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She'll do anything to save her son.

If Jack wanted to suck cock or have a guy suck his cock, and he was coming home to me, and telling me about it, then I needed to use it for our mutual satisfaction. Eventually we worked on creating situations where I could watch Jack suck cock and get turned on by it because I knew, at the end of the day, he was still all mine and the cocksucking was just another thing that added to our repertoire and our excitement.

"I've been giving Jack blowjobs almost from the day we first met. Actually it was the second time we were together that I blew him. We've always kissed after we came off. Many times I finished him off with a blowjob after I'd already come. I love the taste of cum and always swallowed but there have been times when I still had some of Jack's cum in my mouth when we kissed so Jack got a surprise snowball. When he told me that he wanted to eat his cum out of my pussy after we fucked, I didn't think it was so strange. He knew what his cum tasted like. When he told me he wanted to eat his cum mixed with my pussy juice, how could I say no? When he does it I'm guaranteed extra orgasms. Whatever he's learned about from reading sexy stories, I'm willing to try because I know he loves me and I love him. In other words, if you want to keep your man focused on you, you have to focus on him first. Go with the flow, don't get in its way."

"Has Jack ever asked you do something you didn't want to do and what about if you didn't like something after you did it?"

"Honey, this is where loves comes into the picture. Jack knows enough about me and cares enough about me that that's never happened. You see, we communicate not only with words but also with body language and other silent signals. If we're watching porno and I see something he really likes, I'll make note of it. If it looks like I wouldn't like to do what we're watching, I'll let him know. A negative facial expression or a word or two that expresses my opinion is usually all it takes to make the point. If we do something that doesn't bring complete satisfaction to both of us, it's very unlikely that we'll ever do it again. We get into some pretty kinky things. I'm totally comfortable with Jack blowing a guy or getting fucked by one. If he wants to blow someone or fuck another guy, I hope I'll be there to watch. I'll have sex with a woman while Jack watches. The pleasure is for both of us. It'll only make our own sex that much more exciting. We're loyal to each other. I don't want another man and he doesn't want another woman. We don't swap if you're thinking that's the direction I'm going in. We'd rather watch you and your man get it on. It may not work for everybody but it works for us."

"You've certainly told me just about everything there is to know about you and Jack. I can see a lot of similarities in Jack and my husband. I think you've given me a wake-up call in how to make our relationship even better than it is. I've got some work to do and I'm looking forward to it. Hey, here come the guys with our drinks. Let's keep this conversation between us for the moment. I mean, you can tell Jack about it but I want the results of our talk to be a surprise from my husband."

"Not a problem, sweetie."

"Hi ladies! Did you miss us?" Jack said with a wink and that great smile of his.

"Not as much as you think!" Juli responded quickly.

"We had a very interesting conversation," my wife said. "You know, girl talk."

The sun had set.

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