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Tina seduces a customer at the club.

Once you get something in your head there is no reasoning with you. You are just too thick headed."

Jake looked at Dave and they both just started to chuckle. They all just started talking and getting to know each other. I stopped paying attention until I heard.

Mom, "So you two guys are saying that women are just like men. Men drool over women with big tits and we drool over guys with big cocks."

Dave, "Well, guess that's what I'm saying."

Jane, "So what are you proposing?"

Dave, "Don't worry it's very simple." He grinned at both women. "Jake and I will take off our clothes and we'll see how it affects you two."

Mom, "Forget it!...I really don't want to see you two naked. Your disgusting Dave."

Jake chuckling, "Hey no need for such hostility just because you are too straight arrow."

"Whatever...If you two young studs have something to prove then take your damn clothes off." She said dismissively.

Jake looked at David and said, "Ok lets get this over with."

David and Jake stood up and stripped down to their boxers. Dave looked at Jane and said, "You want the honors or does Sue."

Jane, "Well it's not going to be Sue." She walked over to Dave and slowly pulled his boxers down. As it got past his cock it popped right out and stood up.

Jane had seen it before and knew how big he was. Mom on the other hand gasped, "Oh, my god." As she saw how long it was. I think it just looked so long because of Dave slim waist.

Then Jake turned to mom, "Ok Sue, its your turn."

Mom walked over to Jake and pulled down his pants hesitantly. Jane and my mom's eyes exploded. They both had a big smile on their faces. Jake cock was just a little longer than Dave's. What made their eyes pop was how fat it was.

Both women just kept staring at their cocks. Looking at one then the other.

Jake, "Dave I think you just proved your point."

Dave laugh, "I know." Both guys went back and sat down. Jane sat next to Dave and started to play with his cock. Mom sat next to Jake but just kept staring hungrily at his cock.

Jake reached down and started to gently stroking his long thick cock while mom watched him. Jake even had the largest ball sack that I ever saw. They hung low and had to be full of sperm.

I could tell mom was mesmerized by his hard cock and was now breathing harder.

Jake could tell she was getting aroused, "Like what you see?" As he continued stroking his hard manhood.

She didn't answer him. That's when Dave said, "Ok ladies it's your turn."

Jane stood up and grabbed my mom and pulled her up also. Mom looked at Jane nervously, "Are you sure about this?"

Jane, "Damn girl you're already in a room with two naked young studs. If you're thinking you'll get into trouble, let me tell you, your already in trouble." Then Jane looked at Dave and Jake, "What happens here stays here boys. Nobody, I mean NOBODY, especially our husbands can EVER find out! Agreed?"

Jake and Dave both agreed.

Jane again looked at mom, "Come on let's have some fun." Mom reluctantly nodded and smiled.

Both women turned around to face away from the guys. They slowly removed their tops holding them in their hands, hiding their breasts. They smiled at each other as they dropped them to the floor at the same time. Jane was wearing a sexy lacy black bra. While mom just had on a plain white bra.

Jake laughed. "Wow only Jane has a sexy bra on! Guess Sue didn't want to wear anything sexy for us!" Mom shot Jake a dirty look.

Jane just looked at mom as she started to take off her bra. Mom followed but wasn't smiling like she was. They both slowly moved their hands reaching behind them to unsnap their bras.
Looking at each other they each reached up to their left shoulder pulling down their left bra strap and letting it slide down their arm. Both still holding on to the front of their bras making sure they didn't fall.

The two teasing mature women smiling at each other reached up and pulled down their other strap.

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