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Erotic author hooks up with a reader.

.. normally reserved for horses, but best used for naughty little girls."

Holding it firmly, you give your thigh a hard stroke.

"Yowch! This thing hurts!" you exclaim.

"That's right... that's why I'm going to be very careful..." I pause for effect, my shirt half unbuttoned.

"...when I use it on your cunt." Outside the sky thunders ominously, and the rain sloshes loudly against the walls.

You gasp and laugh giddily. You idly consider trying it again on yourself, but after the sharp pain of accidentally hitting yourself too hard on the thigh, you can only imagine what sort of agony you might be in if you misjudged a stroke to your pussy.

I walk around the edge of the bed. You eye me appraisingly, head still lolling off the edge. I've taken off my shirt, leaving on my undershirt -- an old fashioned wife beater. You giggle thinking how appropriate the name is in this case.

I'm still wearing my suit pants and you impatiently reach forward to slide down the zipper. Working with your arms above your head, the upside down perspective causes you to take longer than normal to fish out my cock and balls. Your hand strokes the shaft lazily as you gaze upward seeing the underside. You're unaccustomed the angle, so it looks strange and new.

I pick up the crop and step forward. Defensively you push your thighs together, worried I'll start whacking away at your sensitive pussy. You know me better than that, but you can't help but feel a bit bashful.

Instead I use the crop to stroke your thighs, tickling the backs of your knees, stroking your arms, making you squeal and squirm.

One of your hands continues it's lazy, awkward backstroke along my throbbing shaft as the other rubs the folded skin of my balls, tugging gently at the small wrinkles. You're enjoying this moment -- when you finally have what you've been waiting for. Wet streaks of pre-cum cover your forearm and you pause for a moment to bring your wrist close to take a quick lick.

" are such a sexy little bitch. " I grumble with a smile.

I step forward as your mouth opens, welcoming my cock. My hips push towards the bed, sliding the shaft into the wet warmth of your mouth. I can feel your breath as you exhale through your nose, tickling my balls. You sigh happily, a wish fulfilled.

You smile around my cock and wiggle your tongue as the tip brushes briefly against the back of your throat. Surprised, you gag - your body heaving.

I pull back, concerned for a moment. My cock half-in your mouth, you nod your head up and down, encouraging me.

Your smiling lips wrap around my throbbing member as I step forward again, sliding in deep. Your feminine grunts spur me onward as I begin to slowly fuck your pretty face, each thrust eliciting a soft anxious whimper.







I can't see your eyes, but I know from the sounds of your moans that you're enjoying this. If that weren't signal enough, as my cock slides forward into your throat, you arch your back and open your thighs exposing your pussy. As my hips hunch backward to withdraw, your thighs close again. Watching this peep show causes me to thrust faster.


"Fuck! Bella!'

You respond to my exclamation by reaching your hands around my hips and pulling me forward until my cock completely fills your throat, cutting off your air. Your back arches and your toes curl. I try to step back, but you hold me there... your nails digging into my skin.


You moan deeply, the vibration making my cock throb in your throat. You're showing off for me... you want me to know how well you can take my cock. I realize that at this moment you'd rather have my cock in your throat than take another breath... the power of that thought makes me dizzy.

Finally after long seconds, your fingers slack slightly and I step back, my cock slipping from your lips. Your lipstick is smeared, the area around your mouth wet with saliva. You pant heavily for a moment then reach back to wrap your slim fingers around my shaft.

"...more... don't stop..."

You gu

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