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Michelle and David go for round two.

I followed the line of her jaw from her mouth up to her ear, then along her throat to her collar. I peeled her shirt up, and she lifted her arms to help me remove it. Her breasts were exposed to the cold draft, and her nipples peaked, visibly hardening. She moaned quietly, biting her lower lip and watching me through lowered lids.

I continued my exploration of her body, never quite touching her breasts, just skirting their general area.

He was driving me to near madness. Never did I remember the act of lovemaking being this good. My senses, being more powerful to start with, were nearly maddening as he teased me relentlessly. I merely waited till I could return the favor when he was momentarily satisfied with my arousal. As he took my left nipple in his mouth, I arched my back involuntarily. It felt so good I contemplated screaming. My mind couldn't focus on anything past the act of lovemaking which would follow this expert foreplay.

Finally I had had enough. It was his turn for me to show him what he was doing to me. I grabbed his wrists and flipped him over. No small feat, even when one's mind isn't clouded with desire. He calmly allowed this. I almost ripped his shirt off, and began to caress and lick my way down to his waist. I gently bit his nipples with my teeth, causing him to writhe in ecstasy. I slowly undid his pants, and pulled them down his hips, to the floor. He kicked off his boots, and they dropped free of his body. He returned to being a passive, albeit affected, observer of the events. Starting near his ankles, I slowly licked up the length of his body. I didn't come near his crotch; instead I teasingly drew just my fingertips over the ever-growing bulge. Judging by the hissing intake of his breath he wasn't going to complain. I worked my way ever-closer to his mouth. I slipped my tongue into his mouth, savoring his taste, and then quickly darted to his ear, pulling the lobe into my mouth and nipping it with my normal teeth, careful to not break the skin. As I suckled his neck and ran my fingers through his hair he moaned and pushed against my thigh, held tight against his.

She began rubbing against my leg as a cat does. The smell was like a tropical rainforest, earthy and rank. The wet feel of her on my leg was akin to the most excruciating pain, but brinking on madness. The maddening sensation as she nibbled my ear drove me to flip her over onto her back on the couch. As she sunk down into the plush cushions she gave a little "humph" at being side tracked from her game.

"I know my pet," I murmured into her neck, "but I promise that your obedience shall not go unrewarded."

I don't remember my pants disappearing, but suddenly I was shivering at the contact of his hairy thigh against the smooth juncture of my thigh. He continued to lave my breasts sucking on the nipples; occasionally he used his teeth in a maddeningly arousing way. Before I knew it he has me at a fever pitch. I was moaning and straining against his knee.

She began to move unlike any other woman I had encountered before. Her unrestrained show of arousal was the most stimulating thing I have ever seen. As I moved my hand from her sumptuous breasts to her stomach to her navel she began to become more urgent in her gyrations. I edged lower and began to feather my fingers through her pubic thatch. I slowly traced the outer edge of her paradise trove. She began to thrust her hips at me so hard she almost threw me from the couch. I decided to finish this right. . .

He picked me up in his arms and carried me down the hall, seeming to know exactly where my bedroom was. He deposited me on the bed with the utmost care. He then traced a line down my body with his tongue, stopping to suckle at my breasts and sipping at my belly button. He then lingeringly licked a line around my labia, sucking them into his mouth lightly. He then. . .


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