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A traffic stop turns into an ass fucking stop.

The waiter took the menu, asking her if there would be anything else? 'No, not right now' she answered with a blank look.

She had almost finished the bottle of wine and the mushrooms, she was feeling very tipsy and very angry by now. Her date still had not arrived. It was getting late and she was tired. The waiter approached her table and ask her if she needed anything. 'My date??' she snapped.

The waiter just stared at her for a moment then said, 'I'm off in 10 minutes, I'm sure I could get off a little early. Mind if I join you for dinner since your date never arrived?' At this point Ashley was ready to go home, thinking for a minute she answered. 'You know, I haven't had dinner yet only these mushrooms and I'd love some company really. So, Yes! Please join me for dinner.'

With a smile the waiter said, 'Ok, give me just a few minutes and I'll be back with our dinner.'

Ashley sat back in her chair. 'This will teach him if he comes in now. He should have said he wasn't coming on this date!' The waiter came back, out of his uniform holding two plates. 'MMMM this smells delicious,' Ashley complimented. 'What's your name?' she ask the waiter.

'John. Yours?' he answered. 'Ashley. It's nice to meet you John and thank you for coming to my rescue tonight.' They both smiled.

Finishing dinner and having a wonderful conversation, John ask Ashley to dance with him. 'Oh John, it looks like they are all ready to close this place down. We're the only ones left here.'

'It's ok, they don't mind. Come on, lets dance' he held out his hand for her to take.

She took his hand, as she stood she was reminded of all the wine she had drank earlier. 'Wow, I'm light headed.' she giggled

They walked to the dance floor and began to dance. She loved the way he moved and he smelled wonderful. He's hands began to travel down her back to her well rounded butt. For a moment she was going to stop him. She laid her head on his shoulder as they continued their dance. They was on their third dance and he was whispering all kinds of sweet things into her ear. She was giggling and loving all the attention.

When he whispered, 'The dress is all you wore, just like I instructed, right, Sweet Ashley?'

She broke away from his arms, she was so embarrassed. 'You're my date? Why would you play such a dirty trick on me?' She started to yell at him. 'Don't yell, sweet Ashley,' moving towards her he took her by the arm, 'Why, my Ashley would you let another man come on to you? A stranger at that?'

Pulling her back to him to finish the dance they had started. She was struggling, trying to free herself. 'Take me home. I don't want to be on this date with you, this was a nasty trick!'

He was ignoring her protests to dance. 'Ok, Ashley. So it wasn't very nice. I apologize. Will you forgive me?' he pleded.

Thinking to herself, 'why does he have to be so damn handsome? ARGH!'

'This was not nice at all, you know!' she stated giving into him. He pulled her close and the continued their dance. He was leading her to a corner that was very dark. Some of the lights had been turned out in the place. When one hand tangled itself in her hair, he began kissing her so passionately right there on the dance floor. The other hand was exploring her bottom. She was trying to get him to slow down a little, she wasn't trying hard enough though. His hand went under her skirt.

'Ahhhh Ashley, such a good girl. Nothing under the dress, just as I ask.' He pressed her against the wall and slid his fingers in her moist sweetness. She looked around the room nervously, 'John, we're on the dance floor someone could see us.' He laughed, 'This corner is dark and there are no customers. I doubt anyone is going to come out here.' She heard his zipper, she looked down and his very large swollen member popped out from his slacks. With one thrust he entered her completely, she let out a groan as her fingers pulled at his hair. The excitement from being on the dance floor and being caught was almost to much.

She pulled him closer, f

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