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Brother sister love.

I was now developing a pronounced wet spot and Misty couldn't resist giving it a taste through the thin fabric.

"Captain, you've prepared yourself well for this adventure. You're clean and sexy. I think we're presentable. We'll keep your thong on and let Jim see you."

"Jim honey!" she called out. "Your 'lunch' is ready!"

After what seemed like an eternity I heard the sound of Jim's boots coming up the stairs. Slowly the door opened and there he stood. Looking at me in just my thong.

Jim was about 5'10" with a stalky build, a few inches shorter than myself. He still had a full head of salt and pepper hair and a full beard to match. He wasn't exactly what I'd always dreamed about physically but I still found the sight of him attractive. I really wanted us all to be naked right now!

"You've been wanting to taste a man, Honey. Now's your chance!" Misty said as she offered me to her husband. "He's even complete with a little appetizer sauce for you to taste." She continued as she gestured towards my wet spot, urging him to come closer.

Jim came close. We looked into each other's eyes for a moment. It was instantly clear that we were both hell-bent on making this happen. This was new to both of us but it didn't appear now that we'd need a road map.

I inhaled deeply as Jim reached out and began touching my body. My cock responded enthusiastically. My wet spot grew, as did the girth of my cock. Jim now had his hands on my breasts, kneading them and pinching my nipples. (God that makes me hot!) He slowly moved his hands to my butt and grasped my cheeks pulling me close.

I could smell his manliness as our bodies began to press together. I could feel my cock pressing against his. I could feel his hardness and I knew he was pleased.

He grasped my cock and balls and began to caress them as he moved up to kiss me.

Misty let out a gasp of joy as my lips met her husbands lips. "Oh god this is hot!" she exclaimed as her hand disappeared under her skirt.

I could smell Jim's essence as our mouths met. I could taste him as our lips parted and our tongues began to explore. I felt his beard against my face and our mustaches tickled our lips.

I caressed his head, running my fingers through his hair as I absorbed all of this moment. I found that I was attracted to all of this...the smells, the facial hair, the kissing (something I never imagined I'd enjoy with another man...) I was intoxicated by these feelings beyond my wildest dreams.

Our kiss slowly ended as Jim pulled his head back. He continued to pull our hips together as he grasped my butt cheeks. Our hardening cocks pressed firmly between us. I inhaled again deeply as I took his face in my hands and pulled him back for another kiss. I felt his hands rise up from my buttocks, he felt around my ass with one hand, he followed my g-string down to my anus and applied enough pressure to open my backside just a bit.

God his fingers felt good as they teased my taint.

His other hand simultaneously caressed my upper back. We continued to kiss passionately. My cock continued to become wetter and I could feel Jim's hardness straining against his jeans. I knew he must be getting wet himself by now. My thoughts turned to my desire to taste him. I brought my hands to his chest and pressed to separate our bodies.

I pulled my lips off of his and looked down at Jim's still clothed body.

"May I help you remove your cloths Jim?" I asked softly.

He brought his hands back to my chest and tickled and squeezed my nipples, massaging my breasts as I began to unbutton his shirt. Once unbuttoned I peeled his shirt back over his shoulders, pulling it out of his pants and tossing it onto the floor behind him.

I kissed him once again as I grasped his breasts. I moved quickly down to his left nipple and took it into my mouth.

I heard a gasp from both Jim and Misty as I suckled and squeezed.

I reached down and began to unbuckle his belt, continuing my suckling.

Just as I released his belt Jim stepped back and out of my reach.

"I think we might be getting ahea

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