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Hanna has a fantasy about seeing two men have sex.

all her and tell her you're with friends, okay?"

"She won't believe me." I said, not sounding too convincing.

Aunt looked down and with a sweet smile, "Do you want me to?"

She took hold of my head and pushed it hard onto her pussy, "Suck my cunt Peter, ahh, fuck, fuck, oohhh, yes, fuck yes."

I was finding it difficult to breath but managed to take in some short gasps. My head was tight between her thighs, she squeezed them tighter occasionally.

I Came back up for a breath, "No, I'll call her later, she thinks I'm at work right now."

My face was pulled back in to her pussy, and the heat was amazing coming from her. And she was getting wetter, not just from my licking, but she must have been cumming.

"Ohh, yes Peter, yes, I'm cumming again, harder, that's it ohh yes, yes, yes, f u c.."

She had cum again, her hips lunged out and more juices appeared to flow out. I knew that was better than honey, so I stuck my tongue out and gathered as much as I could, fuck she tasted great.

"Holy shit Peter that was great, you have a nice tongue." She stepped off me and to my side, her chest heaving, as she took in deep breaths.
She held my hand as we lay there, squeezed it lovingly and asked, "How's that cock? You ready yet?"

I looked at her tits, and the way her nipples were standing proud, they were at least an inch long, and as thick as my little finger.

Aunty caught me looking, "Do you like what you see Peter? Would you like to touch them?"

I nodded, and moved one hand over to them. I squeezed the flesh and ran a finger over a nipple.

My aunt never had children, so she never really had any milk producing tits. And because of that, and her gym routine, I presumed that's why her tits were as hard as they were.

As I fondled her, she asked, "Would you like to suck them Peter?"

This time I didn't nod or anything, I got up and straddled over her stomach and grabbed her tits. I stuck my tongue out and licked her nipple. I could taste the red wine on them. I sucked the fleshy tanned skin, then back to the other nipple. Again the red wine taste, I sucked on her nipple as it got harder.

"Peter, do you like my nipples?

I kept sucking as I thought she does not really want me to answer her with words, just the action of sucking will do.

"Peter, don't tickle them darling, suck hard, suck them like you were sucking them off."

I thought I was sucking hard, but if she wanted harder I could do that. I went to town on them sucking, licking almost biting them, they felt amazingly hard, like I was actually sucking and nibbling on a little finger.

Aunty was groaning, "Oh Peter, fuck, nice and hard, that's it, that's it, darling."

She brought up a hand and placed it on my head, pushing it down onto her tits.

I loved these tits they were amazing. I mauled her and sucked all around both tits till my lips were worn-out. Then I lay back down beside her.

I was almost hard again, not quite at full attention. She looked down towards my cock and placed a finger on the tip of the head, then slowly ran it down along the shaft.

"Peter, I'm not sure if I can get all this in?" Her finger slowly coming back up to the tip.

I looked down towards my cock, watching her finger going down and then back up, I asked, "What do you mean? Uncle Fucks you, doesn't he?"

She took hold of my hand and squeezed it gently, and brought up the hand she had on my cock and placed it on my cheek and turned my face towards her, "Peter, darling, I'm a woman in her sexual prime. And I'm lucky if your uncle has time to fuck me once in a week."

She smiled sweetly, "Don't get me wrong Peter, I love your uncle, but not for his sexual prowess. That thing you have, it's well...Much, much bigger than your uncle's. Your uncle's cock is about five inches long and as wide as two fingers. Do you know how long yours is?"

I shook my head, "No, I've never been asked that before, I thought it to be a normal size."

"O My God, Peter, let me tell you, what you have is not normal. Your cock is large Peter, probably extra-large, no, definitely extra-large."

In my head I kne

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