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Two souls adrift find each other on the road.


With the imminent date arriving, Cheryl and I went to the store Lori "suggested" to purchase the outfit. Neither she nor I was comfortable renting since we had no idea who would have worn it before me regardless of how high end this place was. Cheryl had called ahead and told them what we needed and what sized I was.

"Hi, there. Welcome to D-va's Designs." The girl behind the counter greeted us as we walked in. She spoke with a European accent. "I'm Elizabeth. How can I help you?"

"I called last week for a maid's costume. I have the reference number: M69-4-28." Cheryl responded. "I got a call saying it was ready."

"Yes, we received it the day before yesterday." Elizabeth moved from behind the counter. The dark haired girl was maybe 5 feet in height, very Rubenesque with huge breasts. Her body seemed to be more firm than fat. "I'll get it for you if you would please wait."

It was a couple of minutes before she returned. "Here it is! Beautiful isn't it?"

My eyes popped. It may have been just a maid's outfit but it was gorgeous.

"I think we might have got the measurement incorrect." Elizabeth said concerned. "I don't think this will fit you correctly."

We realized she was talking to Cheryl. Cheryl cracked a smile. "No, it's for him. Can he try it on?"

"Of course." Recovering quickly from her surprise, Elizabeth led me to a change area. It was a nice sized, carpeted area with a couch and a pedestal in front of a triangle of mirrors.

I removed my clothes while Cheryl chatted with Elizabeth.

"I hear an accent. Where are you from?" Cheryl enquired.

"From Poland. Warsaw area, just outside of the capital." Elizabeth answered. "And you? You have an accent also."

"Yes, Manchester, England." Cheryl giggled.

Meanwhile I had hooked the garter belt around my hips to hold up my fishnets and then pulled the frilly panties over them. The dress was a slight scoop-cut front and low-cut back. The hem was short enough to reveal the clips from my stockings. The shoes were black pumps with five inch heels. I had to call out to Cheryl to help with the back zip and hook. They both came into the room.

"Oh Sunshine, the fit is just about perfect." Cheryl smiled as she did me up. "Step on that stand in front of the mirrors and take a look. You look so pretty."

I did as asked and took a couple of turns.

"He walks very good in those heels." Elizabeth commented.

"Yes, he has had practice." Cheryl revealed. "Lots of practice."

As I stood facing both Cheryl and Elizabeth, the look of disappointment crossed their faces. I did not understand.

"I have just the thing!" Elizabeth announced and left. She returned a few minutes later with a number of things in her arms. The first thing she held out to me was a black well-padded bra for males.

Cheryl helped me on with it. When the dress was zipped up and covering everything, you really couldn't tell my breasts weren't real. I now had sizeable bosoms to compete against Cheryl's and Elizabeth's.

Next was a black wig made from real hair, according to Elizabeth. The short bob style curled in around and tickled my neck as it framed my face giving me a very feminine appearance. The little maid's tiara finished off the look.

"You look so sexy!" Commented Cheryl. "Wow, I think if you had your face done, it would be hard to tell you weren't a girl."

I was hard inside my panties and gushed at the compliment.

Elizabeth nodded an enthusiastic agreement. "You could come clean my place anytime you wish!"

"Hmmm... Maybe we should start contracting you out, Sunshine." I couldn't tell if Cheryl was teasing me. "I'm sure we could make it work."

Rather than change back into my regular street clothes, Cheryl let me remain dressed in costume as we drove home. Her hand teased me under my hem. We just managed to get through the front door before Cheryl literally raped me.

Finally the day of my penance had arrived. I was anxious. So was Cheryl and from the email Cheryl received the night before, so was Lori.

It was an all-day thing so I needed to get up and get ready early.

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