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Flashback to Chapter 5.

Cooking regularly really helps remove it from the realm of chores. Nikki helped set the table, poured more wine, and patiently waited for me to place the bowls for her feasting. How someone as petite as Nikki ate the amounts of food she shoveled in was outside my comprehension. But, you have to admit, any guy who has ever been on a date with someone who nibbles like a bird, loves seeing a woman enjoy her food. In short order our plates were cleaned and glasses empty. We both poked fun at who would clear the table and clean the mess. That is easy to solve. Dishwashers are the Gods way of allowing satiated people to sit quickly and feel fat and happy.

I love sitting quietly on the sofa after a large meal. It helps the digestion to sip some wine and let the issues of the day slip into oblivion. Nikki had enjoyed this ritual from the very beginning. Her family was always on the hectic and frantic side. They always had a to-do list that never ended. Nikki fought that from an early age. So, sitting calmly, studying the color of the wine, feeling the breeze of the ceiling fan, was something she relished because home, when mom and dad were there, never seemed to settle down. After twenty or thirty minutes Nikki sat her wine glass on the coffee table, stretched her arms, and laid her head on my leg. This was a common thing for her. She liked to look up at me while we talked. She said it made my face look funny which always made me frown and her laugh. I had pretty much put the earlier thoughts out of mind. I thought this would be a normal evening after all. And, it was......for a few minutes. While rattling on about someone work, Nikki moved her head. That shouldn't have been a big deal. But, she turned her head toward my body and rested the side of her face on my finally relaxed member. Every time she moved her mouth to talk Nikki's jaw rubbed against my dick. I should have moved but not even remotely possible.

Every few seconds my dick would pump and thicken. There was no way she could not notice, unless, maybe, her talking was keeping the thoughts away. I felt so guilty. I felt ashamed. I felt good, which led to more shame and guilt. But, still I couldn't make myself move. By now my cock was like a steel pipe inside my shorts. It throbbed every time she moved, regardless of how little. I knew there would be an intense jack-off session before too long. I had been staring into space for several minutes. I couldn't look at Nikki's face and see the lump alongside. She had to know. Her voice shook me from the arousal fog. Nikki half-yelled, "Are you listening to me?"

I jumped at the sudden increase in volume. Doing so pushed my hardness tighter into her cheek. I saw her eyes widen. Busted! Now I would have to explain this situation. I was always used to giving Nikki advice, not telling rationalizing my behavior. Before my dry mouth could open she looked right into my eyes and said, "Did I cause this?" My heart jumped. The words came flowing from my mouth without having a clue what was said. Would she hate me? Would this forever tarnish our relationship?

It was then that I realized Nikki was giggling. Unfortunately that also made her head move against me with more force. Yep, still hadn't moved. Something in the inner male brain had me glued into the sofa with no possibility of escape. She smiled and said, "I wondered if I could." My look had to be one of complete stupefaction, which immediately fired up the giggling once more. Nikki told me, "Who do you think hid your wallet?" My chin must have fallen to my chest. Nikki told me that it was an instant decision upon seeing me after so long. That still didn't explain anything to my satisfaction. All I could do was sit with a confused look on my face.

Nikki's eyes flashed wide, softly saying, "Why not? I know you love me.

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