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Sure enough he grabbed my arm and wrapped the rope around my wrist and repeated it to the other hand. But left my feet untied as he got onto the bed and between my legs.

"Want do you want slut?"

"I want your cock in me!"

He pinched my nipple and slapped my ass roughly, "louder slut!"

"I need your cock in me sir!" I said louder, more needy.

He rammed his cock deep into me, I moaned as I was filled. Then he started a quick pace thrusting in and out of me, getting me close to orgasm again. Just as I was starting to tingle, the beginnings of me coming, he stopped and I couldn't suppress a groan. *SMACK* "Did I hear a groan from you? You are here for my pleasure not yours. Tell me slut!"

"I am your slave, I am here to serve you and pleasure you, sir."

"That's better slut, you are here for me. Now put up your legs!" I rose my legs above me and he grabbed hold of the one bringing up and out and wrapping a rope around holding it there, repeating it with the other leg. He started his assault on my pussy again, but going deeper and yet hitting all the right places.

"I'm gotta...I'm gonna..." was all I could get out as my orgasm was about to wash over me.

"Come slut, come for your Master." My body arched as my orgasm reached me, my pussy clamping over his cock. Nevertheless he kept pounding my pussy, as the first wave ebbed down the next came sending me into a silent scream my body locking up. Still he kept going and the third orgasm hit me my mind blanked out just an incredible feeling overwhelmed me. As I came back down from it my body having gone limp I felt him remove the ropes from my legs and then hands, my breath still short and quick.

"How did that feel my pet?"

I tried speaking but my voice was weak, I tried again, "fantastic sir."

"Do you know what you did?"

I shook my head, unable to talk again.

"You just squirted on me when you came; I saw it gush over my cock. How does that make you feel?"

My breathing was slowing but my voice still weak, "great sir!" Although I was proud for it was the first time I had done that.

"Porn stars get paid a lot to do that, but now you have to lick it off my cock slut." I crawled over to his voice and found his cock engulfing it. I love licking off my cum and tasting us mixed together, I licked around the base of his cock, "don't forget the balls, there might be some on those too." I sucked each of his balls into my mouth licking off my juices knowing that it gets him hot when I do that. After I got it all off his balls I returned my mouth to his cock, but he grabbed my hair roughly, "get back to the door!"

"Wait there." I heard him rustling the bed, thinking that he was moving the ropes to different spots. "Okay back on the bed."

I made my way back to his bed and climbed on I felt ropes lower but kept going towards the headboard until I ran into a pile. "That's right slut lay over the wedge face down I think."

"Yes sir!" I positioned myself over it with my ass sticking up inviting him to fuck me. Instead he took each arm and tied them down then each leg spreading me apart. I wiggled my ass a bit as he looked down on his work trying to get his attention; it earned me his hand smacking my ass turning it red.

"Tell me how much you want my cock in you slut."

"I need your cock in me, pounding my pussy...ooohhh" I never finished my thought as he sank his cock deep into me in one stroke. *SMACK*

"You forgot to say sir!"

I was panting "yes sir, sorry sir" *SMACK*

"I didn't hear you slut!"

"Sorry sir!" I said as loud as I could. *SMACK*

"Sorry for what?"

"I will not forget to state my place sir!"

"Good!" he started thrusting into my pussy driving me crazy, my hands grasping against my bonds.

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