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Winston gets spanked, and a bit more. Julia watches.

As for me, well, I guess some would also consider me to be the 'stereotypical' male lead as well. Tall, fit, dark, and a big 'all American' smile. If you saw the two of us together you'd immediately be wondering what we were like together when we made love.

But, back to our 'love story'.

After many mishaps our characters finally end up in bed together in a fairly steamy love scene. Evie is topless in the scene, and the rest of our bodies are under the covers. Our narrators talk 'over' our scene so that the audience is both listening to them, and watching us in the background in a semi-darkened scene. The scene 'climaxes' when we do as well on stage, and the narrators give another 'high 5' to each other and the curtain drops.

I had done many sex scenes over the years with different actresses, as had Evie. Everything was always 'professional' - but, of course, one's body will always 'respond' despite the fact that it's a 'play' with an audience. Knowing that I would be on stage, kissing her while she lay on top of me (topless) I wore fairly tight underwear and a jock strap so that my 'excitement' wouldn't be distracting, and she wore fairly 'prudish' underwear as well.

It was Preview Night, our last performance before Opening Night and in this final scene Evie and I are in bed together, and the 'L' (Love) word is spoken. We're partially under covers, and she is 'riding' me on a partially darkened stage, while our on stage narrators hold hands and tell our thoughts to the audience.

Evie is hot. I mean really hot. Dark shoulder length hair, perfect curves, and a wry grin which makes you think naughty thoughts. To have a woman sitting on top of me, pretending to make love to me (despite the audience in the back ground) was quite erotic. As I mentioned, I was wearing a jock strap, but that was extremely uncomfortable - in fact, it was downright painful. My cock was trying to get hard, but it was bunched up in that tiny 'prison'. The scene ends with Evie and I climaxing fairly loudly - but on that Preview/Press night, I was in pain, and my fake orgasm sounded like a man being strangled. To make matters worse, the audience laughed.


It wasn't sexy at all. I was mortified, and the reviews mentioned the anti-climax climax. Our director (Pam) pulled me aside after the show and tried to reassure me. She told me to simply pretend there was no audience there.

Yada, yada, yada, I'd heard it all before.

I sheepishly mentioned that the problem was that things were 'constricted' and I was in pain.

Pam chuckled:

"Look, just wear boxers. Evie's a woman. She knows she has that affect on you - we all assumed she would. Ditch the jock strap. Nobody is going to laugh at you for responding like a 'man' and if they do I'll boot them off the set."

Evie happened to walk by at this moment. She gave me a hug telling me: "You were really great tonight."

Pam and I broke into laughter - and Pam explained the situation. Evie said that of course she understood, and would have no problem with me wearing boxers.

"Anything in the name of art." Evie said, and she walked back to her dressing room in her short silk bathrobe. I was wearing my robe as well, and was suddenly worried that seeing Evie walking down the hallway, cute ass moving under her silk robe, would make for more embarrassment and cause me to get hard again, and I quickly left to get changed into my street clothes.

So, now it's truly Opening Night', preview week is over.

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