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.. These were the nanites. The nanites had increased his strength, shortened his temper, but also made him into a more warlike opponent for the aliens.

John looked over at Bahati, still in his chair and he was coiled, ready to spring. He knew what John was thinking and he was ready for combat. As Bahati stood from his chair, John realized that he was fully armed. His staff weapon was leaning against the wall behind him in some kind of weapons were strapped around his waist.

Their plan was suddenly so very clear. The nanites were not for the women, but for the men. These were warriors and if they couldn't find a war, they would start one. The nanites in the women would spread to the men, increasing their strength and making them more belligerent. The men would become aggressive being protective of their women and their home.

First skirmishes, then full-fledged hostilities would break out. The alien warriors would have their combat and afterwards they would have the spoils of battle. John had been so wrong about the aliens. They still wanted the women as their compliant slaves, but they wanted to take them as plunder from their war.

John relaxed all of his muscles and slowly stood from the chair. He did not want to give Bahati any excuse for combat, so he slowly moved towards the door. Once John had positioned himself for a quick exit, he created a conference call with the entire counsel of Venus. With his eyes glued to Bahati he gave orders warm up all external plasma cannons and lasers, then aim them at the alien ship. He made sure that Bahati was listening as he continued, "In addition, any groups of aliens that headed for Venus will not be allowed to board. If they persisted in trying to board, they will be destroyed with the plasma cannons."

Everyone on the phone was asking what had happened and why John was making these rash moves. He explained his theory to everyone and soon everyone on the phone was quiet and contemplating their future. Bahati gave him a look of respect and then talked into his communication device.

John looked at Bahati and asked, "Are we going to have a war or are we going to negotiate? Whichever you choose, we are ready for you."

Bahati laughed as Zane and Hati came through the door. Both were armed just as Bahati, with a staff weapon and weapons on a belt around her middle. John regretted not having any weapons, but was determined to protect Lisa and all of Venus to the death. He had not disconnected the conference call, so he let everyone know what was going on, "Bahati, Zane and Hati are all in the conference room and all are armed. I will leave the line open and if you don't hear from me assume hostilities have begun and open fire on the alien ship!"

Bahati and Zane bristled at John's threats and gripped their staff weapon pointing it at John. Hati however, raised his hands in mock surrender and said, "Governor McKinney, we are only armed for defensive purposes and for the time being only wish to talk."

John glanced at Bahati and Zane and they seemed unmoved by Hati's conciliatory tone. Their weapons were still pointed at him and their looks told him they were ready to use them. Hati said something in a sharp tone and Bahati and Zane lowered their weapons.

John was really confused. Why was the captain and first mate of a ship obeying Hati's orders and who was he? Therefore, he asked, "What is your rank and why are you here?"

Hati turned to John and injected, "I am a representative of our ruling council. Captain Bahati is in charge, but I can provide guidance or even override him if necessary. Can we all sit down and talk?"

All the aliens sat in chairs and each poured coffee from the pitcher in the middle of the table. John put his phone on the table and sat in a chair across from Bahati. He sat quietly looking at the three aliens, waiting for them to say something.

Hati spoke first, "Bahati told us your theories and you were correct.

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