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A woman receives a curious book.

Tanya just gives me a quick glance, not seeming to care I'm there, continuing to pull her shirt off, exposing her considerable bosom. Without taking his eyes off me, Chris pushes down her bra, taking one nipple in his mouth. She throws her head back moaning.

God, this is actually arousing. All the sexual tension that has been building in me pools between my legs. I feel my juices flowing, soaking my panties. Chris is now manhandling her breasts. Squeezing them hard, suckling them, nibbling at them. Tanya is enjoying every second of it. Moaning, panting, pressing them further into his hands and mouth. All the while he's looking at me.

Wow, this is so erotic. I'm horny as hell, my pussy dripping wet and aching. I try to relieve some of the ache by rubbing my thighs together.

Chris notices and asks me, in a voice deep with desire, "Does this make you hot Ginny? Does it make your cunt wet and aching to be filled to see me touching her like this?"

"Yes," I whisper embarrassed, my cheeks blushing red.

"Show me!" he tells me.

When I hesitate he just quirks one eyebrow at me in silent challenge. I raise my skirt, dragging the hem higher, letting it drape around my hips. It's easy to see the wet patch on my underwear.

"Hmm," Chris purrs, "now, pull them aside. Show me you pussy."

I push the crotch of my panties to one side and slowly put one leg up on each armrest, spreading my legs.

Chris groans, eyes widening. "God you're so fucking hot Ginny... Touch yourself." His voice is hoarse.

At his reaction, all my shyness is forgotten. I slowly let my fingers trace my outer lips, slipping them through the wet folds, teasing him. Spreading my pussy, showing him how wet I am. Letting my finger circle my clit before slipping two fingers inside. I moan, closing my eyes. Losing myself in the moment. Letting my other hand wander under my shirt, squeezing my breasts, teasing my stiff nipples as I finger fuck myself.

When I open I my eyes I see that not only Chris is staring at me mouth open, but Tanya doesn't seem able to take her eyes of me either. "That's so hot," she says before rising from Chris and walking over to me.

I'm so surprised by this development that I stop my administration, letting my fingers slip out. Tanya grabs my hand and, before I know it, she is sucking my fingers clean. And then she leans over me, to touch her lips to mine, kissing me softly.

I can hear Chris groan. I've never been kissed by a woman before. It's totally different from kissing a guy, softer, gentler. It's nice. I taste myself on her mouth and trace my tongue against her lips, making her open them to me. We let our tongues tangle, playing for a while.

She pulls away and whispers in my ear, "Let's put on a little show for him." With eyes twinkling she pulls me to my feet and starts pulling my top off.

"You're beautiful," she tells me, stroking my breasts, my stomach, my hips, my ass. She unzips my skirt and let it fall to the floor, unhooking my bra and filling her hands with my breasts. "Beautiful," she says again before lowering her head to suckle one of my nipples.

Looking up, I see Chris watching us. He has taken his shirt off and pulled down his jeans. His hand is stroking his hard dick and the sight ignites me even further. I start touching Tanya. Her skin is soft and supple. I help her out of the rest of her clothes and slip out of my panties. We're now naked, kissing, stroking each other. I feel her soft breasts press against mine. I wiggle a little making my nipples touch hers.

We make out for a while. I keep watching Chris as he kicks his jeans and boxers off. He never stops moving the hand on his cock. A bead of pre-cum has collected at the tip and the sight makes me groan.

Tanya follows my line of sight and smiles at me with twinkling eyes. "You want to taste him?"

I nod and bite my lip.

She takes my hand and leads me over to Chris.

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