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Things aren't always what they seem.

"Are you OK, Helena."

"Yes doctor."

"I'll do a pap smear Rachael, so can you fetch the sampler and spreaders."

"Yes doctor."

Helens heart sank, oh no not a pap smear she had always intended to have a lady doctor do this intimate examination she had vaguely heard about, and here she was with a balding fat man about to do one. She gathered her courage.

"Is that really necessary doctor."

"Oh absolutely, we need to constantly monitor your uterus and cervix for any abnormalities. But if you want me to leave this important assessment out then I will, but of course you and the baby may live to regret it."

He grinned inwardly, knowing the woman did not want him to examine her, made it so much more exciting.

"Well you must be right being the doctor."

"I am really thinking of you Helena. I think we may even use a Henderson probe in your case just to make sure."

"Well do what you must then doctor, sorry about my concerns. Please go ahead."

Great this is what he like to hear total submission.

"First though I'll just check those nodes again Helena, just relax and place you hands above your head, No, not under them, hold on to that bar there, that's right, good."

Rachael returned, and placed a small tray down at the side of the table.

"Show me that breast chart Rachael. OK, let's have another look."

And let's make it a really thorough one this time he laughed to himself. He took the edges of the gown and parted them slowly, drawing them across the woman's chest, slowly, slowly, teasing himself and of course the cameras! First the edge of her aureoles, then the small pert centre piece of her perfect nipples. They were amazing, perfect in every way. He parted the gown completely, and for the first time viewed her almost naked front. Her tits were absolutely perfect. The large mounds thrust up and out from her chest. Her belly was flat with a small belly button and below the bright whiteness of her lacy brief panties, through which he could just see the outline of her reddish pubic hair.

Helena gripped the bar with her hands as the doctor opened the front of her gown. Once again he rubbed his hands across the fronts and sides erecting against her will her tight small nipples. She jumped as he squeezed them hard forcing them into mounds.

"Sorry Helena, but I do have to check these nodes."

"That's alright Doctor. I'm just a little tender that's all."

Of course you are and will be even more so when I finish. He continued to knead her breasts, making sure he was out of the line of the viewers.

"I'll just check your nipples again Helena."

He rolled each nipple between his forefinger and thumb, pulling them up from the breast. Each was perfect, hard with that different feel nipples seem to possess.

"Just checking your nipple extenuation's, no problems there Helena, though I'm concerned about one of these lumps, could I check into this a bit more thoroughly Helena."

"If you would doctor, it would put my mind at ease."

"In that case Rachel I think we'll need the Brandon clamps for Helena, could you fetch them."

"Right away, Doctor."

Oh what an inspiration. He had almost forgotten them. He had them made by a Metal workshop in Druisby. They were two stainless clamps. These were made to go around the base of each breast, as they were screwed up tight they acted like a tourniquet squeezing the globe of the breast and forcing the nipples almost to pop under the pressure. Of course they were nothing to do with medical equipment, just another piece of perversion, but they looked very medical. Of course Rachel knew nothing about medicine and his victims were pretty ignorant. And here was one who had never been to a doctor; it was a gift from the gods.

"Helena I'm going to use a pair of clamps on your breasts in order to check these possible nodes, they may be bit uncomfortable, but please bear with me. It will help me check these nodes. Is that alright."

"Yes, please do whatever you n

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