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Her challenge continues. Will she continue to comply?

I felt I might go mad if he somehow managed to refrain from mating with me.

I felt it the very second it moved in. I can't describe how I did it, my body just suddenly felt feverish all over. Dolphus was outside, and when I stepped through the entryway, he was nowhere in sight.

I remembered the year before and suddenly a plan took shape. There was more than one way to lure a satyr into mating. If he wouldn't come by invitation, maybe jealousy would drive him to me.

I headed down the path to Sibiu where I knew bachelor satyrs gathered. There was bound to be a few sparring. At least I hoped they were there because I needed them for my plan to work.

"Ashira, where are you going?"

I didn't bother to look back at Dolphus. I probably wouldn't be able to see him, anyway. He wouldn't dare come that close to me. "I need fresh air."

"Get back to the domicile."

I ignored him and kept walking. I didn't have to look to know he was following me. I also didn't have to go far because on the path in front of me was two sparring bachelors.

I only paused for a second before approaching them. They picked up my scent and snorted their approval, their horns coming together in a loud clap one last time before the closest one made a break for me.

I wasn't exactly expecting him to do that. I thought they'd spar some more, giving Dolphus the chance to sweep me away. I screeched as the young satyr was about to reach where I was standing. In response, he locked his knees, his hooves sending rock and dirt flying in my direction. When the satyr's chin lifted, his gaze fixing on something taller behind me, I knew in an instant that it was Dolphus.

Fierce, deafening growls filled the space around me. My bones trembled uncontrollably. I was in the middle of a three-way fight that I'd started because of my foolishness. I silently prayed to Osmos to get me out alive as the beasts closed in on both sides of me.

It went on for several long minutes. Growling, pawing, hissing, but no sparring. No hitting, no yelling, no one throwing anyone else off the path. Finally the noises stopped. I opened my eyes to see what had happened but was quickly and roughly shoved face-first to the ground and mounted.
Right there in front of the two younger satyrs, Dolphus mercilessly assaulted me from behind. My back arched, my insides quivering with delight. It was just as good as I remembered and I sung out in glee at the top of my lungs. Moments later, Dolphus injected me with his seed for the first time.

I was triumphant.



A Second Chance

Our shared celebration over my impregnation was short-lived. Dolphus wasn't happy with me over what I'd done. Within an hour of our successful breeding, he was out the door, not to return until the following afternoon. It was the start of a very rocky time for us.

For months, we tried to ignore that anything was wrong. We went on like usual. Flock business. Planning with Valame.

It turned out that my father was a regular visitor of Valame's. They split their time fairly equally between his domicile in town, and hers at the base of Saia Heights. It made sense, both of them being Baltian. I'd come to think of her like a mother, so the match felt right to me. I was happy for my father. For both of them. They seemed genuinely happy. Not just going through the motions.

Things finally came to a head in late November. With the induction approaching, we were both on edge.

"What do you think of the name Titus?"

Dolphus shrugged his shoulders as he continued to stare out the window.

"Vitus? You know, meaning 'life'."

I got no response from him.


I was growing tired of being ignored.

"Are you going to help me with the name or not?"

Dolphus turned toward me, his face expressionless. It was like talking to a wall.

"Answer me. Yell at me. Do something, for Osmos' sake. I can't stand being ignored."

"What do you want from me, Ashira?"

"I want you to be a part of this.

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