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Sure, he had friends in New York, friends from school and some who had some knowledge of his history. But no matter how many friends he had, to Erik, Ryan felt like that one person in the entire world who fully understood what he had gone through and was fully accepting of every last detail. No matter what happened after he got on the plane back to New York that afternoon, he would never find someone else who just knew as completely as Ryan did.

He suddenly didn't want to go back to New York. They had spent so little time reconnecting, and if there was something here to explore-and Erik really hoped there was-he didn't want to risk losing it again by leaving.

"Yeah, it is difficult." Erik admitted.

"So, you don't talk to them anymore?"

"Nope. Not since last Christmas. Went home for the holidays and left early when they stopped talking to me."

"Fuck," Ryan muttered under his breath. "I'm sorry."

"Again, not your fault."

"What about your siblings?" Ryan asked.

"There have been a couple of emails, but that's about it." Erik didn't mention that he had initiated most of them and had gotten lackluster responses.

"So, what do you do for holidays now?"

Erik had to chuckle. He was usually the one interrogating Ryan, and he wasn't sure when or how the tables got turned. "I don't know. Friends?"

Ryan nodded as Chloe ran up to them again, out of breath but beaming.

"Ready to go, Clo?" Ryan asked. "There's still some more things to see."

"Sure." Chloe grabbed one of Ryan's hands and then spun around to grab one of Erik's. Her hand felt small in his, soft but strong in the way only children's hands could be. Chloe's immediate and unquestioning acceptance of him was such a sharp contrast to the way his family had treated him, and Erik felt himself fall a tiny bit in love with the little girl.

With her in the middle, they continued past the brightly lit play area and back into the dimness of the aquarium. What greeted them next had all three stopping in amazement. In front of them was a wall of glass that spanned from the floor to the ceiling.

The tank was backlit, making the water appear a turquoise blue. And in the water swam jellyfish that glowed a vibrant magenta purple. The mushroom caps of the jellyfish expanded and contracted, pushing the creatures through the water while long tendrils trailed behind them.

Erik felt a tug on his hand. When he looked down, Chloe had her head tilted back. "Look," she whispered.

Above them was another tank filled with jellyfish. These were smaller and glowed purple on a black backdrop, almost like a doctor's x-ray scan. Chloe sigh beside him, and then leaned her small weight lightly against his leg. She gazed at the jellyfish, watching the elegant way they drifted through the water. If only life were as simple as watching jellyfish all day.

"I wanna take one home, Uncle Ry," Chloe whispered.

"Sorry, Clo. jellyfish have to stay here at the aquarium."

"But they're so pretty."

"I know, but we can't take care of them at home."

Her sigh carried the weight of the world with it, and Erik had to stop his smile from bubbling into a laugh.

"Okay," Chloe said with resignation. "Let's go."

She led the way again, dragging the two men behind her.

The last part of the aquarium was a room full of pipes and knobs used to pump and treat the water throughout the facility. All the equipment was painted in bright pastels, making the room look more like an industrial playground than a treatment room. Chloe dropped her hold on the grown men and ran through the maze of pipes, giggling as she found secret little passageways.

"Chloe, don't run off. Stay where we can see you." Ryan warned.

Erik noticed someone looking at them. One of the other parents, a mother with a couple of children of her own, smiled when she realized Erik had caught her.

"Sorry," she said, "I didn't mean to stare. But you guys are so cute with your daughter."

"Oh-" Erik was about to explain that they weren't together and Chloe wasn't their daughter, but Ryan beat

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