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First day fun after accidental exposure.

I was once again floating above the entire city. How many out of body experiences can one person survive in one day? I probably shouldn't ask considering Murphy's Law and all that. Lightning arched from me back to my house where I knew my body remained, guarded by the twins. I felt the ghost sensation of lips against the palm of my hand and "Good luck," whispered into my ear.

I warmed me that he trusted me enough to just let me go and confront an enemy that only moments before had frozen him in fear.

I floated out of my house and the air was cold and the bright new sun caused a red glow behind my closed lids. It felt like with all the shit happening right now it should be a dark stormy night but it wasn't. It's a bright crisp autumn day, perfect for laying in Rittenhouse Square Park with a warm thermos of soup and a thick sweater. I pictured that as I traveled for longer than I'd been expecting.

The twins and I cuddled together on a thick fleecy blanket. Nice would tentatively try and hold my hand. Naughty would blatantly throw his arm over my stomach being overtly flirtatious but also reaching for his brother. I would link my fingers through Nices and move our hand up to touch Naughtys. Their heat would insulate me from the chill in the air and the smell of homemade beef and barley soup would entice us to sit up and eat. It was such a nice image I almost didn't sense myself slowing.

I opened my eyes to see myself moving quickly toward a beautiful mansion on what appeared to be Park Avenue. I flew through the walls and opulent insides down through the floor till I was in a dank subbasement. Ahhh. Here was the setting that fit the situation. A woman with her back toward me sat cross-legged in a circle of symbols that looked like they'd been drawn in blood. Shelves lined the walls but I didn't take my eyes off of the witch to examine their contents.

Dark hair pooled on the ground behind her. Hair that seemed to be getting darker as I watched, shifting from the deep chocolate I'd seen in the twins memories to raven wing black. The olive skin I could see from my perspective seemed to be paling out as well. As the stick-straight now jet black hair began to curl itself into decadent waves nausea began to roil in my stomach. She began to stand her body shrinking in on itself adding curves and subtracting height. I knew what I would see before she turned my smiling face to me. The pitch black of her iris seeming to fill with blood as I watched the last disparity between us disappear.

"How convenient you've made this, I'll have to thank those naughty boys when next I see them," she smiled wider wielding my dimples like weapons. Her voice sounded like exactly like mine, if I were working as a phone sex operator and it infuriated and sickened me. I didn't know why she'd felt the need for this doppelganger moment but none of the reasons I could think of were very good for me or the twins. She stepped carefully out of the circle and walked over to shelves that contained a whole lot of what-the-fuck floating in jars. Yeah all she needed were some tesla coils and a mutant assistant to complete the picture.

"And when do you think that'll be cause I hadn't factored a side trip into the itinerary," I tried to sound like I wasn't almost frozen in fear. I allowed my body to sink so that I was standing on the ground instead of hovering near the ceiling.

I was almost totally outclassed in every way. I ramped up the lightning flowing around me till I looked like a living Jacob's Ladder but I didn't think it would be effective enough to stop her entirely. I was running scenarios in my head though none so far had ended with me the victor.

Her dusky laugh in a tone my voice had never used filled the small close space before she turned back, "Very soon now I'm going to put your soul in a jar then I'm going use your body like a costume to fuck the twins.

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