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Jeff has an eye-opening experience at college.

The cars did not park outside. Rather, they came through a special automated door and parked inside, so no one could even verify that anyone was at the building.

The greeter was very impressed by Melissa, who was still in her jeans. He directed her to the nearest restroom and dressing area. The guys looked around, but few people were there yet. So, they had a few drinks at the cash bar. Soon, that Melissa doll walked up in all purple. A purple bow holding the base of her one sided tail, purple eyeliner, purple beads around her neck, a purple sleeveless half top with a violet butterfly central, her beautiful tight abdomen showing, a purple mini (another one of her 14 ones), naked super toned legs and purple high heels. This girl could accessorize.

They walked around, just looking where the various activities would later be. Martin said the rooms were sized according to the normal amount of participants for the particular interest. Each had its own label, such as: Gang, Fist, Take On The Big Man, orgy room 1, orgy room 2, and so on. But, again, few people of any type were around. Martin took his party of four into one of the most tucked away rooms. There he gave everyone a small tab of mescaline. Melissa had tripped numerous times in the past and felt comfortable with such activities. Just as the guys might be wondering about sex enhancement, so was she, especially tonight, in this place.

Though the guys had a few beers spread over the next two hours, Melissa drank no alcohol. She preferred a more pure mescaline effect. And the drug did begin to hit just as the volume of patrons became very noticeable. There must have been 140 or more in the building by 9:30 PM. Most were there as part of a couple. Unlike most similar functions, this one appeared to have enlisted primarily the young and handsome. It was a visual bias, but the standard also considered and chose for the physical conditioning and stamina that was associated with this club's particular activities.

Melissa enjoyed her floating enhanced perception, which included how she saw body parts. And that topic suddenly got quite interesting. All four walked into the 'Fist' area, where about 20 to 30 people were either standing or sitting on the floor. All the visitors were sharply dressed. Men were in the closest thing to dress muscle shirts and pants, with women in great variations of the type of outfit that Melissa was smart enough to pick out for herself.

On a slightly elevated stage section of the room, three very young teenage boys had prepared a very special kind of stockade device. It sat central. Each boy had only a Speedo type bottom on. Melissa's group had arrived just in time to see the boys do a simple drawing of numbers. They held up and called out number 8. A beautiful 67 , 120 pound, blonde raised her right hand while sheepishly smiling as she began to stand up. The rest of the crowd applauded. She was wearing a black tank top, a bare midriff, a black mini, black net thigh highs, and shiny black 6 heels.

She was a very nice vision, as she turned to her male partner. He smiled, raised his eyebrows very high and gave a 'what can I do about it?' gesture. Girls and guys in her own section of the room began applauding again. The blonde nervously approached the stage. When she finally stepped upon the stage, all three boys turned her back around to face the crowd. She continued to be very nervous, now adding a nervous laugh as she faced that crowd. As she stood there, one boy pulled up and off her top, while another unzipped and pulled down and off her skirt. Top and bottom were tossed back to the section where she had been sitting.

After the tosses, they spun her around so that she then had her rear to the audience.

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