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Zoe falls victim to the computer and her coworker.

He held her buttocks and hips and thrust up into her. Groaning, she leaned forward on her outstretched arms and began rocking to and fro once again, her head bowed down now. Mark teased her buttocks open and fingered her anus he had just deserted. Nazneen asked him to lubricate her back passage and return into it. He took a tube of cold cream and pressed it into her anus. He pulled out a second time and plunged into her waiting gaping hole. She gasped and moved faster, thrusting her hips hungrily down on his.

Lifting her breasts from Mark's desk, Nazneen took them in her hands and squeezed them hard, crushing them in a frenzy. In a mirror, Nazneen saw Mark twisting his hips deftly from side to side as he thrust powerfully up and down behind her. The girl gasped loudly, her body trembling, her hips writhing on his hips in a frenzy of delight, her cries rising to a crescendo.

Mark increased even more his pace, plunging deeply into her bowels. Nazneen groaned, her eyes fluttering shut, her body rising on her forearms, shoulders hunched, head bowed. Mark fucked her swiftly and deeply, snapping his hips to and fro, driving his swollen cock in and out of her cunt, stretching her slowly, just as she had wanted. It did feel very good; She whimpered avidly, her luscious mouth part on a deep groan:

- Oh Yes, Fuck my ass, Mark!! Hanh! Uhh! Fuck it deep and hard! Uhh! Oh! Open me to accommodate properly Kyrhan's magnificent cock! Uhh! Hanh! Uhh! OHHH!

Her breasts were heavy and swollen in her hands. He grabbed them from underneath and she groaned again, rocking her body to and fro, forcing her ass back down deep onto his cock, impaling herself as deep as she could on his shaft. She was offering him the tightest sheath she could provide and he rammed it as fast as he could. She could hear his grunts of satisfaction and pleasure.

Suddenly Nazneen felt a gentle hand on her head, lifting her face up. Rajeev was facing her, his massive cock bobbing before her lips. He was smiling down at her and encouraging her. He told her that, as soon as Mark had cummed, he would replace him to give him some rest for another session. Her eyes widened in surprise and pleasure. They had really accepted her as a member of Kyrhan's harem and were doing their best to help her. Rajeev caressed her face delicately. She smiled at him and moved her face and gently, tenderly, with immense longing, pressed her lips to his cock. She wanted him to be as big as he could be when he would ravage her back passage!

When Rajeev drove her back to Kyrhan's palace, she felt that her anus was still gaping open. Good! That meant that the Prince would be able to enter her without extreme difficulties if not painlessly for her. She prepared herself for that pain, welcoming it in advance. It would be her gift to him for allowing her into his harem, for offering her plenty of future eventual adventures. Her previous life had been so dull that she had launched herself in a vendetta against Kyrhan. She had expected to spend many years in an Indian prison and instead, Kyrhan had opened his arms and his bed for her! There was just someone who was missing : the man who had blocked her murderous gesture, someone to whom she would have to show her intense gratitude : Dan!

Nazneen went to her bedroom, freed her husband from his bonds and made him prepare a bubble bath with fragrant oils for her. She told him that he would accompany her to Kyrhan's apartments that night again, but this time, he wouldn't have to service Susan or probably another girl!

She had Susan bring him a complete uniform of harem Eunuch (that had been prepared for a previous event (see prince Kyrhan's harem story). He would carry a large umbrella to protect her from the sun, just like a lackey of old ages in full livery. She walked quite slowly through the main courtyard. She could have walked through the harem passages but she had thought it would better mark her dominance!

Her husband walked with a strange gait and Nazneen smiled when she thought to the chastity belt for males sh

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