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Watched by her mother, Mario takes her virgin ass.

Then Dawn realized her shot glass had been empty a while, and she wanted to do another round of blow-jobs.

"Let's do it. Alex can be the judge, the winner gets to set up the next round of body shots." Dawn insisted.

The girls acquiesced, and before long I was on the outside of the pool again, setting up the drinks, and looking at the incredible sea of womanhood presented before me. My cock was tenting my shorts badly, but there was nothing I could do about that. Even my wife couldn't blame me, this time. I was wondering if they'd be able to finish, they were appearing more and more drunk by the minute.

On the command of "GO!" the girls once again drank their shots down. But this time Holly fell into Beth, knocking them both backward. Dawn on the other hand finished her shot neatly, then she brought her hands forward, lowered her face and pressed her tits together to hold the shot glass in place. Then she looked up at me and licked it clean, her tongue caressing her breasts as often as cleaning the shot. She then took the shot glass back in her mouth, and placed it, clean back on the edge. I couldn't believe it. I was jealous of a damned shot glass.

"I'd have to say that makes Dawn the winner, this round."

"Ok, you first Holly." Dawn announced, pushing Holly to the edge. It took some work; Holly was really feeling the effect of her evening of drinking. Once Holly was in position, Dawn put the lime slice within the valley at the top of her breasts. She filled Holly's belly button with the Tequila, and then sprinkled the salt in a line from her navel to the top of her bush. Holly looked like she'd had about enough, and appeared to be half-asleep, with a silly little grin plastered on her face. She allowed Dawn to do as she wanted, even letting her position her arms and legs.

"Dawn!" Beth exclaimed.

"Relax, it's her husband right?" She answered.

I licked the small salt trail up to her navel, before draining it slowly. I looked down on my wife who seemed to be completely out of it. I placed my face between her breasts and retrieved the lime slice.

"Delicious," I announced. "Thank you."

"Next," Dawn announced.

"Give me a second," I told her. "Holly?" Holly hadn't moved and her eyes were closed. I gave her a little shake.

She slowly opened her eyes. "I have to potty," she answered, slurring. It was as if the liquor had hit her all at once. She slid off the ledge and headed in.

"Maybe we should all head in. I can take you home, you're in no shape to drive." I told the girls, thinking it might be time to call it quits.

I expected an argument from Dawn, but it was Beth who answered me. "Ok, let's just finish our shots, and we can go."

She raised her Buttery Nipple, which she had just refilled, and wiggled it. She then filled Dawn's shot as well. While she was doing that, Dawn turned off the bubbles, allowing the water to settle.

It was much quieter, and we could speak softly without having to make ourselves be heard above the noise of the jets. We passed some pleasantries about how nice the drinks were, and I gave them the ingredients. It was a little awkward all of a sudden. Misbehaving, with my wife there to egg us on was one thing. Me, sitting in a hot-tub with two beautiful naked women, married, naked women, was something else.

Holly didn't come back out, and after a couple of minutes Dawn announced it was time for my next shot. Beth didn't need much encouragement this time and she laid down before me. It took two tries, the first time she slipped off the edge back into the water, coming up sputtering. But finally she was there, laid out in all her MILFish beauty, and this time not bothering to cover up that sexy V between her legs.

Dawn was absolutely wicked.

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