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You wait blindfolded as strangers enter the room.

Guards assisted me in my clumsy climb up the stairs, and soon I was face to face with Anthony. He immediately grabbed my round, firm ass and pulled me into what felt like the biggest hard-on in the history of cock. He grinned at me with that crooked, cute smile of his, and pulled me off to the side of the stage.

"Judith, I happen to know that you are one of my biggest fans...and I couldn't think of a way to thank you except to invite you back here to be alone with me. Oh, and to give you the hardest, most passionate fucking of your life!" I blushed, but immediately felt my pussy start to drip.

"But what about the rest of the concert?" Anthony assured me that the lead singer of Lit, their opening band, was taking care of everything. He shoved me down by my shoulders to a couch back in his dressing room. Then he dimmed the lights, stared straight into my green eyes, and ordered me to take off my shirt. I of course did, and he stared longingly at my big D cup breasts and the erect nipples that topped them, bouncing a little, hidden only by a sheer bra. Anthony walked dominatingly towards me, sitting open and waiting on the couch.

"Oh god, I cant wait to get these in my mouth", he murmured as he undid the clasp of my bra and let them fall out, bouncing free. He grabbed both breasts and roughly pushed them together, and then immediately began to pull at my pink nipples. He put one in his mouth and sucked it for a good minute, swirling his tongue seductively around it and then bit it just enough to make my hand go flying to my clit for a good Jilling off.

"Oh no, please allow me...I fucking LOVE to eat pussy more than anything in the world." With that plea, his hands fumbled with my zipper and eventually ripped my pants off. His hard, golden body glowed in the halflit room, and his 10 inch cock was clearly visible through his black nylon shorts. He grinned that crooked smile at me once more before he shoved his face into my wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh ohhh yeahhhhhh"...I moaned loudly enough for the entire stadium to hear..."oh yeahhh, suck my clit..yeahhhhh"...He began to suck at my clit and then would draw back and lick it very softly, driving me crazy. He then started to tongue fuck me, and eventually got his three middle fingers shoved up inside my tight cunt. I knew I was close to orgasm, and I pressed his face harder into my steaming pussy. "Aghhhhhh...oh YEAH lick me baby mmmm yeah harder..." I came all at once as my legs clenched around his head, my body quivering and then relaxing.

"Oh no, little girl, I'm not done with you yet!" Anthony removed his shorts and his cock stood hard and straight out.He pushed me onto my back and then guided his cockhead to the opening of my still sensitive and very wet pussy. After pushing it only 1 or 2 inches in, I felt him shove the whole 10 inches roughly into my cunt. "ahhh oh baby YEAH...fuck me hard..."

And he mounted me like the fucking stallion he is and rode my bucking hips with that rock hard cock until I began to scream out of pure pleasure spiked with pain. He face was covered in sweat and twisted in a face of utter determination as he rammed me again and again. "Oh fuck yes, this is such a tight pussy...oh god Im gonna cum soon..." he screamed at me..."oh yeah baby harder! My thighs were pressed flat against the couch , my glistening pussy spread as wide as it could go, getting the pounding of a lifetime from his jackhammer cock.

Just then, Flea rushed into the room.

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