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A year on, Amber and I play cards with our friend Chris.

Of course, at the time, I did not think twice of the issue. Nor would I today for that matter, although the reason for not being concerned by the strange reaction has changed over time. Back then, I had gotten implicit permission to use the pool as I wished and that was that!"

My back is hurting from lying in the position that I am in, so I roll onto my back, hunching my shoulders for a moment and then flattening out as completely as possible, the top of my head now pointing at my lover. This time, my better half can look down on an unobstructed view, albeit an upside down one, of my face, my shoulders, my breasts, my ribs, my stomach, my shaved mound, my legs, my feet, with only my actual vagina hidden by the actual 'Mons of Venus' swelling of my mound. I imagine the frustration that I must be causing her with such teasing, by my concealing while fully exposing.

I fold my arms across my chest and 'under' my breasts, which brings them full for her viewing pleasure due to the cupping that those folded arms cause. "Within days, Jules and Kim were settled in, and I was over there every day, from soon after Jules left for work in the morning until just before he was expected home in the evening. Just Kim and I." Here, I look 'upward' above my head at my lesbian sex partner, "and I loved it! She and I, alone together."

"At first, we both wore very sedate bikinis, nothing too risqu__." My patient compatriot knows what is coming, but I decide to postpone her aural pleasure, opting to give her the longer version. I move my upper body up onto my elbows, this time bending forward at the abdomen. I happen to look down at the those brilliantly rich red sheets, now darkening to almost black in the fading dusk.

"We talked of everything, we talked of nothing, Kim and I. Where to shop for shoes, what actor or actress was hot at the moment, how the weather was nicer than where they had moved from. We quickly moved past the stage of feeling strange asking each other to apply tanning lotion onto each other and onward toward the stage of those wonderful feelings of soft female hands touching and kneading those oils into vast tracts of softer female skin. Eventually, she asked about boys! Admittedly, the first time that she did so, Kim had plied me with several glasses of sangria beforehand!" My lover and I both chuckle at that thought for we both know how I am an easy date on such occasions, 'get the girl drunk and then seduce her...'

"I told her about the breakup. She told me that she, also, had "done it' before marriage, and NOT with Jules. She, too, had given her virginity to some goof of a loser with whom she had soon parted ways. Our talks began to bring me back out of the shell of sorrow that I had built around myself. Kimberley told me that she had not regretted her decision to 'go all the way', not ever, and she convinced me that I should not do so either. We told each other how many boys that we each had 'had' and I was not embarrassed for being too low or too high compared to her. We lied to each other about all the famous people that we had been 'with'. Kim even told me, in fact she told me somewhat regularly, and in ever more graphic details, about her sessions with Jules on the previous nights. Then, one day while we had gotten slightly high while sharing a hash pipe, we told each other how sex was usually a disappointment and that was when the subtle change had started to occur. Looking back now, Kim had said, 'sex with boys' had been a disappointment and I had taken her comment to mean 'as opposed to sex with real men', only later, and not too much later, did I come to realize that she meant something completely different."

At that moment, the balcony lights, underwater of the calm infinity edge hot tub, turned on, casting ephemeral patterns of the softest shade of blue into our room and onto the walls, turning the red sheets to ones of pastel-purple light and jet-

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