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Wilma and Betty take on Barney.

My tongue tipping inside his mouth but darting away when his tongue attempted to make contact. With both hands (and his cooperation) I slipped the shorts over his hips and down his legs to lie in a bunch at his ankles.

I leaned forward and placed the corner of the towel poking out between his teeth and s l o w l y stood up. His teeth gripping my towel as I rose exposed first my cleavage and then my breasts and finally my entire body. The towel fell against my Swede's thigh before falling to join his shorts. I moved forward against him and got almost close enough for his lips to meet my nipples but not quite. I could feel his breath against my skin as I let my tits touch the side of his face before I lowered myself down his chest. I placed my hands on each of his arm rests as I moved around his chest, my nipples touching and teasing his own until his nipples were so hard I thought they would cut me.

I lowered myself even more until I was kneeling between his legs and practically face to face with his fantastic, fat cock. I looked into his eyes as I reached for his throbbing member, barely touching around it instead of directly. I planted light kisses on either side of the base of his shaft while my nails gently dragged along his balls. I looked at this glorious piece of flesh before me and decided to make my move on it directly. However I was still feeling the after effects of his digital stimulation of my own sex and decided that he'd not had enough of his own medicine yet.

While my hands continued to caress his balls, my tongue traversed its way along the ridge on the underside of my Swede's cock. I followed it up and over the head, letting the underside of my tongue to pass back and forth over the head of his cock before gently taking my Swede's cock-head ever so slowly in between my lips. I heard a deep moan escape his lips as I felt his prick twitch between my lips. I left one hand to minister to his cum filled balls while the other hand began to move at a snail's pace up and down his shaft, my mouth moving at a similar speed over and around his cock.

Almost imperceptibly I picked up the pace. My mouth moved down his shaft and each time it rose off his cock, my hand would run over the head, spreading more of my saliva down his shaft. I could feel his hand on the back of my head as he leaned forward. His other hand ran over my still slightly damp back before moving around to pinch and tweak my nipples, first one and then the other. I let my mouth move as far down his shaft as I could before coming up for air. I quickly took him again into my mouth, determined to get as much of his as I could. My lips were within a finger width away from his balls but his cock head was already at the back of my throat. His hand held me down for a few moments, only letting up when it was clear I could not breathe.

I came off his now slick cock and looked at him with hunger in my eyes. I licked his prick as I watched him breathing heavily, his fingers wrapping themselves around my twisted curls. When he removed his fingers from my hair, I stood up and began to walk out of the room.

He stood up and breathlessly asked me "Where do you think you're going, babe?"

I licked and then bit my lower lip before responding "You have a balcony, don't you?"

I smiled and walked backwards out of the doorway before turning around and making a dash for the balcony, still stark naked.

I went outside to the balcony and felt the cool breeze of Sweden across my teased hard nipples and my now super sensitive skin. I leaned back against the wall furthest away from the door, my back against the wall but my hips moving back and forth along my hand. I pinched one nipple with my left hand while my right hand circled my clit and moved up and down my slit. I pushed two fingers inside my still aching pussy while my thumb moved around my clit. I watched my Swede emerge just as naked as me from the balcony door.

He walked over toward me and bent his head to lick and suck at my nipples while his ha

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