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The continuing adventures of a superhero and his family.

Maybe now, I would find what I was missing.

"No more tears, sweet Emily."

I lay on my back as fingers traced their way down my cheeks, my neck, my shoulders. They lingered for a moment to stroke my nipples. I felt indentations in the mattress on each side of my hips. I was being straddled. Hands firmly gripped my ankles and drew them toward me. Elbows pushed against my thighs, spreading them wide. Lips began playing up and down my pussy. Licking caused me to shiver. I felt a strong sucking on the insides of my thighs here and there. A mouth found my mound and a tongue gently forced its way inside my pussy lips. I became agitated. I wanted to thrust my pelvis. I wanted to rotate my hips, but the hands holding tight on my ankles made it impossible. I was compelled to do something. Tentatively, I reached out my hands.

Flesh, I felt flesh. He was really here!

I felt the roundness of cheeks. I stroked and caressed them. I reached my hands between his legs and cupped his testicle sack. I leaned upward, spread his cheeks apart, and searched for his anus with my tongue. I licked softly, then pushed my tongue against his smooth opening. I sensed him hesitate, the licking of my pussy paused a moment, then it resumed. I reached further between his legs and touched his penis. Kneading his balls with one hand, I surrounded his penis with the other. His tongue flicked my clit. I jerked.

Suddenly, without thinking, I rolled over on top of him. He pulled my hips downward and his face buried itself in my pussy. My clit was taken into his mouth and his tongue swirled around it. I leaned down and licked the head of his penis. It twitched. I moved my tongue up the underside of his penis and over the head, sliding it along the opening. He took my clit with his mouth and sucked strongly. I had to do it. I had to have his penis in my mouth. I pulled the length of his shaft into my mouth, taking it all the way to the back of my throat. He began pumping his penis in and out of my mouth all the while sucking hard on my clit. I bucked my hips and pressed my pussy hard against his mouth. I took his penis even deeper, feeling it slide down my throat. I sucked firmly, pulled almost completely off his shaft, then took it deep again. A heat filled my pussy. We began licking and sucking in a frenzy, his penis in and out of my mouth, my clit in and out of his lips. I grabbed his balls and kneaded them. I pulled back and covered just the head of his penis with my mouth. I rolled the palms of my hands back and forth along the sides of his shaft. I could sense he was nearing orgasm. Pressing down the hair at the base of his penis, I took his entire length fully into my mouth and held it there. I squeezed firmly with my mouth. I kneaded his ball sack with one hand, with the other I teased his anus. He increased the pressure on my clit with his mouth and tongue. I was fast approaching orgasm. He pushed two fingers inside and fingered my pussy vigorously. I could feel his penis tremor. Suddenly, his come gushed into my mouth. The thrill of it spurting against the back of my throat brought me to orgasm. I was lost in another world again. My clit tingled, my pussy quivered, my nipples ached. I was filled with the desire to swallow every drop of come that came bursting out of his penis. I sucked hard, pulling it nearly out of my mouth then drawing it back into my throat again. Another orgasm welled up in my body. I came a second time while feeling another burst of his come. I greedily took it down my throat. I lost myself in the sensations. My entire world became his mouth on my clit, his fingers in my pussy, my mouth on his penis, my finger on his anus. At last, my body gave way to exhaustion. At the same time, his penis contracted and I moaned as it slid from my mouth. I was numb. I lost all sense of consciousness.


I became aware of my face being gently stroked by the back of his fingers.

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