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You can follow us upstairs and put Jordan down in the extra crib."

With that she turned and began walking upstairs with me following dumbly behind her. Okay, she set up the extra crib which explains why her cheeks were flushed, but I couldn't figure out why she set up the extra crib? What in the world was going on? Chantel put her little one down in the crib and Nora told me to give them a minute, so I stepped out of the room. Just a few seconds later my wife joined me in the hallway and led me back downstairs to our living room. I asked her what was happening and she simply told me to wait a minute and I would find out. And find out I did. Chantel walked down the stairs with one of our baby monitors in hand, set it down on an end table, and began to inform me of the reason she was there.

"Your wife is the same kind of woman who has always crapped all over me, and tonight it stops. She tried to weasel out of this, thinking I was dumb enough to believe her apology was sincere, but it was too late and I wasn't going to take no for an answer. She's a snobby, arrogant, condescending prude who acts like her shit doesn't stink, and I'm going to teach her a lesson tonight. She's so proud of those fat boobs she doesn't even have the courage to show off, but mine are better and tonight I'm going to use mine to slap hers silly until she begs me to stop. This isn't over until the winner accepts the loser's submission. You're going to get to see something special tonight, and after I win you're going to see something else special, isn't that right Nora.?"

"Honey, she wouldn't take no for an answer and I figured this was better than pulling hair and punching each other in the face. This loose whore wouldn't settle for anything else and she made an offer I couldn't refuse. If she beats me, she gets to breastfeed both infants in front of me and you, and can come over and feed Brandon in front of us any time she wants. When I beat her, and I will, she's taking her kid out of the homeschool group and disappearing from all of our lives. You've always told me how great my breasts are, and tonight you're going to see me prove it just this once. Now stay out of it until it's over."

The next thing that happened truly shocked me, even more than the words I was still trying to process. Nora quickly tied her long, chestnut hair into a ponytail, and then began to disrobe. First, she took off her skirt, revealing a black thong that was actually modest for a thong but was impossibly daring for my wife. She then quickly took off her shirt to reveal a tight, lacy black bra that lifted her boobs and showed a canyon of cleavage that she had never accentuated before. Noticing my slack jawed stare she allowed herself a blush and a smile before releasing the front clasp of the bra and sliding it off, revealing her large, firm breasts with her nipples at full erection. I wish I could recount Chantel's initial reaction to the sight, but I was barely aware that the sultry fitness mom was still in the room. That lack of awareness changed pretty quickly.

"Wow. Those are almost perfect. Too bad for you though, because mine are perfect and they're going to milk your fat udders and leave them hanging all the way down to the floor."

There was a venom beginning to be uncovered in the single mom's voice, but the almost lusty glare was one filled with confidence that what she was saying was true.

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