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A deadly night of birlinn stealing by the Fraser's

It was all very innocent.

One day near Christmas last year, Paul had a couple of days off, leaving me to lock up. Nick came over at the end of the second day to give me a lift home. He came downstairs and saw some mistletoe that Carly had put up by the staffroom.

"Is that for you and Paul?" he teased.

"Yeah right. I always go wide of that if anyone's near," I replied.

A week later, on Christmas eve, after the shop closed, me, Carly and Paul shared a bottle of wine, and as I told Nick, I did give Paul a quick peck under the mistletoe, as did Carly. He was ok with that.

So back to my confession to Nick. Still stroking his now hard cock, I began....

"As I said, it involves Paul."

"Oh yes? Should I be getting worried about this?" Nick asked quietly.

"Let me tell you first, then decide."

I continued to play with his penis.

"You know last Christmas, that misletoe at work?" I probed.

"Yes," he said.

"Well, I said it was a quick peck, on the cheek. It was, but after Carly left we kissed again. This wasn't a quick peck. It was a kiss. A proper kiss, tongues, everything. I'm sorry babe," I told him, my grip on his cock tightening as if to soften his reaction to what I had told him.

"Is that all, " he replied. "That's ok, it was christmas, you'd all been drinking, don't worry."

Christ my husband could be so reasonable!

"Now you clear your mind and get some sleep, we're even now," he said, so lovely and so innocently. I loved him so much.

"Nick. There's a bit more. Listen," I said nervously, still grabbing on to his cock, squeezing out some pre cum.

"Hmmmmm, my husband's getting horny. Do you like me doing this? Or does the thought of me kissing another man turn you on?" I asked in my sexiest voice.

"Both, baby. I can see you kissing him in my mind. Did he try to touch you, you know, anywhere?"

"No, we broke off the kiss. We knew we'd gone too far. It was the wine," I spoke quietly.

"Do you think he wants to fuck you?" Nick asked.

"No! It's Carly he'd fuck, given the chance. That's what he told me after her job interview," I laughed.

" I bet his wife doesn't know that," Nick said also giggling. His right hand strayed towards the little tuft of hair between my legs.

"Now listen honey. About a month ago I was downstairs on my own , doing some repairs to clothes when Paul came down. It was about four pm," I continued with my confession, the mood between us suddenly getting more serious, my stroking of his cock getting firmer.

"Paul said an elderly man had come in, asking for me. Paul said I was busy and took a message.The man had brought in a box of chocolates for me, to thank me for repairing his jacket so nicely, and for my service. Paul came downstairs with the chocolates and told me what the man had said. I was so happy to get praise, it's unusual in shops these days."

"Well done, that's excellent. What happened to those chocolates, did I see any?" Nick asked with pretend jealousy.

"Forget the damned chocolates!" I shouted. "Listen to me."

"Oooh. Sorry," Nick laughed at me.

"Paul put the chocolates down and stood close behind me, hands on my shoulders. He told me the man was spot on, that I was a great member of staff, a lovely person. He was stroking my shoulders, Nick."

"That's ok. It's good to get praise from the boss," he said. "As long as you don't let him stroke your shoulders too often! I mean you are a married woman, you know."

Nick inserted two fingers into my vagina and began to play inside me, getting me wetter. I continued to slowly stroke his cock, it twitching as my hands worked round it.

I continued slowly to tell my story.

"As he stood behind me, I backed my arse against his groin and began to slowly grind against him. I don't know why. After about five minutes he moved his hands down the outside of my blouse and to my chest. I didn't try to stop him."

" I'm not sure I like him doing that. Don't let him do that again," interrupted Nick.

"No there's more.

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