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An attorney has a torrid affair with a colleague.

All the while Susan was talking to me. "So hard, your cock is so hard and so huge I can't wait to get this in my cunt." Teasing, using soft strokes to keep me on the edge, then stroking me faster getting me there and finally allowing me to cum. I have, to this day, never cum as strongly as I had in the car with Susan.

Finally, with her mom out of town on business, I was able to spend the weekend at her house. We were in love, and although we were not virgins, the first time making love to Susan was like the first time making love. There was a sense of urgency to our passion. No niceties, no preliminaries. I walked into her house, and stripped her clothes off as we headed to the bedroom. Her tits swayed in front of me as the sight of her ass cheeks quivering as she bounced up the steps to her bedroom make my cock as hard as it could possibly be.

We were both naked, when we tumbled onto the bed. As I said, no preliminaries, as I rolled Susan on her back, spread her legs to see that wonderful hairy pussy formed around her pink slit. She took my cock in her hand and easily guided me into her cunt. I put her legs over my shoulders and begin to drive my cock into her soaked cunt. "Oh God, your cock feels so good, so good. Fuck me harder, please fuck me harder. I love you, Susan said." The cock of a 21 year old has no mind so, as expected, I was building up to a tremendous climax, hoping that Susan would be able to get off before I exploded. Screaming, "It feels so fucking good, I'm cumming" adding words that made no sense, Susan climaxed followed immediately by my orgasm, loading what felt like a bucket load of cum into my girlfriend.

We had all weekend, so for the next two days, with most of the time spent in bed, and to get the doorbell for the food that we had ordered, Susan and I made love in every possible position. After the first lovemaking session we took a shower together, washing each other clean. There is nothing like eating a clean, hairy pussy. I spent and hour giving Susan the best head I could. I found out that Susan was multi-orgasmic when she has her pussy licked.

In turn, she told me to "lie back and enjoy" as she took the crown of my cock in her mouth and teased me into another erection. The bad thing about having a 21 year old cock as mentioned previously is that it has no mind of its own. The good thing is that it takes less time to get ready for the next round after cumming. She teased my piss slit with her tongue, and then took me completely in her mouth. All the while she was fondling my balls. Up and down her mouth went, gripping my cock like a vise. I began to hump her mouth as I became aware of my impending explosion. "Not so fast, we have all weekend" said Susan as she took her hand and put a stop to the sensation by gripping my cock at its base. She started from square one again, only to stop me when it became apparent I could not hold out any longer. After three or four times of bringing me to the edge, I grabbed her head and began to fuck her face in earnest. I was not to be denied. I came with such force that my ass was literally off the bed as she captured every drop in her mouth.

All weekend, we made love in every room of the house. I fucked her from behind, as she played with her clit at the same time... She rode me, controlling the pace of our lovemaking. Those big tits bouncing up and down, side to side as I reach for and played with her distended nipples.

She masturbated for me as I did for her.

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