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My hands slid up, and I buried them in his hair to tug him closer. He leaned against me, his body a warm pressure holding me to the bed as I held him to me.

The door banged open.

"We think we have it!"

I jerked, and Dav hissed when my hands pulled on his hair. I rubbed my fingers against his scalp to soothe the sting. I wanted to ask what they had, but my mouth was suddenly dry and my heart was pounding in my chest. Both my doctors were breathing hard, like they'd been running.

Dav pulled my hand down and tucked it under his chin. He rubbed it back and forth against my knuckles and asked the question I wanted to know but was too afraid to speak out loud. "Have what?"

"Well, it took a phone consultation with Dr. Pennelst. The man is truly brilliant when it comes to chemicals," Dr. Pannar said. "Dr. Waddel recommended him before, and I'm glad we had his number. His insights were instrumental."

I felt Dav's body tighten against mine. "You said you had 'it'. Tell us already," he hissed.

I ran my free hand down his spine, stroking him in return, trying to calm him down. I could feel his frustration through the bond. That much emotion meant he felt a lot more fear than I thought. He had to be hiding it from me, trying to be confident and keep me from thinking about the death I was facing.

"Well?" Dav said shortly when they didn't speak immediately.

I was distracted from that realization when Dr. Bakier spoke.

"We know what to do to help Ellis."


I blinked at the doctor's explanation. I tried to let go of Dav's hand, but he wouldn't let me, tightening his fingers until I stopped trying to pull away. He relaxed and caressed the back of my hand with his thumb, making me shiver.

Dav's voice was steady when he spoke, "So, you're saying that all I have to do is bite Ellis, and he'll get better?"

"That's what we think. Even with his type of migraine, his episodes were not severe enough to explain the damage to the vessels in his eyes."

"I have Carthera blood in me?" I asked in a faint voice. I was still reeling with that little tidbit.

"Is that such a bad thing?" Dav asked me, his hand tightening on mine. "After all, you took in some of my blood when we mated. Are you really that worried about being like me?"

I opened my mouth, but Dr. Pannar spoke before I could say anything.

"We don't really know what is in you, Ellis. Maybe that is worse. You seem to have some of the extra anomalies that Carthera have in their genetic make-up but we can't seem to determine any species it would originate from. It's almost like you have the genes to change like a Carthera would upon mating, but you don't have your own species traits before then."
"So that's why I have the tasting smell thing like Dav has, right?" That could also be why Isiah had fangs. I really had to talk to him.

"A Jacobson's organ, yes, we think so. Those few humans who are bonded to a Carthera develop mating marks, but don't change physically beyond that. You're different, completely unique as far as we know." I bit my lip.

As far as they knew. Right.

Dr. Bakier chimed in, "We think that is why your headaches have begun to worsen since you mated. The venom in your body is changing you and was affecting the vessels in your brain, preventing the constriction that causes your migraines. Venom has been studied for treatment of migraines before and this is a prime example of what it could do when we know more."

"Then why did I go blind? I don't really understand that part."

Dr. Pannar coughed. "Before last night, you hadn't seen Dav or been with him since you fought, correct?"

I twitched with embarrassment, glad I couldn't see anyone's faces for once. It was clear what the doctor meant. "No. We didn't 'see' each other."

"As I thought. Since you were not being," he cleared his throat, "intimate; the venom levels in your blood dropped suddenly. You began to experience an increased frequency in your migraines, correct?" Dr. Pannar asked. It wasn't really a question; Dr. Pannar had seen me leave work with several over the past few days.

I nodded.


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