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Mr. Marcus confronts violence and jealousy.

I placed my hand gently on the back of her head, guiding her slightly, and she moans around my cock. The vibrations from her throat drive me crazy, and she slows down a little, wanting to prolong our fun. I don't want to cum yet either, so I pull back from her and she stands back up.

We came together again, bodies pressed tightly together as we kissed. I manoeuver my hips until my cock slid between her legs. Our hips began grinding and Sherri moaned as my shaft ran across her lips, teasing her. She began squirming, trying to get into a position where I could enter her, but whenever she got close, I would pull back, teasing her.

When I thought she couldn't take much more, I pulled back and gently pressed her against the shower wall. Sliding to my knees, I pick up the shower head and bring it to her pussy. She moaned as the spray cleaned her of any excess soap, then moaned louder as I replaced the water with my tongue. I lick her outer lips gently, teasing her, feeling her body quiver from my attentions.

Becoming more insistent, her hand found the back of my head and pressed my face into her. My tongue finds her clit, and I flick at it lightly. Her hand pressed my head even harder, and my tongue became more insistent, lashing at her, then pressing hard and grinding. I know how much she loves it when I do this, and soon her hips were grinding erratically, and her moans were becoming louder, echoing in the closed in space.

Gently, I slid a finger insider her, then a second, as I kept working her clit over with my tongue. My fingers began probing gently, searching out the spot I know will set her off. She was completely slumped against the shower wall now, hips gyrating, and I knew it wouldn't be long until my efforts were rewarded.

I found the spot I was looking for, I could tell from the way her hips suddenly changed their motion. I began to massage it with my fingers, while once again pressing my tongue hard against her clit, grinding it. She began to shudder and shake, her hand now pressing me into her harder than before.

Finally she let out a loud yell, and I can taste the rush of her juices as they flow out of her. Her muscles contracted around my fingers, And her entire body pressed down against me. I used my other hand to brace her as she climaxed. Finally, with a shudder, she relaxed, and when I removed my hands, she slumped down with me on the floor of the shower.

We embraced tenderly, her head resting on my shoulder. Her breathing slowly returned to normal as I gently caressed her back. At some point, she must have felt my hard cock poking at her, because she took it into her hand, looked at me and grinned.

"Someone still wants to play."

I just grinned as she began stroking me, and we kissed again. Before long she was starting to get worked up again. My hand has stroking the underside of her breast, my fingers occasionally moving up to lightly pinch her nipple. She released me and broke our kiss, then stood up.

"Come up here and fuck me."

I wasted no time in rising, and soon Sherri was bent at the waist, holding the safety bar. I moved behind her and ran my cock up her thigh, and between her legs. I stroked her lips with my shaft, teasing her before she gave in, reached down and placed me at her entrance. I entered her in one long slow push. She pushed back into me, and we both groaned as I filled her.

I let her set the pace, and she began slowly rocking back and forth onto me. I could feel her muscles gripping and squeezing me every time she started to pull away. Before long she started moving faster, and my own hips started moving into her. I gripped her hips in my hands, and soon we had a steady rhythm going, her moving forward, then me pulling her back onto me.

"Mmmm, fuck me harder. I love the feel of your cock pounding into me."

"Your pussy is so tight, I can feel the muscles trying to milk the cum from me."

We were really starting to work ourselves into a frenzy, but I decided I wanted to see her face when I came, look into her eyes.

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