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Their first real date, doubt, Adam's second art show.

"Ooooooooooo," I moaned as both hands rose up a bit and then continued down. I felt his big fingers press firmly against my engorged clit and probe my tight, little pink star in the rear. Tim's middle finger crawled from my clit to slip inside my vagina. He twirled it in a manner that made it feel as if he were inspecting the fleshy walls of my love tunnel. My eyes closed and I surrendered to the pleasurable sensations Tim was creating. At the same time he kept up a rhythmic pressure and release behind me.

Suddenly, he stopped! Both hands left my body.

"Noooooo, don't stop," I whined.

"Time to rinse you off," he laughed.

Tim turned and bent my body in the water flow, rinsing the conditioner from my hair and the foam from my body. He was meticulous in ensuring that every crevice was squeaky clean. Tim placed his hands on my hips as he kissed me.

"Don't move," he instructed me as he knelt in front of me. His eyes seemed riveted to my Mons. "Damn, Sara, every part of you I see is more enticing than the last."

Tim leaned forward and kissed my mound. Agonizingly slowly he kissed his way lower, bending his neck until his mouth was underneath my pussy and his sexy, brown eyes were looking straight up my body at me. When his tongue sneaked out to part my lips and extend into my cunt I grabbed his hair to steady myself as I felt my body begin to quake. His hands were kneading my ass as his tongue worked magic inside my vagina, between my lips and on up to my love button. I could feel an incredibly powerful orgasm building.

I didn't know that I was almost pulling Tim's hair from his head as I grunted, "Tim, I'm ... going ... to ... cum."

He sucked my clit between his lips and wiggled his tongue against it sending me over the edge.

"Ooohhhh shhiiiiiitttt! Uunnnnggggghhhh!" My orgasm ripped through me, vibrating every every fiber in me. It was the first time I ever came from oral sex. I doubled over, withdrawing my pelvis from Tim's oral wizardry, now embracing his head in my arms as my breasts rested on him. My god how I loved this man.

Tim didn't move until I recovered and pulled him up to stand in front of me. "My turn!" I laughed.

Washing his hair was easy, except I had to reach up to get to the top of his head making my breasts press against him. I could feel his tumescent phallus bouncing against and between my thighs. I poured the body wash on his shoulders and rubbed it on his chest and back. The feel of his muscles under my hands was sensuous and started my juices flowing again, especially as I worked up and down his washboard abs.

I moved behind him and playfully 'scrubbed' his back with my boobs. My nipples were hard enough I wouldn't have been surprised if they left scratch marks on his skin. I slid my hands over both his hips and surrounded his cock with one and cupped his balls with the other. His dick was so thick and hard it felt like a softball bat. I stroked the length of his shaft from base to tip while letting my fingers tickle his balls.

"Sara, don't stop. That's perfect," he barked as he reached behind to pull my hips more snugly against him.

I was so excited I naturally sped up my pace.

"Yes, keep going."

I could feel his cock swell and then I peered over his shoulder to watch the cum shoot from it in thick strings that arced and fell to the floor of the shower.

Tim grunted deep in his throat with each throb. "Ungh, Ungh," and then relaxed with a long exhale.

He turned and pulled my face to him kissed me. "That was fantastic," he smiled.

We finished up rinsing the suds off both our bodies and stepped out to towel off, each of us wearing these stupid grins as we constantly looked at the other. I ran from the bath and into Tim's room. Pulling open a drawer from his dresser I grabbed a pair of his boxers and slipped them on.

"What the heck are you doing," Tim asked.

"I'm wearing your clothes, silly," I teased.

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