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Ray's secret comes out.

i struggled into my panties and pantyhose again and waited for Her in the lounge, kneeling in the corner by the fireplace. i was literally shaking in anticipation and, perversely, semi-erect! After what seemed like an hour, i heard Her car door slam and the front door open. Her heels clicked slowly across the hardwood floor and stopped. i could sense Her presence and smell the sweetness of Her scent as She stood behind me, inspecting me. Silently, She gathered my long hair into a ponytail and tied it back with a scarf, then, using it as a handle dragged me on my knees across the floor to the long brown leather couch.

She sat down, crossed Her legs then offered me Her foot to kiss. i did so lovingly; i regarded it as a privilege. She looked wonderful in Her dark, no-nonsense business suit and white silk blouse. Smiling, She opened the shopping bag She'd placed on the couch and showed me the oval wooden hairbrush She'd told me She was going to buy for me (with my money!).

"Do you like it?" She mocked.

i stammered some reply; my mouth had gone dry and my legs felt like rubber.

"You look so cute in panties, and I'm sure this will be an excellent panty warmer. Shall we try it out?" She smiled.

She stood up, slowly removed Her jacket and bracelets, sat down and ordered me across Her lap. She stroked my upturned bottom- Her hand felt so soft and warm through the nylon. She placed one of my arms between Her bottom and the back of the couch and firmly bent the other up into the small of my back, Her long nails digging into my wrist.

The spanking began slow, hard and deliberate. This wasn't so bad, i thought. The double layer of panties and pantyhose dulled the impact and the long pauses between smacks gave me time to recover. Then She rolled the pantyhose down, and began beating my panties harder and faster. This hurt, especially when She hit the spots the spoon had bruised that morning. Soon i was bucking and squirming across Her knee, which was just what She wanted.

"Do you like my panty warmer? Feeling macho now?' She teased.

i had never felt less macho, but it felt so right lying there across Her lap.

The spanking continued, now slow and hard, now fast and furious. There was no rhythm or pattern. No set number of strokes to endure. My legs were kicking involuntarily and, despite my best efforts, each smack forced a squeal or moan from me. i was losing what little control i had. Then She lowered my panties. i heard myself begging Her to stop, that i would do anything She wanted, that i would be Her slave.

She said, "You already are my slave! Now raise your bottom high and ask me nicely to spank you."

i did in a shaky voice and She spanked me until i lay there still and submissive across Her lap, raising my bottom obediently for each stroke, sobbing loudly and unashamedly, tears flowing freely.

She was right; Her will was stronger than mine was. i was Her slave. With shaking hands, a tear-stained face and an incredibly sore bottom, i cooked Her dinner and served Her. Then i cleaned up, and spent the rest of the evening kneeling in the corner with the hairbrush shoved down the back of my panties. She calmly read magazines and phoned a friend as if nothing had happened. i spent the night curled up under a blanket on the floor at the foot of Her bed, chaste and obedient.

After my first hairbrushing and cold, lonely night on the floor of J's bedroom i realized that this was my true destiny. i belonged to J, to do with as She wished. i truly wanted and needed to be the submissive partner.

i made Her breakfast and got ready for work, wearing my panties and pantyhose without being told. This pleased Her, and She stroked my sore bottom through my panties as She kissed me goodbye. i spent another anxious day at work; still terrified someone would be able to spot my feminine clothing somehow. But now i was almost enjoying the symbolic slavery, the constant reminder of silky nylon against my shaved legs and sore, marked bottom.


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