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A woman, her lover, and her lover's daughter.

She tensed up and closed her eyes and sat on his cock as deep as it could go. She looked like she was going to faint she was so worn out so she told me that I would have to finish him off.

I quickly ran into my room and got the lube, came back out and Liz's eyes lit up, I told her to rub this on my arsehole, while I sucked Matt's dick, I told her to make sure it was nice and lubed and ready for a cock. She didn't waste any time, licking my hole and getting two of her fingers in there, I hadn't had anything in my arsehole for a while so it was a little tight. I moved up to Matt's face and whispered to him in my dirtiest voice, " U wanna fuck my tight arsehole?" He kind of muttered yes please but by that time I was already lowering myself onto him.

Liz guided his cock to my arse and I slowly sat on it, we needed a little more lube but I managed to slowly get it all inside me. I rode it slowly at first but then got into a rhythm nice and fast, up and down. While I rode his cock, Liz whispered dirty talk into his ear, I fucked him good and proper, until he started to moan and groan louder and louder. I kept going, faster, faster. God that felt so good with such a cock so far up my tight little hole. While I rode his dick I was playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit and shoving my fingers in my pussy. I rode him and rubbed my clit until I was so built up with pleasure that I made Liz come around to my pussy to lick all of my cum up when I started to burst. She did, and when I came I started to squirt my juice all over her face. She said shed never seen so much cum before but it just felt so good. While I was cuming I must of been clenching my arse around Matt's cock because he was almost ready to cum again, Liz told me to hop off, I thought she was just going to wank him off but when before I knew it she had his whole cock right down her throat again. He cummed in her mouth again and again she licked it all up.

When she had finished I told her that I didn't know she was such a dirty girl but she said she just loves the taste of cum in her mouth, she can't get enough!

I finish telling you this just as she comes out of the bathroom, you look at her differently now that you have heard what I have just told you. And especially now that she is all dressed up. I can tell you just want to get her out of her clothes then and there but we have to wait and see what happens later on in the night!

Liz comes around and sits down next to us. She has brown hair coming down past her shoulders and a cute face that always looks gorgeous no matter what. She is in a dress, with her boobs pressed up, revealing some nice cleavage. She is quite short but her dress doesn't go down far past her arse, but it is tight, so we can see her curvy hips and waist.

I have on a top which straps around my neck, my boobs being held up by just that, so you can see my hard nipples when we are out in the cold. I have a skirt on which is not tight, but very light material which could easily blow up if there is any wind. I have decided to risk it and leave my panties in the drawer. Maybe I can show my pussy off to people while we are out and about.

I'm very impressed by what you are wearing. You have a top which covers you up but the bra you have on holds up your big boobs just perfectly, making them look even bigger than I have ever realised, and you have a small denim skirt. I haven't seen yet but I bet you have no underwear underneath that little skirt.

We decide that we should get going and call a cab to pick us up. The cab comes and we all jump in, I tell him exactly where we are going, and you sound impressed when I tell you that it is a small members only club that I have only been to a couple of times myself. Liz smiles when she finds out you have not been the before and tells you that your in for a bit of a surprise!

We get to the club and hop out of the cab and go inside.

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