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Ben experiences his first full moon.

persuade one of the others to take her place?"

The girls nodded. Reluctantly, possibly, but they nodded.

"I that case, why don't the three of you strip while I get the cards?"

That brought a shattered silence.

"Why do we have to strip," asked Naomi nervously.

"One of you needs to be naked because they'll draw the high card," I explained. "Another needs to be naked because she is going to have her bottom soundly spanked. The third needs to be naked because it wouldn't be fair on the other two if she was the only one who was dressed."

Appalling logic, I know, but the girls were too worried to really question it. I looked firmly at them, indicating that I was waiting. Naomi was the first to start undoing buttons. She was the impatient type, it seemed.

I unlocked the car and grabbed the cards. Christine and Naomi were undressing in an embarrassed manner, while Michelle was watching me and deliberately putting on a show. From the way she was subtly flaunting herself I suspected that she was hoping to be the high card. She was out of luck. She was going to be low card, with Christine the high.

I shuffled the deck as I stood there, watching the girls strip. They were all young, healthy and fit, with very nice bodies and firm bouncy boobs.

I spread some cards in my hands and offered them to Michelle, managing not to smile as she drew the two of clubs and her face fell. Another quick shuffle and an offering to Naomi, who went pale when she got the king of diamonds. That would give her a fright for a while. Another shuffle, and Christine found herself nervously looking at an ace.

I could see Michelle looking at Christine's ace and wanting to swap, but I wasn't having that. Before any of the girls could say anything I was ordering Michelle to get on hand and knees, holding her bottom high.

Fuming Michelle did as she was told, bending over, bottom up. I directed Naomi to kneel down next to her. Then I explained she was to spank Michelle, and she was to spank her hard. I pointed out that she could swat Michelle on her bottom cheeks, demonstrating with a couple of hard spanks of my own, which left red handprints and drew some startled squeals. She was not to spank her on the pussy. This time I demonstrated what she wasn't to do, my hand coming down sharply along Michelle's pussy, drawing a sharp scream from her this time.

I also warned Naomi that if she didn't do a thorough job on the spanking, she just might find herself across my knee getting one of her own for breaking the agreement.

I was right about Naomi's impatience. Now that she had something she could actually do, she set to with a will. With a potential penalty of a spanking of her own she was quite willing to give Michelle a proper spanking, with Michelle not taking long to start squealing and protesting. I stood watching as Naomi made Michelle's bottom blush, holding Christine in front of me, one of my hands playing with her breasts while the other cupped her love mound and played there.

I had Naomi continue until her hands were sore. It had seemed to me that Michelle was the driving force behind their little schemes, and I wanted to make sure she realised that things wouldn't always go the way she'd planned. As I observed earlier, I suspect that Michelle would quite have enjoyed being forced to have sex with a stranger. Naomi would have been petrified, but Christine would accept it. Reluctantly, maybe, but it wouldn't be that big a deal for her. She would go with the flow, sort of thing.

The entire time Naomi was paddling Michelle, I was playing with Christine. Her nipples were now tight, and she was pressing her pussy into my hand as I played. My fingers were now slipping between her lips, agitating inside her.

I casually moved around to where Michelle could see me playing with Christine, and I could see her watching my fingers dipping into Christine, in between squealing and closing her eyes when Naomi's hand bounced off her bottom.

I finally indicated to Naomi that enough was enough, and she sat back, happy that she'd done her job successfully

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