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Summer gets her punishment & Master T's willing slave.

She had chosen matching underwear in his favourite hue of green too. It contrasted with her long fiery red hair and delicately tanned, freckled skin but she knew that it had always made him putty in her hands when she wore it, green a sign for "come and get me..." and on cue as they entered the cool and eerie silence of the cathedral her nipples became visible in insolent peaks against the loose dress which loosely flowed to the floor. He walked closely behind her and as he bent his head he growled huskily behind her ear causing the spot between her thighs to moisten in honest anticipation.

"You before me this time sexy" he uttered as his right hand planted itself forcefully on the small of her back. Nervously glancing around, she hoped that the few people milling around looking at the artifacts and the alter didn't notice as they disappeared into the confessional box at the side of the chapel. Certain that they hadn't been seen he abruptly picked her up and planted her on a ledge, making sure that the material of her dress was washed around her hips enabling the flesh of her ample derriere to feel the coolness of the hard and well-polished marble. "Not here! Not now! What if someone comes in?" she rasped under her breath anxiously trying to keep his head from journeying south as she placed her delicately manicured fingertips on the nape of his tanned neck tempting him to kiss her lips in an upright position. He kissed her hungrily yet his hazel eyes burnt through to hers in a way that let her know that there was no way that she was leaving this place until he had returned the favour that she had initiated all those years ago.

This time it would be him knelt on the cushioned wooden plinth and as he sank down she let her head tilt back and let out a contented sigh. His strong hands stroked over her thighs, tracing over the delicate artwork that matched his more masculine tattoo and his finger hooked forcefully around the top of her lace panties pulling them swiftly over her hips, down her tanned legs and over her now bare feet... she glanced down and saw him knelt with his eyes closed inhaling the scent from the crotch of the damp lingerie before putting it in his trouser pocket no doubt to withhold from her later on.

"I'm going to make you cum so hard girl" he throatily commanded "I want you to drown my face with your sweet juices and I'm going to devour every last drop" she could feel his words breathe over her already engorged clitoris and she desperately wanted his mouth over her swollen and excited lips. Teasingly kissing his way up her inner thigh, he could smell her arousal. He knew that she would explode if he flicked his tongue over her cunt but he wanted to draw this process out. His mind flicked back to the woman before him being younger and having shocked him in this very place as she'd taken his cock in her mouth and swallowed his every last drop. As far as blow jobs went, and she was very good at them, that had ranked as one of the most memorable and he was determined to make his wife cum in much the same explosive way.

They both stiffened as footsteps seemed to come closer, the echoes of the old building made worse by the cool hard flagstones. Nicole tried to pull him up from his shoulders but it only made him more determined as he used the strength in his upper arms to force her thighs further apart. In the daylight, her clit was eagerly throbbing and he could see the slick trail of excitement coating her swollen lips. His tongue sought out the back of the entrance to her cunt and in one firm and sure motion he licked his way upwards before clamping his mouth around her clit and sliding one then two fingers masterfully inside her, curling their way to massage her pulsating inner core. Her hands pulled his head deeper towards her and her excitement in this very precarious position grew ridiculously quickly. Looking up at his beautiful wife he could tell that she was going to explode in a beautiful way in no amount of time.

He had always lo

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