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One of the men puts a ball gag on me, forcing my mouth into an O shape. It is secured around my dirty blonde hair tightly. I am then dragged roughly past more men who have come to get other people.

I'm brought to a bright room and tied down on a metal surface, almost like an operating table. A male who looks like he's in charge walks in. He stops, hovering over me. He has no shirt, or pants for that matter, and all he is wearing is a black leather diaper-like thing with his massive dick sticking out of a hole in the front. I gasp, but the gag makes it sound like a scream.

The man chuckles, smiling at me. Then he turns to one of the men who brought me here.

"What do the records say?" He asks impatiently

"Never been fucked, even oral." The man replies with a slight edge to his voice.

"Good. Some customers like that job left to them. How's her health?"

"Quite remarkable, actually. She's the fittest one here, with amazing results every time she's gone to the dentist or doctor."

"Is that right, bitch?" The naked man turned his attention to me, and I nodded, silently sobbing. "Good, now I want to do a body inspection. Strip her."

I gasped, squirming to try and get away, but the man pushed down on my stomach, holding me in place. I had on a small short sleeve crop top with a camisole underneath it. I shuddered as I felt a pair of cold scissors going slowly up my tummy and then my breasts. I was now lying in only shorts and a bra. My shorts were cut off as well, then my bra. Only my black lace panties remained. I was a cup size 36D and my boobs were high set on my chest. My tits were dark and large.

The man did not seem to care that I was naked. He ran his hands all over my body, especially my breasts. Then, I felt cold air on my vagina. This time I did scream, as the man's greedy hands began to massage my shaved pussy. I groaned, then felt bad for feeling good. I really was beautiful, quite tall and curvy, but I had never really thought of anything sexually like these perverts.

After a few more minutes of "inspection", I was ordered to be brought to the naked man's office. This time I was blindfolded as I was once again dragged down seemingly endless halls. I was tied to a wooden chair, still naked, my wrist tightly bound to my curvy hips. I was un-blindfolded, to see a polished wooden desk before me, in a small office, quite like the principal's was in grade school. The man was still naked, except for that horrible diaper thing. He was lounging in a chair like mine.

"Do you know why you're here?" He asked, his eyes shining with amusement. I shook my head my eyes tearing up.

"Well, let's see. How's the nicest way to say this?" He ponders it for a moment then grins at me, "We are an association that sells sex slaves. These are women who will devote their bodies and lives to a master, and will be able to fuck them at a moment's notice. And we're the people who train you!"

I yelled out, tears splashing down my cheeks. I had never had sex, and I wanted to do it for the first time with someone I trusted and loved.

"But, you haven't heard the best bit! You require no training, because we have an auction going on in this building right now. And it's an auction for untrained slaves, because some masters like the honor of doing that themselves. So we're going to suit you up and off you go on an adventure! You excited, bitch?"


Spotlights glared at me as I was presented to an audience of men. I had no clothes on except for a collar, if that counts. A man was holding me on a leash, forcing my chin up. My hands were chained behind me, and I still had my ball gag in. A man on a podium was yelling out to the audience.

"And starting for only 300 dollars, you can have this curvy, sexy thing as your personal fuck-toy! She has never been penetrated, or even oral fucked.

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