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I returned to work with vehemence in order to mask my activities. I was sweating, not only from my little treat for myself but the notion that my Master would somehow find out had me a little anxious.

Lunch. I got up from my desk, the phone rang.

"My sweet, are you enjoying yourself?" My master said this with a peculiar tone.

Yes, Master.

"Well then, do you think that a reward is what I had in mind? Do you think that your pleasure is my reward? You are wrong. Go about your day and expect something I will enjoy."

Fuck... could he have possibly seen me? No, it was admitting to my pleasure. What is wrong with me? Lunch was spent half of the time anticipating the next leg of my penalty and half wanting to finger myself on the communal break room table.

When I got back from lunch there was a note.

"Open your top right drawer. Take out the package, go someplace to be alone. Once you open the package call me."

It was a small box. I quickly put it in my hand and closed my fingers like a claw. It looked like a little box that one might get one beautiful truffle in. Somehow I don't think my Master wanted to hear me eat Chocolate. I swiftly walked into an office that has been vacant for about a week. No threat of anybody walking in... or at least minimal threat. I opened the white box. A small round container that looked like something my lip gloss comes in was the only item in there. I called my Master.

"Open the container, slowly don't spill any. My darling slave this is not something I demand of you lightly. Because, of your obvious enjoyment in my instructions I think I need to remind you that with the all the sweet nibbles must also come the bite. Dip your right pinky into the container,"

I did as he said. It was a dark honey colored oil with flakes of Red pepper swimming around. Hot Red pepper.

"Stick your tongue out and let the smallest bead of oil drop into your mouth. Let it slither down your tongue and into your throat. It is going to burn... let it do its job."

As I allowed the spicy oil to seep into my taste buds I couldn't help but think my Master has never had my sense of taste involving actual food with our play. Is this a new area we are going to explore?

"Give yourself access to your pussy my pet. Take your first finger dip it in the oil... try not to get a lot of oil on it... go easy. Now lightly touch the hood of our clit, move it down to the opening of your lips, keep going and let your finger enter yourself. Get the oil deep inside yourself. My slave, tell me how that feels."

Master, there is a direct heat on every part of me. It feels so good... the burn is slow but my fingers are fast. Master, I need to fuck myself more... May I put two fingers in, please?


As I pulled out my heated finger I felt some relief from the heat. At that point I really felt like I needed to work myself in a lot of ways. I got down on the scratchy low pile Grey speckled carpet , on my back I bent my knees and made sure that my top was open enough to expose my semi -tortured nipples

"Slave, what is exactly taking you so long? Your Master does not appreciate waiting."

I'm sorry Master, I needed to get in a better position to fuck myself properly. Thank you Master.

I inserted the two fingers so carefully at first but as the heat got more intense I could not help fucking myself like an animal. Hard and fast. The firey flakes made my insides itch from the heat. The only relief was getting my pussy wetter to put out the fire.

Fuck... Master I want to cum. Master, let me cum please.

The combination of the burning inside, my two fingers fucking me harder each time and my already dealt with nipples... this little slave was ready to cum.

"My obedient slave.

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