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Jack plays tricks to see his sister naked.


He gently adjusted Judy's pussy lips, stroked her hair, moistened her skin in places, and suggested slight changes to her position while Tom snapped away.

After while, Judy moved to a doggy position on the floor and Tom worked his camera inches from her rosebud while her husband parted her butt cheeks.

Then Joe stripped off and half inserted his cock in to Judy's pussy, ensuring that the camera could capture a well lit penetration image.

Joe suggested a few clit shots explaining that her clit was quite a sight when it felt sufficiently aroused. "Like a tiny circumcised penis, but much prettier - it looks quite delicious," he explained before diving in to lick it to attention.

"Your magic tongue feels good but is not working," Judy observed, "We can't let the camera man go until he has seen it at its best."

"That's what it needs, a new man," said Joe, "Get over here partner and get licking".

Tom did not need any persuasion, he went down on Judy and coaxed her clit to its maximum size within a minute or two. He surfaced for air and lifted his head to admire his work.

Joe asked him how he felt sucking a tiny penis.

"I wouldn't suck a cock for any amount of money but anything attached to such a sexy woman is fine with me."

Joe said that he had forgotten to take photos while he was watching Tom sucking and licking his wife's clit so they would have to meet again the following evening.

"We can blur your face, you can wear a mask or we can get close enough that only your lips and tongue are in the frame, there are lots of options."

Judy looked at Tom and said, "You poor dear, you have a bulge in your pants, your blood pressure is up and you look absolutely desperate for relief before your balls burst."

Joe suggested that Tom set up the camera for him then Tom could give Judy a cream pie and that would be two further tasks accomplished.

The idea received unanimous approval and Tom removed the remainder of his clothes, produced several cushions for Judy and as soon as she got horizontal, slid his stiff as a poker penis in to her pussy. They jabbed at each other with tongues, Judy drove her fingers in to his back and he enthusiastically massaged and nibbled her breasts. He didn't last long but left a particularly photogenic cream pie. Judy lifted her ass to keep the cum from spilling. Joe then masturbated over Judy's pussy and added to the deposit and both men grabbed their cameras and photographed their joint contribution.

And that concluded their first photo session that was specially remarkable for Tom who was a virgin when he married his wife and hadn't even dreamed or fantasised of such an opportunity.

The following evening they met in Joe and Judy's house and between the first and second round of drinks they all got naked. Judy explained that they had several video and photo customers who were good for repeat business but only if they came up with new material. That was a challenge, how do you present something new when the same pussy had been photographed a thousand different ways? She had emailed a few regulars who were very interested in seeing a new cock in her and she felt that Tom might have a few ideas.

Tom asked Judy if she could do handstands. She suspected that she could but was not sure if she could hold them for long.

Within minutes she was in position against a wall, upside down and legs splayed. With Tom's imaginative ideas she was filmed with Tom and Joe inserting vegetables, toys and pretty much anything that would not cause her discomfort in her vagina. Joe and Judy hadn't tried anything like that before. They were thrilled with Tom's ideas and they didn't stop there.

The week continued with nightly photo shoots. A financial agreement was reached and business picked up.

Friday night was different. When Tom got home from work, his wife Janice had been in the house for several hours. He got a fairly cool reception but put it down to her relationship with her mother.

After supper, they sat opposite each other in

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