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Bored wife, Laura Reading finds a glory hole in her wardrobe.

Vera thoroughly cleaned my fingers, using little laps, and didn't stop after the job was done. Finally, I patted Anita's pussy, indicating to Vera to move her attention to Anita's slit.

Cautiously, Vera moved to Anita, never letting her eyes off me. Only by looking, I withheld her from placing her hands on the sofa, forcing her to bend over and reach out for Anita, who accommodated her by moving her sore buttocks to the edge of the sofa.

Carefully, Vera stroked Anita's lips with the tip of her tongue, her eyes still fixed on me. Anita trembled. Seeing no reaction from my side, Vera licked once more, this time using the full width of her tongue, causing Anita to take a deep breath and close her eyes.

"Go on!" I encouraged Vera, after which she released her eyes from me, and now fully focused on Anita.

With long strokes of her tongue, Vera covered Anita's pussy in saliva, making Anita writhe on her sore bum. Her arms strained, she clenched and unclenched her hand.

"You can play with your tits." I released Anita, and her hands flew to her breasts, forcefully kneading them.

"Take your time! Enjoy the moment!" I told her, with the intention of slowing her down; Anita tried to relax a bit. Vera, however, had no intention of slowing down, and passionately lapped Anita, slobbering and smacking, her head buried between Anita's legs.

I watched this show for a bit longer, but then took up the remote control to turn on the TV, trying to create the impression that the whole scene didn't affect me. I flipped through some channels until I came up on a movie. I turned up the volume, and tried focus, although it was obviously impossible to ignore the scene next to me.

When Anita started moaning too loud, I admonished her to be quiet, which reduced the sounds to heavy breathing.

Vera was well experienced, and it didn't take long until Anita's panting and body motions told me she was fighting back her orgasm. I highly enjoyed it, and stretched the moment by pretending not to notice her. Eventually Anita started moaning again, probably meant to attend me on the fact that she was losing her battle, but I only gave her a warning look.
Nevertheless, she could only reduce her voice, but not silence it completely. And finally, I had mercy on her, and asked if she was ready to come. She fiercely nodded her head, apparently afraid that, if she would speak, she wouldn't be able to hold back her orgasm anymore.

"Sorry?" I said, "I didn't hear you?"

She looked at me with pleading eyes, but realized that I wouldn't let her go easily, so she released a long, howling "Yeeeessss! Please may I come, please, Sir, please may I come?!"

I looked at her, trying an annoyed expression, but savoring her roused face, her body fighting to stop the wave of pleasure rolling in. I elongated this moment for as long as I thought she could keep it up, and then slowly nodded. Anita imploded, her body buckled, shook, jerked, and she released a long wail of pleasure, her legs wrapped around Vera's head, holding it in place.

It must have been a proper orgasm... Long after, Anita was still lying utterly wrecked, breathing heavily, her body moving in spasms from time to time, her eyes closed... while, in the meantime, Vera resumed her licking, not being told to stop. When Anita opened her eyes again, she grinned satisfied. She tried to move up, forcing Vera to stretch her body in order to reach her.

"Did you like it?" I asked her, totally redundant. Anita nodded and stretched.

"So can she stop now?" I asked, and Anita nodded again.

"So maybe you should tell her?" I suggested.

Anita said softly: "Thank you Lana. That was wonderful!"

"Lana?" I repeated, questionably.

"Yes, I decided to call her Lana" Anita said.

"So I think Lana deserves some reward!" I said, and Anita nodded.

"I think there is still some sausage in the fridge."

Clearly annoyed, but careful enough not to complain, Anita went to the kitchen to get some meat and cheese for Vera, who took it without showing much enthusiasm.

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