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At her own party, Bree gets a few nice surprises.

I was shaking, thinking about being surrounded by lewd bisexuals, including Clarice. But it turns out I was jumping to erroneous conclusions.

Clarice spoke first, and change the whole direction, as I was unaware of a new crisis.

"I have some disturbing information, Zora. There were several posts on Craigslist trying to manipulate our research group."

What!?? Now I was really confused. What do Craigslist lesbian personals have to do with that?

"Ok Zora, look at this listing:

WOMEN: ARE YOU PART OF UNIVERSITY FERTILITY STUDY? TRYING TO GET PREGNANT? Research is now being done to show that bisexual hook-ups increase the chances of getting pregnant. Your biological clock is telling you something!

Meet at the lesbian bar FINGERTIPS on Thursday night 6 p.m. for a community meeting, happy hour. Reservations not needed.

"Oh no! Somebody has leaked our information!" I shrieked, suddenly understanding the problem, and embarrassed that I assumed the worst of Clarice.

"Zora somebody is sabotaging our study! One of the Doctors, or maybe a jealous colleague. What do we do now?"

"One of us needs to go to that meeting," I suggested. "What is the place Fingertips?"

"It is a lesbian bar. Well it can't be me who goes in my condition... y'know with my big belly protruding. It's got to be you."

"Oh no! Can you picture me in this lesbian pickup bar, in my hijab? I would look ridiculous! You really can't expect me to go into the hornet's nest to go under cover, surrounded by lesbians."

"Look we have to fight this and contain the damage," insisted Clarice. "Espionage is the only way!"

Realizing the threat and lack of options, I buckled. "I agree to be the one to go...But of course you know I don't drink alcohol," I said emphatically. "I can't believe you are putting me in this predicament."

"Thanks Zora. We will all laugh about this one day," said Clarice.

I returned to my desk, and looked up Fingertips on the internet, trying prepare myself. Could I really put myself in that position? I read the Yelp reviews, and ultimately just "rolled over."

I realized that should leave my hijab in the car, or else I would stick out like a sore thumb. What would I wear to look like a lesbian? No jewelry or high heels.

So that night, when I came home from work, I showered and primped myself, like I was going on a date. I had trouble lezzing-up my wardrobe, so I wore tight slacks and a V-neck crepe blouse.

It was warm so I didn't wear any jacket, but felt exposed and shameful entering this gay bar. The hostess led me past bar full of women, but many surprisingly pretty. Nobody was dressed like a slut or kissing in public, but the night was early.

I went back to the meeting room, looking for the lecturer. About 20 chairs were in a semi-circle, with about 10 women sitting there already. At least, there weren't hundreds. If I can get a list of the attendees, I could exclude just those who attended from the study. I could save our study! I texted my idea to Clarice, and she said that would be great.

A woman wearing a sleeveless shirt and revealing shorts sat next to me, and I could smell her perfume. She had an olive complexion, like mine, and I jumped when her bare legs touched slacks. I guessed she was Mexican perhaps. Couldn't be a Muslim, so exposed and shameless. She was a little younger and prettier than me, but looked familiar to me, somehow.

Her cell phone rang, and she pulled it out, and muted the ring tone. I glanced over and saw her friend's screenname was "Khadija". Oh wow...She really is Arab!

She whispered, "Sorry, I've turned off my cellphone now... Are you also trying to have a baby?"

I giggled, whispering, "Well, actually I am a fertility doctor, just curious about this topic."

"I am Haditha, and I just broke up with my girlfriend, but I wanted to have kids, inshallah," she said, using the Arabic word for "God willing."

I answered her, making it very clear, "I already have 2 kids with my husband. My name is Zora."

"Wonderful to me

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