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Septagenarian meets nineteen-year-girl.

"Oh hell. You'd let me do that?"

The dumb, horny guard thought she meant blow her! Shit, no use correcting him. She could use a blow job. "Of course, baby. Only if you promise I'll get my information afterward."

"I promise! I promise."

Teresa, with the air of a model even in her prison jumpsuit, pulled her thick, black pole out. The guard dropped to his knees and looked at it closely, his eyes lit up with desire. His stare had her womanhood growing in size. The day was really shaping up for Teresa.

Teresa moaned as his lips wrapped around her thick pipe. He sucked it into his mouth and started to bob his head up and down on it. Teresa pulled his guard cap off and put it on her head. A mirror would have been nice about now.

"Suck it. Yeah, that's good. Suck that cock real nice." Teresa stopped being as playful, she'd given a couple to survive, but hadn't been blown herself since arriving at Creekwood max. The guard's tongue rolled around her girth and then teased her tip until she was leaking precum. His hands reached around her back and grabbed her full, sculpted ass. He groped it in his hands and started to take more of her shaft.

Teresa's toes scrunched as she entered his throat. He started to deep throat her. Teresa was glad she'd sat down, because the pleasure would have been too much for her standing. One of his hands let go of her ass globe and slipped inside her jumpsuit for a handful of tit meat. Teresa had never been more surprised in her life. This country boy was pretty smooth, and he could deep throat too!

She loved watching him blow her; her jet black cock sliding in and out of his pretty pink lips. Teresa held the back of his head and thrust her hips forward, forcing almost every inch of her length into his mouth. She could feel his throat contract around her prick. He looked up at her, his eyes welling up just a bit, pure desire on both of their faces. Teresa didn't want to end so soon, but she was ready to cum.

"You're good at this. Making me cum so fast. Your sweet mouth." Teresa let out a low moan and began to ejaculate. Her sleek black balls churned, sending globs of semen up her long shaft and out her tip. He swallowed every drop of it, greedily continuing to suck even after she'd given him everything.

Teresa caught her breath and asked, "Now how's about that information?" The guard slowly let her shrinking cock slide out of his mouth and looked up at her with that same, dazed, silly country boy grin.


"What the hell's been going on with you?" Kevin asked Foster.

"Look," Foster said, "I can't tell you everything."

Kevin didn't like that answer. He sat down and asked, "What can you tell me?"

Foster actually didn't know how much he was allowed to divulge to anyone at Creekwood min. If they knew that Miss Julia was having him sleep with a Creekwood max inmate, this place might go crazy. Everyone was deathly afraid of those shemales. Foster pictured Desiree and understood why.

"I'm not sure. Miss Julia has me doing a lot of things for her. That's all."

"Things? What does that mean! Why did you want to know about Desiree yesterday and why do you keep disappearing?" Foster sighed, then looked around for a moment, and decided to let him on what was going on tonight. Kevin looked more and more worried as Foster told him the story. "Fuck..." was all he could say once Foster had finished.
They didn't have any more time to talk about it before Ed appeared. He gave Foster a cross look and looked at both of them. "You both need to come with me now," he told them.

"Me? What do I have to do with this crazy scheme!?" Kevin backed away.

"Keep your mouth shut," he cautioned Kevin. "Now that Foster's told you, you can't stick around here and rile people up."

Kevin tried to plead his case, but a couple guards came over and helped escort both of them to Creekwood max.

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