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"Tomorrow," Shana said with a smile.


"Indeed--it seems that Miss Shana, being Brittanic, was able to convince the ambassadors that their requests might be better received if they waited until tomorrow to deliver them. They were agreeable." I smiled, not believing my ears. "You've got the day off, Jack," Chuck summarized.

"Hot damn! Then it IS a happy birthday!" I agreed enthusiastically. "Let's go."

We all boarded the hovershuttle and headed across the island. One of my valets took my royal robe so I could replace it with a relaxing shirt and boardshorts. I got off and headed down to the Vista deck, excited for a day of nothing but relaxing. What I didn't know was that Shana had been working with Chuck for a week planning this surprise, and it would end up being anything but relaxing--but far, far more fun.

After breakfast, there was volleyball game in the wonderful Maui sand. Shana had organized two teams, each consisting of three older male advisors or bureaucrats (mostly old friends of mine from the pre-Federation days), and three young, athletic females from among the lobbyists and household staff. Chuck was the captain of the other team; Shana only played in the first few games before allowing herself to be replaced by one of the cabana girls (a native Hawaiian) so she could attend to later details. At first my team was dominating, but then the girls on the other side got sick of losing, so when they came back from the ice tea/re-sunblocking break, they had all removed their tops. All at once, for some reason, balls we had been fielding cleanly started catching us by surprise, as if we weren't fully paying attention to the game or something. Our girls cried foul, and responded in the only way possible--they took their tops off, too. It wasn't much of a volleyball game after that, but it sure was fun playing with all those topless women. Every time one went down into the sand for a dig, the guys around her fell into the sand as well, with one or more personal fouls ensuing. When one girl retaliated by stuffing her hand into Chuck's shorts, well, the whole game ground to halt as six men lay in the sand, shorts around our knees, while getting sandy blowjobs from our lovely topless teammates.

After volleyball was lunch. During our luncheon, Shana had organized a strip-off. Five girls did ten minute sets each. The last one was particularly good--one of the bar staff, she stripped out of her French maid costume, and her show scorching hot. What food was left on my plate was forgotten halfway through. Happily, Shana did me a service, ducking under the table and sucking me to relief as I watched the show.

The afternoon was set aside for a poker game. It was kind of like old times, most of those guys being the guys I'd played with when we were young. But it was a little different, sitting in a cabana on a beautiful tropical beach. And what was really different was the mid-afternoon refreshment. We'd all been drinking booze throughout the game, but then about 3 they wheeled in a small table with some munchies. Then they wheeled in two large tables, which they set to either side. Then six women in bikinis walked in. All at once, they each stripped out of their bikinis, lay back on the tables, grabbed their ankles and spread their legs. It wasn't just a snack break, it was a fuck break! I got first choice of pussy of course, picking another native Hawaiian girl in the spirit of the day and dipping my wick into her. A lot of the other guys were married, but how do you turn down an offer like that? The married guys all seemed to go around to the other side of the tables, forgoing the proffered pussies in exchange for a blow. Maybe they felt less guilty that way, I don't know. Not me. I busted a nut inside of lovely brown pair of thighs.

Eventually we played a little more poker, and all of us were pretty sauced by the time dinner rolled around.

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