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She pinched and pulled until tears formed in Matayla's eyes. She dipped her tongue into Matayla's navel, and then stood, pulling her hand and her mouth away. Matayla whimpered as Bane stepped away, watching breathlessly as the warrior walked back into the Queen's chambers. Helpless to do otherwise, Matayla meekly followed the warrior.

Bane stopped at the foot of the bed and turned to watch as Matayla closed the distance with small steps. The Queen's breasts were red and the faint scratches bubbled on the pale flesh. Bane inhaled deeply, catching the scent of Matayla's arousal. Matayla reached for Bane, wanting to remove the warrior's clothing and roll together on the big bed with the velvet cover. Matayla wanted to see Bane's naked body and worship it with her hands and mouth. Before her hands could close over the warrior's arms though, Bane roughly grabbed Matayla and hurled her face first on the bed. Before Matayla could turn over and watch the warrior, Bane gripped the Queen's hips and yanked backward, forcing the lady into a kneeling position with her bottom in the air.

Bane smacked each of Matayla's white cheeks with an open palm, and then pushed her trousers down her legs. She climbed onto the bed on her knees, her hand forcing Matayla's face into the pillows. Bane gripped her hand around the faux penis and glided the length of it between Matayla's slick lips. Matayla gasped is surprise, her hips bucking backwards. Bane placed the head of the shaft at Matayla's entrance and drove it into the Queen's channel. Matayla groaned with pleasure and Bane began thrusting in and out, the warrior's thighs slapping against Matayla as she quickened her tempo. Matayla moaned with pleasure, thrusting back to meet Bane's powerful thrusts. For a moment, the only sound in the room was Matayla's harsh breathing, punctuated by her trembling groans of pleasure, and the slapping sounds of Bane's hips pounding the Queen as she drove the rod in and out of the tight, wet canal.

Matayla's hands gripped the coverlet on the bed, the pillows muffling her screams as Bane's hips pistoned more violently. Matayla writhed on the bed, trying to find relief. At Bane's angle of entry, the thick, long shaft was driving in and out of Matayla's opening but was not brushing the throbbing button at the point. No matter how the Queen moved, Bane answered with a slight shift of her hips that kept the intensity at the same level. Bane was not breathing hard. She had not even broken a sweat. She could go for hours, wearing Matayla into a helpless bundle without allowing the Queen release.

Knowing that Bane was using her body as a weapon, Matayla reached between her legs to touch her own nub. Before she could reach it, Bane grabbed the Queen's wrist and pulled it behind her back, pinning it there. Pain shot through the Queen's arm as Bane twisted the limb into an immobile position. She moved to apply more pressure, forcing Matayla into a totally helpless pose as the warrior pounded the smooth cane deeper. Matayla was sobbing, unable to form the words to plead for release. Bane kept pushing, making no effort to relieve the bomb building inside of Matayla.

Every nerve was alive in Matayla's body. She could feel the length of the tube moving in and out of her, building the charge but not igniting the fire. Her breasts and sensitive nipples brushed against the velvet cover, sending electrical shocks through her body. She could feel Bane's strong thighs moving against her. Tears were streaming down her face. She never knew pleasure could be so intense that it would bring pain, but the pain of no release was controlling her now. Bane leaned forward, her voice low as she growled in Matayla's ear. "What do you want?"

Matayla could not answer right away. She licked her lips and her mouth moved wordlessly. Bane tangled her fingers in Matayla's hair, tugging violently and repeating her command. "Please," Matayla sobbed.

"Please, what?" Bane barked without slowing her hips.

"Give me release," Matayla p

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