged my pants down and my cock popped up, erect and hard, already glistening with precum, she moaned, her eyes filled with hunger now. She was overcome by sexual energies, but at the time, probably had no idea what was affecting her.

"Oh my," she moaned, reaching out with her small hands to grip my large shaft. Her touch was soft, delightful, the perfect mixture or timidity and desire existed in her touch. She looked up at me hungrily, pleading with her eyes for my permission. I nodded, and she leaned forward, her tongue darting over the throbbing tip of my shaft, making little circles around the opening as I groaned loudly. Stroking the lower shaft and my balls with her hands she licked and kissed the tip, teasing it as she watched it throb and grow harder. As she licked it again she noticed Carla had entered and sat along side us on the chair of the plush couch, leaning over me, hands on my shoulders.

"Do not stop on my account girl," Carla told her, "pleasure your master, I am only hear to observe, as you may be working for me very soon." Carla managed my call girls and my slaves, and took their training very seriously. She leaned over and kissed my neck as I nodded once again to Kayleigh. "Do as I say girl," Carla added, "you don't want to make either of us unhappy."

Kayleigh swallowed hard again and wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock, sucking at it, but taking only the tip in. Sucking and kissing she worked the head, getting me harder, twisting her tongue around the shaft, taking more of my cock in a little at a time.

"I think you could do good things with this one Carla," I groaned, enjoying the pleasure of her soft little mouth on my shaft.

"I am glad you approve of her my lord," Carla kissed my neck and massaged my shoulders as the college gir

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