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Before long, I was beginning to feel better. The warm fuzzy feeling of intoxication was beginning to leave my being, the clearness of my mind was returning, but the cold feeling of the room was wearing against my bare skin. I glanced down at my body and instantly regretted it. Why I chose to wear my black lace bra and thong panty set that night, I would never know. I looked around to the other members of the game. One guy was passed out, drooling on the hardwood floor, wearing nothing but a sock on his left foot. Another was nearly fully clothed, but dangerously intoxicated. The third was wearing a pair of pants still, but was painfully sporting a hard on, which caused a brief wave of giggles to pass through me. And finally there was my friend, who was in nothing but an undershirt and boxers. Our eyes met in a brief exchange of drunken emotions and unspoken words.

"You know, I think that it's time we leave, as you've bared enough skin for the both of us," he said, standing up and collecting the rest of his clothes.

"Yeah, and we still need to located her. I have no idea where that bitch is at," I sighed, slipping on my half-buttoned flannel jacket and comfy jeans.

As we exited the room, he grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway to a door at the very end. The hall was deafeningly quiet, with not even the music shaking the floorboards anymore. I sent him a quizzical look as he guided us into the darkness of what I assumed was a spare bedroom in the house.

"I'm pretty sure that she isn't in this room, friend," I said, nervously laughing. I may have been inexperienced with the workings of boys and parties, but I sure as hell was not naive.

"Are you sure? She might be hiding under the covers," He jokingly said, shutting the door and gently ushering me to the large queen sized bed in the middle of the room.

He crept towards me, reminding me of some sort of animal entrapping and teasing its prey. His blue eyes flickered with desire in the darkness of the room, as I backed up until I landed on the plush bed. The sheets felt like satin beneath my fingertips, and I reveled in the contrast between the rough of my flannel shirt and the smooth silk of the bed sheets. My eyes glanced at the surroundings momentarily and I thought about the situation. All of this was so new, so different to me. It somewhat amazed me that an athletic, almost jock type of guy like him would go for the artsy outcast like me. But I tried not to delve into it too much. I just gave into the new sensations. By the time I went to make eye contact back with him, our noses were almost touching. I could smell the scent of alcohol on his breath, mixed with some scent that was utterly... Manly. He was so close, only millimeters from our lips touching. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a cocky smile as I am sure he could feel my frustration with the lack of contact. However, two could play at that game. I wasted no time, and quickly pressed my lips against his. I could sense the that he was surprised at my brashness through our kiss, but our heated lips quickly moulded against one another's. His tongue playfully brushed across my lips as we heatedly kissed. I felt the depressions of his hands against the bed on either side of me as he leaned into me, our breathing becoming desperately ragged.

Before I knew it, I felt my back pressing against the sheets, with his hot lips pressing against my neck.

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