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"Tell me what you want." she whispered to me. Her voice was warm and seductive in my ear. I could feel her breath and shivers flew down my spine.

"I... I can't... I'm..." I struggled. I was too overcome with desire to speak. I wanted to tell her everything but couldn't tell her anything. "I... I want..."

"Tell me Sean. Tell me you want me. Tell me your darkest dream. Tell me what you want to do to me. Tell me your fantasy baby..."

"I... I want.... "I stopped and collected myself and finally, I was able to say clearly, "I want you..."

Sean wrote undistracted for the whole period, and when the bell rang, it'd felt more like 10 minutes than just short of an hour. 'I guess the good times always do' he thought to himself as he packed up the notebook and headed into the hallway.


Heather stared into her son's room as if she were seeing it for the first time in a stranger's house. It didn't look any different than it always did, but it was in this room that she watched her son sit naked at his computer. All of a sudden she wasn't tired anymore, but the opposite. Her heart raced at the thought of her son's hard dick again. "Stop. I know you can't think about that. That's my son" she thought to herself, but at the last thought her lust took over her reasoning. "That's right, my son. Is that what's exciting me? Am I excited by the taboo of it... the forbidden fruit? This is my son..." She tried reasoning with herself, but this newfound sexual thirst had overtaken her, and in the matter of just seconds. She never had time to think where it was coming from.

Heather crossed into the room slowly as if in a haze. She headed towards the computer and took a seat at Sean's desk. She could see her son's firm erection again, as if he were sitting here still. She wondered again what it would feel like to wrap her fingers around her son's hard penis. It had been so long and he was so young fit. She imagined she could feel her son's dick throb in her hand and with the thought, she closed her eyes and let out a soft whimper of desire.

She turned on the computer screen and was surprised that it wasn't password protected. She had no idea at the time that in front of her held thousands and thousands of words, Sean's words, telling his deepest desires. She could find a porn collection that would shock her. She could find the saved copies of online role-plays. Yes, it was fair to say she still had no idea...

After doing a general sweep to get herself familiar, she found a file on the desktop labeled "stuff". At first it seemed like generic links to Wikipedia pages, random songs and pictures and other pointless stuff. There was another file in here though labeled "programs", and soon one folder led to another folder that led to another that led to everything. With one last click she was starring at a folder full of Word documents, and videos, and pictures and it was all too much. The stories were named things like "Seduction in the Sunroom" and "Finally Fulfilled" and when she read the video titles, she became speechless. Her heart picked up to a speed she could feel in her throat, and she wanted to say something, even out loud, but all she could do was think to herself, "O. My. God..."

She stared at her Son's taboo collection and all reasoning went out the window. She could feel as her pussy slowly filled and shocks of lust shot through her. She spread her legs and breathed deeply at the same time. In front of her were not only documents and video files, but pictures too. It was almost immediately that she noticed the similarities between them all. Another shock of unbelievable lust surged through her and she whispered out loud... "They're all the same..."

And it was true.

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