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Michael is on the working end of Carol's strap-on.

" Seeing his blush intensify, she added, "I was glad to help. Don't hesitate to ask when you need help, okay?"

"Okay," he mumbled. "Thank you. It really did help, but I'd better get going." With that, he departed hastily, not really making eye contact. After he'd gone, Kitty took a good sniff of the area where he'd been sitting, and lifted his donation bottle into her hand. Marveling at how warm the semen felt, even through the bottle, she noted the volume and delivered it to the lab.

Three days later, Kitty was helping a guy named Steve fill out his forms. He was a brand new donor, and was a bit nerdy, and shy. Paperwork completed, she took a specimen bottle and led Steve to one of the rooms. After she'd shown him the magazines, computer terminal, and location of the tray for his completed donation, she said, "Everything clear? Any questions?"

"J... j... just one," Steve stammered. "My friend Larry said... well... he told me... maybe he was kidding me - pulling my leg - but..." Steve's face flushed a deep red, then he blurted out, "Larry told me you helped him get off by showing him your tits!"

Now it was Kitty's turn to blush. But she couldn't lie. "Well, yes. I did, since he was having trouble." As she looked into Steve's pleading face, Kitty felt tinges of arousal at her pussy. He was clearly asking her to show him her breasts. She thought about it. Maybe he'd never actually seen a woman's breasts in real life - he was certainly acting that way. So she asked, "Are you having trouble, too?"

Steve's eyes flew wide open, making him look like an owl, as he nodded quickly, saying nothing.

Sighing quietly, as if this was an onerous task, Kitty began unbuttoning her blouse. Once all its buttons were undone, she shrugged it off her shoulders. Today she'd worn a white, lacy bra. Steve's eyes seemed glued to that bra as Kitty's arms went behind her back to undo the bra's hooks. She thought of teasing him a little, perhaps by pausing to ask if he was sure that he required help. But she had pity on him, since he seemed so needy, and whisked off her bra. Actually, she was learning that she had a streak of exhibitionism inside her, and it was beginning to manifest itself more and more strongly.

Steve's eyes actually bulged at this point, and he swallowed hard several times, staring. "Can you see them well enough?" Kitty asked, sweetly. Steve nodded and said nothing, mesmerized. "Are you going to start masturbating now?" she asked.

He gasped and gaped. "You want me to do it while you watch? That won't disgust you?" he asked with a quavering voice.

"Of course it won't disgust me, Steve," she said soothingly. "That's what you're here to do. You're here to jack off and give us a sperm donation."

Steve looked as if he couldn't believe his ears. This lovely, topless blonde was using words like 'jack off' and 'sperm' in a completely conversational tone of voice. As if this was a natural thing to do. He fumbled at his pants, not wanting to take his eyes off those gorgeous globes bobbing on her chest with every breath she took. He pulled out his dick, and started rubbing it. He held the collection bottle in his other hand, which was now shaking violently.

"Oh, sweetie," Kitty cooed. "Your hand is shaking so much you might miss the collection bottle. Let me hold the bottle for you." She stepped really close and bent over a little to take hold of the bottle. Her tits were practically touching Steve's face now.

His hand on his cock was a blur, and he was hyperventilating, staring at those tits only inches from his face. He could feel Kitty's breath touching his face, and smell her freshly washed skin. There was another scent in the air, and he had no idea what it was, but it was super arousing. "I'm... gonna... cum..." he gasped.

"Point your dick right into this bottle," Kitty whispered.

Steve heard the word 'dick' on her lips, and it triggered his orgasm.

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