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Employee's saga of humiliation continues, and worsens.

As it came up to its erection, it really was not that splendid a specimen, no more than three inches long with the hair from the balls tangling with the coating of hair on its whole length. She pushed her head back and forth on its stubby fat length: the whole of it easily getting into her mouth. And then when she judged it to be as erect as it could be, she lay on her back and let him fuck her, which he did in a snorting, grunting way, his hairy arse thrusting up and down mechanically and not at all expertly.

"Have you ever been fucked by someone so horrible?" Tracey asked Buttercup as they watched.

"Well, not anyone scarred or disabled. They'd be sent off to fight in the war or whatever. But some of the people on the other side of the wall are pretty horrible. Fat and horrible, really. But you get used to it. One fuck's much the same as another when you don't think about it too much. How about you?"

"You fuck what you can," Tracey answered philosophically. She looked sadly at her new lover. "What about last night? When you were ... doing it with Joy? Was that horrible?"

Buttercup looked directly into Tracey's eyes, and smiled sympathetically. She clearly recognised Tracey's concern. And also her jealousy. "Oh! It was really horrible! Not like it is with you. You're much nicer!"

Tracey felt a strange burning on her cheeks. This must be what it's like to blush, she thought, reflecting on this unusual sensation which she'd never felt since she was young and probably almost a virgin. She smiled at Buttercup in a way that she was sure was hopelessly soppy and stupid. But she didn't care, and anyway she couldn't help it. Buttercup turned her unbelievably beautiful body towards Tracey, put her hands on her shoulders and pressed her face towards Tracey's.

"Do you want to make love with me, Tracey sweetest?" she asked in a strangely low and reassuring voice.

Tracey tried but couldn't articulate a response. She nodded her head.

"We'll leave Sharon with Sweetness and Joy, and go into the woods. Is that what you'd like, Tracey?"

Sharon was horrified to see her friend blush a deep kind of redness, her freckles burning against her sunburnt skin. What was happening to Tracey? But she didn't need an explanation as she watched her friend walk off hand-in-hand with Buttercup towards a small wood just fifty yards away from the settlement. The bastards! Off to do their dykish business and leaving her with a bunch of fucking cripples in a fucking wasteland! Part of her, however, was envious that it was Tracey and not her who was having a relationship with a woman who back home would be some kind of model, and a fucking rich one too. There was no fucking justice in the world, she mused as Tracey and Buttercup vanished into the shadows of the wood. She turned back to watch the hairy man's prick push in and out of Sweetness' arse.

"That'll cost him extra," commented Joy with a sneer. "You can't fucking take more unless you fucking give more."

Buttercup and Tracey wandered through the wood together hand-in-hand, Tracey struggling to keep down a fit of giggles that kept bursting uncontrollably towards the surface. Despite her misery, she had never felt so happy before. This was love. She was in love. For the first time in her life, she was in love. Unless you count Darren who used to fuck her in the garden shed his parents had owned when she was at school and strictly had only just lost her virginity. Or Wayne whose wife hated them when she found them screwing on the marital bed. Or even Baz who was probably the first really half-way decent fuck of her life. But this was different. She'd never felt so passionately and helplessly in love before.

Buttercup stopped in a small clearing, and tenderly turned Tracey towards her.

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