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Rekindled romance 14 years later.

Might have had to ask Mum to finish me off!"

Creased with laughter at the unlikely thought, we worked our way to the side of the pool and got out -- soon drying ourselves and making ourselves presentable.

"Better go and give Mum my news," I said as we sauntered back to the house, "If I dare....."

Mum was in the kitchen and I went and stood in the doorway, casually dressed in a t-shirt and shorts once more.

"Hello darling," she said, sniffing hard and then giving me a kiss on my cheek, "You smell a bit better now!"

"Hmmmmph!" I grunted, but I'd got a smile on my face that I couldn't disguise -- and Mum saw it.

"What have you been up to then?" she asked and for a moment panic took over as I thought she meant what I'd been doing with Sharon. Then I remembered why I was smiling.....but could I summons up the courage to tell her.

"Come on then Chris -- you obviously want to say something, so out with it!" she said, "What is it -- you've got a date and you want some money or something?"

I was about to use that opening as an excuse to get away from my 'real' story when I felt a hand on my shoulder and Sharon breezed up to the door.

"Guess what -- he's got a job!" she said loudly and then, with a quick slap on my bottom she was gone, off down the hall and into her bedroom.

Mum stood still -- her mouth open with surprise -- I was in the same boat.

"You -- you've got a job?" she asked, "You clever boy!"

She came and hugged me, her generous, well-filled breasts squashing against my chest and causing my penis to thicken somewhat.

"Well done," she said, "Taken long enough but you never gave up, did you?"

I smiled at her somewhat weakly because I still obviously had to tell her the details.
"Come on then," she said, bringing the matter right to the surface, "Tell me all about it."

"Mum," I started, my voice wavering a bit, "You know there's been nothing going for ages except those useless crappy jobs I've been telling you about...."

Mum nodded in agreement.

"Well, this is the first job that's come up for ages that's full time and pays a reasonable wage," I continued, doing my best to justify what I was going to say next, "And I've got it!"

"Doing what then?" asked Mum and now I knew I'd been forced into a corner.

"I'm going to be the assistant manager at Good Vibrations," I said, letting out a long breath as I spoke.

"Oh well done!" said Mum smiling broadly, "Oh that's really good. You always did like musi......hey, wait a minute! That's a song title all right but that's not what the shop does, is it?"

Her smile had left her face and was replaced by a frown -- not an altogether unhappy frown, but one that implied a question, but I said nothing.

"Good Vibrations, hmmmm....." said Mum with a sudden grin on her face, "Oh -- good heavens -- that's the new sex shop, isn't it?"

I nodded and tried to smile.

"It's all that was going," I tried to explain, "Only job I could find -- I'm sorry Mum."

But instead of a look of thunder that I'd expected, a look of extreme happiness had come over Mum.

"Don't be sorry darling," she replied coming and wrapping her arms around my waist, "What a lovely place to work! And how convenient."

"Eh?" I questioned, "I thought you'd be mad at me."

"Now why should I want to do that?" she said sexily, once again snuggling up to me with her breasts firmly against my chest, "You're going to be so useful!"

"What?" I cried, feeling her suddenly hard nipples boring into me, "Why -- how -- what'd you mean?"

Mum unwrapped herself from me and took my hand.

"Come here sweetheart, I'll show you something," she said as she pulled me down the hall and into the master bedroom, "Come and sit here."

With some trepidation I sat on the bed while Mum went to the chest of drawers and opened the bottom drawer.

"Look -- I'll show you how you're going to be able to help," she said as she held up and shook a bottle in the air.

"Firstly, this is all the lube I've got left -- so I'll need some more."

She put it back and fished out some metallic bits and jangled

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