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Online chatter makes fantasy a reality.

But somehow that doesn__t feel right, he seemed shy and in all likelihood is still a virgin, and when it comes to men, I__m a virgin too. But we__re still in high school and it__s not like I__m gonna date him. Although, high school will be over pretty soon...

Jesus man! Get your head straight!The pun intended.

When I__m in college I can consider dating someone, there__s so many people that no one will care what I do. And maybe, if I__m lucky, I will find some cute girl and fall in love and I don__t have to deal with all this shit. Oh, I__m such a coward.

Finally it was Saturday and, as predicted, our team annihilated the competition and after that it was time to party. Maybe this would help me focus on other things besides Max. I had managed to see a glimpse of him in the audience and now I wondered if he would come to the party. Everyone was invited, though I__ve never seen Max at these parties before. To be honest, I dont know if I would have noticed him before, even if he would have been here. I guess I can be a little self-centered.

Brad and I rang the doorbell of Tina__s house and she came to answer the door.

"Hey Brad, Alex, great to see you."

I could tell she was being sincere. Actually her smile was almost predatory. A bit creepy... I really don__t know why I dislike Tina, she__s friendly and really hot, but I guess I__m starting to prefer the more refined, intellectual type. Someone smart and kind, maybe a bit Max.

Don__t even go there man!

Still I couldn__t get rid of Tina fast enough to suit me, she was not the one I wanted. But she was persistent and It would have been necessary to be really rude to get rid of her, so she managed to get me to the dancefloor. At least on there I don__t have to invent excuses why I__m not interested.


Why am I here? I don__t know any of these people. I mean, I go to school with them, but they__re not my friends. Kevin isn__t even here, his girlfriend is in town, so that left me flying solo. Of course I know the real reason why I am at Tina__s party, Alex is here too. But I don__t really want to think on that too much. It__s not like anything is going to happen between us and I__m really close to looking like a stalker.

Here I was trying to convince myself that I__m just one of the party goers and not stalking anyone when I spotted Alex on the dancefloor. Oh! He__s so gorgeous! If he moves like that when he is only dancing...and then I noticed the sexy blond with big boobs who was grinding her pelvis against Alex. Despite all the lectures I had given myself, after seeing that, I__m so jealous I could spit. I know I never had a chance with him, I really do, but the heart wants what it wants.

Right now my heart is breaking.

Stupid! You knew this would happen!

I just can__t stand this. I have to get away from here, away from them.

I made a beeline for the door, but the tears started falling before I got through the front door. As soon I was out of the house I hid myself behind the gazebo and I collapsed on the grass sobbing.

How could I be so stupid as to fall in love with a guy I don__t even know?


So, I was dancing and trying to avoid Tina`s busy hands and thinking, "isn__t this supposed to go the other way around?" My eyes was scanning the growd and I saw this dark haired guy stumbling through the mass of people to get to the door.


He saw me dancing with Tina. Obviously that upset him pretty bad.

Oh shit!

At that moment I stopped with the excuses. I liked Max a lot and from the looks of things, he liked me too. It wasn__t just a physical thing. I wanted to be with him. I really don__t know him that well, but I guess the point is, I really want to. I wanna know everything, the good and the bad. And I wasn__t scared anymore.

And then I started to run after him.

I practically burst out of the house, but I couldn__t see Max, just some people smoking in front of the house.

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