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Lesbian couple gets an invitation from Mr. Turner.

Candy's voluptuous, mature frame was draped in a satiny beige teddy. A spaghetti strap dangling over Candy's shoulder precariously covered her buxom right breast. Jillian shamefully looked around like she would be caught spying but resumed her watch as Candy leaned against her dresser. Jillian's gaze intensified as Candy's hand slid down lifting the edge of her teddy. Candy appeared to be moaning over the phone as her hand furrowed through her bikini trimmed brown bush. Jillian came to her senses and stepped backwards slowly as not to arouse suspicion. But Jillian forgot about the wheelbarrow right behind her. The quiet morning air was suddenly disturbed with a loud clang as Jillian fell flat on her ass inside the wheelbarrow. The next thing Jillian saw as she tried to climb out was Candy staring gaped mouthed at her through the glass.

Jillian struggled with her balance finally able to stand up straight. Candy came around the house wrapped in her house coat. "Oh honey are you alright?" Candy grabbed Jillian's shoulders and gave her a quick look over. "You're not hurt are you? Jillian just shook her head to embarrassed to speak. "Come inside Honey." Candy lead Jillian inside her back door and had her sit at her kitchen table.

Pouring a cup of coffee Candy handed it to Jillian. "You don't look hurt. You scared the hell out of me. I heard you fall. Are you sure you're not hurt?"

"No, I'm fine. I'm just embarrassed for being a klutz." Jillian sipped her coffee. " I'm also embarrassed about something else." Jillian set the cup down and looked up at Candy. "While I was doing my raking I accidently spied on you through your window. You were on the phone and, and you know." Candy's eyes opened wide. "Oh jeeze so you saw me?" Jillian nodded shyly looking side to side. "Oh well at least I'm glad you told me. I should have had my shades drawn I guess." Candy chuckled. "It sucks having to talk to an ex-lover who lives a million miles away for a little gratification."

Candy stared out the window not caring that her house coat hung open. Jillian could see the loneliness in her neighbor's stare. "I'm sorry. You did look like you were having fun. It's been a long time for me too."

"Well he's probably on his way to work now. Guess I'd better get dressed my self. Unless?" Candy walked by Jillian letting her housecoat fall to the floor. "Unless what?" Jillian asked naively. "Hey" Candy called from down the hall. Jillian turned her head spying Candy's curvaceous body saunter into her bedroom. "Come here a second."

Jillian walked down the hall and peered into Candy's bedroom. Candy was leaning against her bed board. Candy's hands were on the bed board for balance allowing her firm breasts to push op under the satiny material of the teddy. Jillian noticed Candy's nipples blossoming through the wispy material. Candy slowly leaned back farther. The beige teddy that barely covered her shapely hips now rose up to expose her mound of fur.

"Oh!" Jillian squeaked. "You're not thinking what I think you're thinking?" A surprised smile crept across Jillian's lips as she entered Candy's bedroom. "Wouldn't this be naughty now? Isn't this suppose to be a guy's fantasy? Jillian asked skeptically arms crossed.

Candy untied her auburn hair shaking it loose over her shoulders. "I think it's a horny gal's fantasy too. Aren't you horny?" Candy squeezed her mature breasts together pinching her hard nipples.

Jillian found herself becoming quickly aroused. Her tight jeans nudging her engorging pussy lips. Jillian walked to the side of the bed and raised her arms in the air. "Help me with my sweater, please. For some reason I'm getting hot." Jillian said coyly. Candy came up behind her and ran her fingers down Jillian's breasts. Pulling the sweater off Candy hungrily pawed Jillian's tender fleshy globes. "Mmmmm that feels good." Jillian moaned. Candy kissed the back of Jillian's neck.

Jillian turned around and pressed her quivering lips into Candy's waiting mouth.

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