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I now belong to him.

I think unconsciously I knew it was you...

Diana was listening outside the kitchen door. She had gotten up to get a drink of water. As she approached the kitchen, she heard Lynda's voice. She sounded upset as she was telling Charles how attracted she was to him. Diana started to get upset as she listened to Lynda telling Charles how badly she wanted him! She was about to storm into the kitchen and punch Lynda's lights out...until she heard her next statements. She frowned sadly when she heard Lynda burst into tears after she apologized for...whatever it was she'd almost done!

Diana wondered what happened between them. You guys were drinking... Did a comforting hug somehow turn into a kiss...or was it more...

Diana's ears perked up again when she heard Charles say in his deep, sexy voice, "I'm sorry I've teased you and led you on, Lynda. But I couldn't help it! You see...I, too, find you very attractive."

Excuse me?!!! Diana's eyes widened. Then she relaxed when he continued.

"But you're right. I am completely in love with my wife and I could never be unfaithful to her. Is this too confusing for you? Do you want me to stop flirting with and teasing you?" Lynda said no. Charles continued. "I'll only do it when Diana is around. Flirting with you when we're alone would be just like having an affair behind her back, and I won't do that." Lynda said that she understood and agreed.

Diana headed back to bed. She had heard enough to know that she didn't need to worry about anything else happening between the two of them.

But, I've been pushing Charles away and it's taking a toll on him. He turned to my best friend for comfort and it almost got out of control... I have to figure out how to explain to him why, but not until my last visit to the gynecologist...

Diana had lost about ten pounds. She kept suffering bouts of nausea and sickness and she hadn't had a period since the attack. She was deathly afraid that she was pregnant. Her gynecologist had tried to reassure her that her cycle might just be off because of the shock to her body.

Charles had not come inside her the last several times he'd made love to her. They had known she was supposedly fertile then. If she was pregnant, she'd already planned to tell her doctor to abort the pregnancy... There's no way I'd have that bastard's child...

She couldn't even bring herself to talk to Charles about any of this. She was afraid to...

It would just make the fact that I broke my promise to him even worse...


About a week after Diana's last visit to her gynecologist, Charles brought up the subject of sex as they were getting into bed. The gynecologist had confirmed that she was not pregnant and had told her that she was completely healed. It was safe for them to engage in intercourse again... when she was ready.

He turned to her. "Diana...have I done anything to frighten you or turn you away from me?"

"Oh...no! Why would you think that?" she answered sincerely as she looked at him.

"Well...every time I try to take you in my arms and remind you how much I love you and...want you, you push me away. I can understand if it's because I'm doing something that reminds you of how you were attacked. So please tell me if I'm doing anything that's bringing up any bad memories for you!"

Oh, God...I'm so afraid... Please don't be mad at me... Diana frowned and breathed heavily. "No, Charles, it's nothing you've done-it's me. It's what I did. Or rather...couldn't do."

Charles frowned in confusion. "What do you mean? What couldn't you do?"

She started to cry. "I promised you that I'd never let another man inside me ever again...I'm so sorry I wasn't able to keep that promise!"

Charles pulled her against him as he hugged her and said fiercely, "You DID NOT break that promise! That bastard took your body against your will! Isn't the fact that you fought hard enough to have gotten those horrible bruises and knocked unconscious proof enough that you did your best to keep your promise? Do you have any r

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