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The Beat Goes On.

"Get your vibrator. The white one," I said, my eyes transfixed on the screen. There were testimonials from women who were voluntarily depriving themselves of orgasms, there were games that could be played, there was even a reference to a computer program that could play denial games.

When Suzi returned, I closed the lid of the laptop slightly and motioned for her to assume a presentation position. She spread her feet apart, clasped her hands behind her neck, and arched her hips toward me. I unbuttoned her shirt and pulled the tails behind her back, tying them together in a knot near her bottom.

I plugged the vibrator in and turned it on medium speed, pressed it against her. She closed her eyes and began rotating her hips slowly. The vision reminded me of so many other nights, watching her shake and jerk, moving it up and down in tandem with her rising and falling arousal, bringing her to wave after wave of shrieking orgasm.

Because of those experiences, I knew exactly when she was about to peak. There was a slight change in the motion of her hips, a slightly different timbre to her breathing. Tonight, she kept her eyes closed and I could tell she was trying to control her moans, trying to outthink me. I still wonder if she sensed where I was going, but I can't be sure. What I do know is that she began to tremble before I expected it and I was just barely able to snatch the wand away from her in time.

Her eyes immediately snapped open and she whispered, "oh, please, don't start that..."

That was nearly eight hours ago.

Since then, I've been completely overwhelmed by the intoxicating feeling of power this brings. Without anything like whips, floggers, clamps, I've managed to expose new areas of her submission that I don't think I'd even suspected were there.

By eleven o'clock, we'd been at it for five hours. Suzi was on her knees, arms behind her back, naked, sweating and trembling, promising me anything if I'd just let her cum. I let her kneel because she'd lost her balance twice while I had her standing. I was a little concerned until I read on one of the sites that this not uncommon. "She may slip into an altered sense of consciousness, begin stumbling, become incoherent..." after days or even hours of constant stimulation. For that reason, most sites played games that went on and off over a period of days, or just consisted of simple denial without stimulation. I wasn't interested in anything of that type, I wanted her to continue to slide deeper and deeper into herself, finding more things to offer me, more of herself to give to me. It was silly of her, of course, as there was already nothing denied me, there was nothing she could offer.

At midnight, I let her rest for fifteen minutes. She immediately curled into a ball and fell asleep. I watched her breathe slowly, listened to the slight quivering when she exhaled that I'd become so familiar with over the length of our relationship. Her willingness to explore these limits with me was completely unique, I'd never met anyone quite like her.

When her time was up, I slid to the floor beside her, my head between her thighs, and gently licked. She moaned in her sleep and reflexively rolled over on her back, letting her legs drop open. I began with long, wet motions and slowly brought the motion of my tongue tighter and tighter in on her clit. She pushed up to meet me, her arms at her sides, hands scratching at the carpet. I closed my mouth over her sex and sucked gently, pulling her into me, then released and licked again. She moaned loud and rocked her head side to side quickly. When I touched a fingertip to her opening, she gasped loud and pushed against my face hard, primed to explode.

I stood up quickly and told her to kneel. She blinked her eyes several times, tears welling, body trembling, but she got up and returned to her latest position, knees apart, fingers intertwined behind her neck.

"Oh, please, you aren't going to keep this up are you?" she whispered softly.

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