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Young, first year teacher gets a few lessons.

A guy never feels as naked as he does when the other guy is fully dressed. About half of the guys are already semi-erect at this point, they always pretend not to notice. Skip fell in to the other group. As his clothes fell in to a self consciously neat pile it was obvious he wasn't looking forward to baring his dick. He turned his back as his Jockeys slid down, and finally turned to face me but wouldn't make eye contact.

Skip has a nicely shaped dick. Nicely proportioned, straight, well formed head. However, it is the smallest dick of any guy I have put through this treatment. Completely flaccid, it appears to be about 2 inches. Part of me was fascinated in an anthropological kind of way, but my more primitive self was deeply affected. I almost felt an indignation, a need to truly punish this guy who so ardently pursues well hung guys, knowing full well that what he is offering in return is a very poor trade. Skip needed to learn a lesson. I directed Skip to the playroom to be fluffed.

Every guy spends about 10 minutes in my playroom waiting for me, mostly to reinforce who has the power. All of them are naked, and all of them are told to stand while they are waiting. I have a 60" television in the playroom, and I always have some very hot straight porn playing. Lots of huge cocks and big tits flopping around, and the result is always the same. After a good wait, I always walk in to the playroom fully dressed and find a guy standing awkwardly in the middle of the room now sporting a full erection. If it is humiliating to be naked in front of a fully dressed guy, standing in front of him with your dick hard is borderline painful for most guys. It really reinforces who holds the power in the situation.

Skip was in worse shape than most guys at this point. I walked in to the playroom, and it took all my self control to stifle a laugh. Like most guys, Skip was standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. I had made him wait a little longer than most, and it clearly paid dividends. Skips cock was now stretched to its maximum length and breadth, painfully hard looking and twitching. It pointed well north of horizontal, and had an abundant glistening drop of pre cum. He had a slight flush to his pale skin, and his breathing was noticeably a bit heavy. I flopped on the sofa and asked him if he enjoyed the movie, pretending I hadn't noticed his rigid cock. His voice was hoarse and thick with need. Even fully engorged, his cock is startling for its small size. Eventually my curiosity couldn't be contained, he measures about 4.25 inches.

It is at this point that, from my perspective, the fun really begins. I am sitting on the sofa wearing a pair of jeans that snugly highlight my thick cock, knowing that guys like Skip have radar lock on my package. I torment them just a little bit by continuing to ignore them in their uncomfortable state as I watch a little of the movie and allow my dick to plump up just a little. Now is when I go for the is when I start reaping the benefits of putting a guy like Skip in such a desperate state that we both know he will do anything I demand to earn access to my cock.

First I need to continue to reinforce how completely one sided this arrangement will be, and my rule that forbids him from touching his own cock is very powerful that way. Every guy reacts the same way as I coolly inform him that if I catch him touching his cock at any time I will shut this whole thing down right away. They all can't help but to glance down helplessly at their painfully rigid dicks, and in the same way an itch you cannot scratch is so maddening, realize a desperate need for even just a couple of strokes to help with their frustration. Skip was no different, but he actually let out a small but quite audible groan as a drip of precum strung downward and mumbled a commitment at my insistence that his dick was off limits.

This is when I diverged from my usual ritual, and decided to try something I had always fantasized about.

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