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Slave is loaned by her master for the first time.

It always seemed to be a place of refuge and tranquillity, especially when Anne was there alone in the middle of the night. When she got to the pool, knowing that the lock on the gate was only a deterrent and was easy enough to open, she sneaked inside and set her things down beside the edge of the pool. Testing the water with her foot for temperature, she was pleased to find that it wasn't too hot or too cold.

With the full moon shining down on the water through the palm trees, and a slight breeze, Anne felt more relaxed now than at any other time of the day. She slipped into the water, and reached out for her glass of wine. Being totally absorbed in the moment, she tried to forget the day.

Then she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. Suspecting to get into trouble for being there after hours, she started to get out of the pool. "Don't go" she heard from the shadows.

"Who's there?" she asked, not knowing if she should be afraid or defensive.

Swimming from out of the shadows came a striking figure of a man, or at least what she could tell from what little light there was. "Hi! My name is Ernie. I though I was the only one who came here this late at night." Still being somewhat apprehensive, but slightly intrigued, Anne answered back, "I'm Anne. I come here once in awhile. Usually when I want to be alone".

"Do you want to be alone now?"

Anne almost said 'yes', but decided to venture forward with this one just a little bit. Besides, he was getting better looking as he came more into the moonlight.

"Not really" Anne answered. "Would you like some wine?"


Ernie, as it turned out, was looking more and more like a real hunk! He had the physique that Anne only dreamed about and saw in magazines. Not too muscular, but muscular enough!

"I only have one glass," Anne said.

"There are cups by the cabana over there. I'll get one."

When Ernie got out of the pool, Anne's heart almost stopped. In the moonlight he looked like a god! (Perhaps her roller coaster sexually frustrating day had enhanced his looks somewhat?) His skin was a golden tan and he was wearing a leopard skin bikini brief. He had a niceass! On his return trip to the pool, she could slightly make out the bulge in the front of his bathing suit. Starting to feel the "frustration" again, this time with the possibility of getting somewhere with it, Anne was thinking that perhaps she won't be frustrated much longer, and decided to flirt with this man. She had had enough! She wanted to get laid all day, and this was her chance. She was going to do her best not to blow it! BUT, she did not want to rush into things either. With a little help from the wine, she felt "loose" enough to let things take their natural course!

They shared the wine and crackers and engaged in some conversation about the pool, and what they did for a living. How long each of them had lived there. It turned out that Ernie just moved in recently and held a promising career as a sportscaster. He had no close friends locally, male or female, and was hoping to get to know somebody.

Ernie was leaning against the wall of the pool sipping his wine when Anne, pretending to be chilled, turned her back to him and nuzzled up against him. Not knowing if he should, but wanting to with all of his heart, he pursued the moment. He reached around her with both arms and held her tight. Anne could obviously feel his ever-increasing bulge through the bathing suit, but she made no attempt to pull away. Unknowing to Ernie, Anne only wanted to go back into her world of pleasure and focus on that. Ernie was just starting to get the message.

Ernie put down his wine, and took Anne's wine from her.

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