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A warm up to a short sexy endeavor with a work friend.

For 'intimate'.

"Oh," was my witty comeback as my total lack of worldliness was exposed.



He was kind of cute. Not hot, like Armando, but a nice, clean American boy. Of course I will do whatever Meghan asks - she will have me fuck him no doubt. But I had asked what he was like for I do not wish to fuck a pig, no? So Meghan suggested sending him around to the store so I could see him incognito. "Besides," she had said, "it will give him a chance to check you out and get his little fantasies going. Kind of like priming the pump." This is typical Meghan: always finding the angle.


Right on the second of eight, I rang Meghan's doorbell. She opened it and I noticed that, for once, she wasn't wearing jeans: she had on a loose, fairly long, black skirt. Neither was she wearing her customary white button-down. Instead she wore a baggy, grey, long-sleeved top - kind of like an oversized t-shirt. I handed her the Intime bag, which she took without a word, and followed her in to the living room. The room looked the same as last time except that the coffee table between the sofas was missing. She sat down on one of the sofas: "get yourself a drink," she directed. I poured myself a glass of wine, she pointed to the sofa opposite her and I sat. She did that silent toasting thing again and we drank.

"What would you like to do?" She asked in a pleasant voice - as if we were equals and I could take charge of the evening. Right.

"Um ... whatever you want," said I as my cock started to demonstrate its independence.

She looked at me with that calm, steady, unnerving look of hers. "That's not very innovative. Is it, Jeremy?"

"No, I guess it, er, isn't really. Well, how about ... um, watching a movie?" I plaintively and lamely asked.

"You mean a porno movie don't you, Jeremy? You'd like to watch a nice porno movie so you could get nice and hard so you could jerk off. You'd like to do that wouldn't you?"


"And would you like come over my face?"

My cock was already stiff: "Y-yes."

She smiled and changed the subject: "Did you enjoy our little massage the other week?"

"Yes. Yes, I really did."

"You did, didn't you? And did you like playing with those girls?"


"Better than jerking off alone with me?"

"Oh ... no. No, really."

"Good. I'd like to think that. Which reminds me: do you jerk off a lot at home these days?"

"Yeah, I really do."

"Well I want you to stop doing that. I don't want you playing with yourself unless you're with me. Will you do that for me. Jeremy? Only jerk off when you're with me?"

Man. I mean, you know, I used to jerk off before I met her maybe once a week or so but now, I'm wanting to do it like three times a day. I just have to think about her and I get a hard-on. "Um, I'll try."

"No, Jeremy I don't want you to 'try' I want you do it. I want you to promise me that you won't jerk off unless you are with me.

"I'll promise but, you know ..." I looked beseechingly at her, hoping she would take pity or, at least, let me know that she understood my quandary. She gave no indication, just looked at me with those smoky, green eyes. Oh, fuck, fuckity fuck: "I promise."

"Good, now I'd like you to meet a friend of mine." As she said this, the bedroom door, which had been ajar, opened and in walked the woman from 'Intime'. "This is Elizabeth. I think you've already met."

I must have looked totally confused, which I was. Not only was this the woman from the underwear store, but she was dressed in Meghan's standard outfit: blue jeans and a white button-down Oxford and, being about Meghan's size, looked very much like her, in terms of the body anyway. "Uh, yeah ... hi," I stammered as I jumped to my feet, wondering why I'd gone to the store not two hours ago to fetch a bag that this woman could easily have brought. Don't think.

She came over to me and held out her hand, which I awkwardly shook.

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