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Our coworked fucked her while I slept.

I was stark naked. I considered for a few seconds, "Why don't I remain naked?? When he returns, I can soothe his worries with my love." Then I thought better of it. Mintu could be very tough. So, I sprayed some powder and used by spray deo all over and slipped the maxi on, without any under garments. I combed my hairs and put a rubber band to hold them together. I collected all the used clothes and folded them and put them into a soiled clothes bag I had brought and hid them from view.

I waited a few more minutes. Mintu did not return. I decided to signal to him and his friends that I was the real cousin sister of Mintu. So, I opened the door and stepped out into the long corridor. Raja's door was ajar. He and Mintu were chatting. The moment Raja saw me, he got up and invited me into his room and asked me to be comfortable. He was so well behaved and proper. It showed that in most Indian homes, all boys are taught to be very civil. And that culture shows.

Three of us chatted for about ten minutes. Then I told Mintu, "Let us leave Raja to study. He does not have free secretarial help with him." Mintu got up and left Raja alone. We said, "Good night" and returned to our room.

Mintu bolted the door. He rummaged in his open wardrobe and took large bundles of cloth. When he opened them out, I saw the neater bundle was a rolled up sleeping bag. He placed the sleeping bag on the floor. He opened out the other bundle. It had two mosquito nets. He went about quickly to string both up mosquito nets.

I was aching for his comfort and love.

Mintu said, "Let us both get under the mosquito net on the sleeping bag and sit inside and talk. If you sit without the mosquito net, the mosquitoes will bite you and make you into a sieve."

I did not want to get into an argument. I just crawled into the net. Mintu picked out a pajama set from his wardrobe. Turned away, took off all his clothes. He stood stark naked facing away from me. He applied some talcum powder all over his body and then slipped into his kurta and pajama. He flung his clothes into a corner and crept into the mosquito net. He tucked the net under the sleeping bag and sat down facing me.

For about half an hour we had small talk -- as if there was nothing important to talk of -- or no night of unending love awaiting us.

Then he stopped and said, "Khuku, we have talked of great many things. Mostly nonsense. I want to talk to you and see where we can take our relationship."

I looked into his eyes. He was dead serious. And determined! I decided this was not the time to talk, but to listen and respond only. I knew we were going to talk of matters that could change the course of our lives -- forever.

Mintu said, "Khuku -- years back, when you seduced me, we loved each other's body. All I wanted was more of your body. And may be all you wanted was fulfillment of your sex needs. We made love non-stop. Like a dog and bitch in heat.

I would be lying, if I did not concede, even now, I want to lay you down and fuck you till we are exhausted. You are a fantastic woman.

Most women are simply a pussy with a body. You are willing to play. You are beguiling and intelligent and clever. People get their brains fucked out. You fuck with your brain.

You are all pussy.

When my fantasy requires that you remain bald, you just do it and don't argue. When I want to give you a butter massage, you play along. When I tell you to rub a perfumed cream into your pussy mound and your arm pits and your elbow etc -- you just do it. I tie you top the bed and fuck you -- you play along. I lift your buttocks up with pillows and deep fuck you -- you enjoy it.

When I say, no masturbating -- you don't masturbate.

I must say, conventionally, you are not the prettiest girl I have met. But, according to me, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen or met. And will perhaps meet.

You are salty and you are sweet. You are clever and accomplished.

Even when you are muffling your ecstatic cry when you have your orgasm, it sounds like music to me."

I changed my position.

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