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Recently divorced man realises his fetishes.

Her legs wrapped around his waist. She spread her wings along the wall and thrust, shoving him towards the bed. It hit the back of his knees, and he fell. She straddled him and sat up, pulling off her shirt in the process before diving back down for another feral kiss.

He rolled over her, pushed her closer to the center of the bed, and pinned her hands above her head with one of his own. Then he stopped and just looked at her.

"No weapons, sweetheart?" he asked with some surprise.

"I needed none for what I was planning to do to you tonight," she told him honestly.

"And what might that be?"

"I plan to fuck you until you can't think and I can't walk."

His breath caught, eyes glowed with promise. "And what do you plan to do with me after that?"

She looked at him quizzically. "I hadn't thought that far ahead."

He laughed. "Well here's what I'm planning: for every mark you made on me, I'm going to return the favor."

Her eyes widened as she began to struggle.

"Now, now, little birdie. This cat has his prey pinned." He pressed his crotch against her core, feeling her heat. She cut off the moan that threatened to betray her. "However, I promise not to hurt you until after we've both had our fill."

She shrieked. "Bastard!"

"Hmm, yes, well I might be that," he paused to draw a claw carefully down her collar bone between her breasts to cut the small strip of fabric that held the cups of her bra in place. "but I promise you'll enjoy every minute." He nuzzled a grey laced black cup aside and gently sucked on her nipple.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out. With pleasure? Pain? She didn't know, but god, it felt good. She'd wanted him for weeks but had constantly denied the need to mate with him despite the tempting offers he had made. Now she was paying the price. Her body was on fire for him, undeterred by the threat he'd made against it. She gave in to it when his rough tongue scratched at her areola, gasping with pleasure, "More."

He smirked, and his eyes glinted as he lightly dragged a claw over her skin to her black slacks and unsnapped them. "Leave your hands where they are," he warned before dragging her pants off her hips and throwing them aside. He studied her. "I always did like your penchant for black," he told her, admiring the silk panties that were now her only covering. They were tied with little bows above her hips. He pulled the ends with his teeth, drawing in the scent of her skin and sex. "You're wet for me, aren't you sweetheart?" He licked over her now exposed slit, and she bucked. "Don't worry. I'll take care of it soon," he crooned and then proceeded to remove his sweats.

He wasn't wearing boxers. She eyed his naked flesh, wondering if it'd fit in her. Being a bird she was small, especially down there. Every guy she'd slept with was big compared to her, but Xander was a monster compared to them. She leaned up on her elbows and watched his eyes flash.

"I told you not to move, Lyza."

"Couldn't help it," she grinned cockily, "I wanted a closer look." He unconsciously thrust his hips forward. "Yeah," she said softly, as if hypnotized by his manhood, "Just a little bit closer look." She kissed the tip, lightly running her tongue over the tiny slit, barely touching it.

"Shit," he said. She looked up with a wicked gleam in her eye and took the head in her mouth, daintily sucking it before releasing him with another tiny lick. She repeated the action twice more before he pushed her back down and shoved his face in her pussy, impaling her with his tongue. She screamed and writhed against the bed. He mercilessly drove it into her again and again, holding her down until she came around his tongue.

"Fuck! Yes!" she yelled as she came. "God, that was good." He placed his cock at her hole and slowly pushed forward. She groaned, feeling herself stretched wide to accommodate him. He stopped.

"I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"Who the fuck cares?! Fuck me, dammit!" He chuckled and continued with his slow invasion.

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