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A visitor from Durham tempts the Jacksons into incest.

I guess this one has gone on longer than normal, even for old friends, not that I'm complaining."

After one last squeeze, Heidi and Kira released and commenced visually inspecting one another. Suddenly, nothing was funny and Heidi could feel her heart thumping loudly in her chest. She couldn't resist the urge to inspect Kira with her hands. Kira apparently didn't mind, because she stood quietly as Heidi traced her right hand along the inward curve of Kira's waist and along the front past her belly button. Stopping for a moment, Heidi smiled up at Kira and then proceeded, a bit hesitantly, to slide a finger along underside of Kira's breasts then she lightly squeezed each nipple with her thumb and finger. Kira gasped and closed her eyes.

Heidi had only herself to explore for days, but she didn't expect her reaction to an encounter with another project recruit to be so intense. Still, it was like a dream coming true, since having a partner was a common theme in her frequent masturbation sessions back in her old accommodations. Still exploring Kira's upper body with her right hand, she slid her left hand along Kira's right thigh and around to her firm rear end. Once it arrived there, she couldn't resist a gentle squeeze and curling her fingers into the cleft separating Kira's smooth round cheeks. As Heidi's index finger made brief contact with Kira's little hole, Kira said, "Ohhhh...".

Heidi took that as a signal of encouragement. She spent a few moments lightly groping Kira's tight brown rear end with one hand and kneading her breasts with the other and reflected that she could now feel somewhat of the dripping that Millie referenced upon her arrival. Eventually, she got down on her knees, which put her eye level somewhat below Kira's pussy. With her hands cupping each side of Kira's rear end, she just stared at it, having never seen one that close before and she was finding out that having her own and being able to inspect another's were very different types of experiences. She reflected that knowing she was having a pleasurable effect on Kira intensified her own lusts, which very much distinguished this new experience from her other, solo experiences.

Kira gasped and then sort of generated a long, chesty groan as Heidi slid her right hand around to feel the smooth little flaps of flesh between Kira's legs. Heidi used her fingers to separate Kira's lips to get a peek at the little hole hidden inside. Her heart skipped a beat as she noticed the shimmering moisture spreading from that spot and she spent a moment feeling Kira's slick natural lubricant between her fingertips. She broke the silence and whispered, staring distractedly at her damp fingers, "Oh, baby..."

Proceeding with her inspection, Heidi probed and gently pried with her fingers to find Kira's so-called sweet spot. She moistened a thumb with the wetness just below and spread it over Kira's clitoris. Kira reacted with a gratifying little squeal. Heidi took her hand away and smiled. She put her hands on Kira's hips and guided her to face in the opposite direction.

Heidi momentarily forgot to breathe as she looked up at Kira's round little ass. Passing her finger down the line that separated Kira's cheeks, she instructed, "Pull these things apart for me and lean forward a bit."

Kira obeyed and Heidi put her hands on her knees to spend a few moments staring at her new friend's puckered little opening and the rear view of her pussy. After she was satisfied that this mental image was committed to memory, Heidi used her pointing finger to slowly trace the line between Kira's ass, again. This time, her finger was able to pause and linger, circling the tiny peaks and clefts around Kira's rear opening. Kira reacted by simultaneously gasping and moaning. Heidi proceeded to slide her finger down the middle of the area between Kira's two lower openings. After taking her time arriving at Kira's pussy, she stopped and got the tip of her finger wet by swirling it around inside.

Heidi rubbed the moisture against her thumb a

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