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When Samuel dreamed of becoming a girl...things happened...

Her hair smelled so nice. Like fruit and flowers, the scent hovering just a couple inches from my nose as I stared into her part. Her breasts, though small, pressed against my chest and distracted me from what she was saying. And the feel of her shoulder beneath the stiff white blouse was electrifying. Cool fabric over hot skin. Blood steadily pulsed into my cock until I thought I'd get dizzy. And as the songs went on and on, I feared I had an appointment with a cold splash of water and then an even colder walk home until Kelly looked up into my eyes. Her eyes were a little distant from drink, but not too much to negate the words she spoke.

"So tell me about this van." Warm, apple-scented breath puffed against my neck. I suppressed a shiver.

"Well you know, to be honest, I don't have a van. We'd have to make do with an empty bedroom. But I assure you, my darling student, that I would take great liberties with you under cover of darkness."

"Well I hope so." Kelly pressed tighter against me, blonde lashes fluttering. Holy shit! She must be a natural blonde! Damn I hoped to find out. "Because I don't have a yard stick in this bag, but think I've been a naughty enough school girl for at least a little open-palm spanking." Steady... This might just be a test to verify her feminine wiles were just as effective on complete strangers as they always were on boys in the frats. I was just the unfortunate target.

"Really," I mused, brows quirking beneath my mask. "You've earned a spanking? For what?" Kelly laughed, swilling some of her drink, briefly studying the remainder in her cup, and then downing the last bit with a shrug.

"It's a secret."

"I love secrets. You can tell me and I give you my word that your secret will be safe with me."

Kelly's fingertips cradled my chin, drawing my ear toward her glistening parted lips.

"Okay. Here it is. I love being a tease. Especially when I've had a few to drink. But tonight, I'm well..." she rubbed her tits against my chest, gently moving them back and forth a few times, the hard points of her nipples very obvious. "I'm really in the mood for a quick fuck. No strings. None of that shit. Just a fuck and that's it. My boyfriend won't ever know, and your girlfriend, if you have one, won't have to find out, either. Come on. I know the perfect place."

My feet wouldn't move. Even after she backed up a couple steps and beer-scented air rushed up my nose. This was too good to be true. She had to be joking. But she only paused once, looking back over her shoulder with a flirty wink, then rounded a corner and hurried up the stairs.

Did I want to know how she knew the best place to fuck here? Did I even believe she'd put out and not just lead me upstairs to maximize the humiliation of her teasing? I had no idea, but I did know that standing down here wasn't going to get me laid. At least not by one particularly luscious schoolgirl.

A rowdy cheer of men's voices erupted from across the capacious room, and all heads turned in that direction to see what had caused all the commotion. I took that opportunity to slink through the crowd, turning toward the dark staircase. From halfway up, Kelly met my eyes in the waning light, smiled, then gestured for me to follow. I hesitated only for a second, then my right foot ascended the first step, then the next, and then the next...

A faint luminescence emanated from a door left ajar down the pitch-dark hall by the time I reached the top. With one last exhalation to steady myself, I proceeded toward that light. As I passed a closed bedroom door, the shrill cries of another party guest and her lover penetrated the thick wood. My cock twitched and I walked a little faster.

Lust wasn't an unfamiliar animal.

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