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She moaned loudly, uncontrollably, only becoming more horny the more she tried to satisfy herself. Her fingers moved faster, assaulting the highly sensitive bud as she felt the heat building and building inside her, throwing herself back on her bed and arching her hips in the air as she desperately sought release, her features tensed up as she alternatively plunged her fingers into her wet pussy and rubbed her throbbing clit.

With a burst of light behind her eyes, her orgasm rocked her entire body, sending currents from her centre out to her fingers and toes. She screamed, the orgasm unlike any she had ever achieved before, coursing through her whole body, setting every inch of flesh aflame before she collapsed and the room went dark.


When she woke up, she was once again strapped to the table. She groaned in her mix of grogginess and horniness, opening her eyes to see the door sliding open again. This time a male doctor came in, dressed in white scrubs, his face hidden by his mask. She was too delirious to notice that his skin, where it could be seen, was a grayish white with a pattern of blue veins underneath.

She gasped in pleasure as the doctor began to probe his gloved fingers into her still wet and throbbing pussy, letting her head fall to the side as she moved her hips slightly, begging for more. The doctor moved away to press a button on the table and it tilted forward so that she was almost vertical to the ground. She hazily surveyed the doctor, her eyes moving down to his crotch where she saw a sizeable bulge. She licked her lips, trying to pull away from the straps that held her arms up above her head so she could reveal that magnificent cock. She did not have to wait long as the doctor pushed down his scrubs, his massive cock standing straight up. It was white and covered in blue veins like the rest of his skin and, while it resembled a human cock, it was at least twice as wide as any she had ever seen and easily nearly a foot long. Her eyes widened in desire and she whimpered, juices flowing down the steel table from between her legs.

The doctor leaned forward towards her swollen breasts, pulling down his mask and revealing a white, noseless face with large, black, inhuman eyes. Regan didn't even seem remotely disturbed by his appearance, her soft gasps filling the room as he began to suckle at her sensitive breasts. Much to her surprise, the creature seemed to be gaining sustenance from her breasts. A stream of milk flowed from her nipple into the creature and she moaned in pleasure to nourish her new lover. She vaguely remembered the injection she had received earlier. Apparently, it had prepared her body for motherhood. Unbeknownst to her, her womb was now fully prepared to carry the offspring of this alien race whose desire to overtake humanity would begin with the production of hybrids with this female, whose vitals had proved ideal for housing their alien spawn. The injection had altered her ovum, making her not only dangerously fertile but changing the structure of the eggs to be susceptible only to the cum of her alien lovers, who would service her now likely until she died.

"Please," Regan moaned, though her own tongue felt thick and useless in her mouth, having a difficult time forming words, or making any sense of her situation. The alien obliged, having the straps around her ankles released while two robotic arms reached out and pulled her slick thighs apart. The alien aligned his cock with her entrance, continuing to suckle at her breast as he gave a mighty thrust and pushed his huge member into her hot, wet pussy, a satisfied sigh passing over Regan's lips.

It was better than anything she'd ever had, including all the toys and vibrators she'd amassed over the years.

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