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Just another story about a girl.

We went back down without holding hands and the visit ended there. I don't think her "quarters" were in the program anyway but she didn't volunteer a visit and I didn't ask.

I played this scene in my mind so many times...

- our lips meeting in a long wet kiss, then us slowly sitting down on the bed behind us, kissing, touching each other...

- me turning around to face her side, kissing her and lifting her skirt to grab both crotch and ass while pushing my manhood against her thigh...

- us kissing and hugging tight in a very romantic kiss to finally take off our clothes, each going on each side of the bed, getting under the covers and meeting in the middle of the bed...

I would also try to touch her in all sorts of ways... her shoulder, her back, the middle of her back, her thigh as we were sitting down for lunch or for tea on the couch. She didn't seem to mind at all actually; and she was touching me in the same way; which I would recall in my solitary nights.

Hugs were also great as I mentioned already several times. Every time I was trying to make a different one, pressing a different part of my body against a different part of hers, touching a different part of her back with my hands, pressing my lips against her cheeks, her lips, her neck, even the beginning of her ear lobe. At the same time I was trying to "measure" her in my mind so I could bring back her full volume in my wet dreams later.

So the more I knew her, the more I felt constantly aroused by her. I was going back to my room fantasizing of ways we could be together, imagining her in all sorts of ways. I was finishing any kind of situation which could have led to a physical encounter. If she had touched my thigh at the kitchen table, I would dream that she would leave it there and keep going, exploring closer to my dick, and then massaging it, then opening the zipper to get it out and pressing on it, then kneeling in front of me, putting it in her mouth and ... After hugs I would later see us pressing and pressing against each other, with both our hands getting under each other's underwear, kissing deep tongue, starting to undress each other and running to the sofa...

Unfortunately this was getting to be a turning point for me, especially the visit upstairs. Little by little I was becoming nervous around her even though I wanted so much to just be there and relax.

It was more and more difficult to restrain myself, to hide or stop my erection. This erection was a major problem; at least it was not exposed outside the pants as it was in 16th century Europe. Similar to Pavlov's dog, as soon as I was reaching her street, I would immediately get a hard-on. So I had to look at my physics book while walking the last steps, to get my dick almost back to normal and be able to give her a hug without it being at the ready. Still my hugs were getting more and more distant.

I also was afraid that I would lose it one day... put my hand further up on her thigh; or grab her fat tits from behind. So I had to back down and really watch myself.

As a result I became more and more uncomfortable around her. Even the Kepler laws in the physics book were not working and I started to give her hugs from far away.

I was wondering if she had noticed. What an idiot I was! Of course a person as smart and sensitive as Mrs. Smith picked up on the bad vibes even before I was aware of them.

Several weeks passed but finally during my second visit after the winter Holidays, as we were finishing to clean the kitchen after lunch, she told me...

- Mitch I need to talk to you.

...Oh I didn't like the sound of it.... maybe she found out about the underwear?!

- It is a little bit difficult, let's go and sit down.

...even worse

- OK

We sat down on the couch.

- Mitch things are not the way they were when you first started coming to my house. You are not the same with me. I started to notice this sometimes after Thanksgiving. You don't laugh with me, you don't talk freely with me, you don't even give me real hugs any more. I want you to tell me what's happening.

That was d

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