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The next morning of drinking my sisters' piss.

" She then walked around behind Elise, swinging her crop high into the air then lashing it down across the back of the girl's legs.

Elise cried out. Tears began to well in her eyes, but otherwise she remained still as almost immediately a long red welt began to form on her pale skin.

"You've been touching yourself without permission haven't you, slut?" "No, Mistress. I wouldn't do that."

"Fucking little liar! Rose just told me you were wet when she woke you this morning!"

Since coming to live at Layla's house Elise often masturbated before falling asleep in bed. She had been told not to, but sometimes the urge was just too much. Up until now neither her mistress nor the maid had objected to her surreptitious late night activities. Unsure of why it was a problem now, and afraid of being punished, Elise began to spiral into panic. "Please, Mistress, please forgive this little slut!" she begged, dropping onto her knees and grasping the back of Layla's boots.

"Forgive you? Why of course I will forgive you, little one... Layla smiled down at her, then added, "after I have punished you." Elise felt helpless. Obviously, her mistress intended to punish her, and it would be useless to try to reason otherwise. "Bring the slut over here to the spanking chair, Rose," Layla instructed.

The spanking chair - it wasn't really a chair at all., it was more like a bench. Made of wood, it was raised high enough from the floor for a girl, like Elise, to stand before it and bend over at the waist. Two large holes had been cut out of one end, where her breasts would hang through. Metal cuffs, attached by chains to each wooden leg almost at floor level, would be where Elise's hand and feet would be anchored. Rose pushed Elise down onto it, then when she had finished securing the cuffs she gave her a playful slap on the ass. "It's time for your lesson now!"

The first stroke hit hard across the back of her legs causing Elise to instinctively try to rear up. The chain, however, prevented any such escape. "There, you didn't like that did you, little slut?" Layla quipped, instantly flicking her ass twice more. "Think about it as you take you pain, Elise. You belong to me now. You and your sweet cunt are all mine!"

Tears began to trickle down the girl's face. Her body ached, and her ass soon became covered in hot stinging welts, but in her head things were becoming clearer. Elise had been a bad girl, and bad girls must be punished. Elise must please Mistress Layla. Oh, the pain, the pleasure the thin line between the two began to melt as Elise drifted into sweet euphoria. "Oh, Mistress ..."

Chapter Fifteen - The Challenge.

The following chapter has been edited by Curtis. Thank you, Curtis.

Elise jumped as she heard someone at the back kitchen door. She had only slipped down stairs for cup of tea and something to eat, and had not bothered to wear more than her panties and bra. The deliveryman and cleaning staff usually came on Fridays. But then, 'It's that ugly old, Arthur, the gardener,' she told herself, rolling her eyes. Several times she had spied him peeking in through the windows, as he pretended to be tending to the roses. He often came inside for a glass of water. In fact, Elise was convinced he must have a most overworked bladder for the amount he drank some days. Rarely would he bother to knock - "Oh, dear, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize anyone was here," he would lie, then he would linger and take his time sipping from his glass while having a good long lecherous look! Elise grinned, this time she was going to give the old boy something to really get excited about. She lifted herself up onto the kitchen bench next to the sink, then spreading her legs wide, began rubbing both hands up and down the insides of her smooth thighs, moaning as she ran her wet tongue over her moist pink lips.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" A faint gasp escaped Elise's mouth as she blinked and jerked her hand away.

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