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German lady accuses Tom of rape, but wasn't it consent?

She could get him for sexual harassment she thought, but it might prove to be her undoing to open that can of worms, so she just watched him stroke his cock as he stared at her, "Ok, I'll blow you, but that's all," she said, realizing she wouldn't get rid of him otherwise and she got up and went to the bathroom again with him on her heels. She turned to lock the door and his hands were all over her, kneading her tits and pushing up the hem of her skirt as his long fingers hit her pussy and she heard him moan.

She opened his pants and pushed them down along with his shorts as his 8 inch cock sprung out, he wasn't too bad for a white guy, not very thick though, but she would be able to satisfy her craving for the taste of cum anyway. She pushed him back down onto the commode and sank to her knees as she stroked his cock, moving it towards her lips and she felt him pull her skirt up over her tight ass as his hands rubbed between her cheeks and she felt his long fingers connect with her pussy.

She slid his cock into her mouth as his fingers teased her clit and even though he wasn't what she wanted, his cock and his fingers soon had her sucking with all of her charms as she felt his hips thrust to meet her mouth and his finger set her clit on fire. She cupped and squeezed his balls as she felt his cock start to twitch, knowing that she would soon taste him and just as he got ready to cum, he popped a finger into her ass and they both exploded as his cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed it down. She pushed back, dislodging his fingers from her and stood up licking her lips as she struggled to fix her skirt back and looked at him slumped back on the toilet, his cock still hard.

She walked to the mirror to check her face and she wiped off a few droplets of cum on her chin and as she turned to go, he grabbed her and threw her face first over the toilet as he jerked her skirt up once more, "No John!! I said a blow job and that's all!!" and she felt his cock glide along her inner thigh as it approached her aching pussy, but she knew his cock wouldn't satisfy her. His hand had the back of her neck as it held her head against the cold pipes and she felt his cock enter her, all the while she kept protesting. After the cocks she had experienced lately, his was almost without feeling as he slammed it into her and she felt his pelvis collide with her ass. His grip on her neck flattened her chest against the toilet seat as her hands fought to loosen his grip but he seemed to fuck her like a madman and much to her surprise she heard him say, "You fucking cunt!!! You love to be fucked, don't you slut? You think just because I'm white you don't have to fuck me, well sluts fuck everyone," and she trembled, did he know? He must have known to have even brought it up, then she felt his cock withdraw and enter her ass as he fucked it even harder than he had her pussy until she felt his cock explode in her ass and his grip on her neck began to loosen as she pulled her face off of the cold water pipes and he slowly withdrew.

She felt him grab her hair and pull her head around as he thrust his slimy cock back into her mouth, "Clean it off slut!" and she licked him clean, not liking the fear he was causing in her at his sudden change of attitude. "You walk around with no panties on, spreading your legs, teasing, you're a slut Gia. And rumor has it that you have developed a craving for black cock now, well, you can damn well take care of my white one as well!" and his grip tightened on her hair as he fucked her mouth, his balls crashing into her chin as he thrust. It was unreal as his cock grew in her mouth and she could feel his pace quicken, he was going to cum again!

His load this time was meager and she swallowed it down with no problems as his hand slowly released its grip on her hair and he slowly backed off, his cock flopping out as it softened and he stood there looking at her, "You miserable little slut.

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