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She was mysterious, beautiful...was she real?

"So far, this is all exactly as I dreamed about it for years, I can't imagine ever getting too much."

I don't know if her pussy is sore. But I've never experienced this before. I get to a third erection without a lot of trouble but then I began to wonder if I could ever get another. She sucked on my soft cock and managed to get me up again, several times. And then I got to a point that I imagine porn actors get to after fucking for hours. I had about a two thirds hard on and it just stayed. I doubt if she got the same fuck as she did earlier but I could go on and on and on. Since she likely wasn't feeling everything the same as when we first started, either, it all seemed to work out. The sex was actually still very good, I enjoyed it. But it was different. It wasn't as emotionally high, it was just sort of an exercise in how much we could fuck and suck each other. It was still there physically but not emotionally if that makes any sense, even to me. It was well after midnight when I got her home.

The next day she came to see me, "Jack, where are you going to school? Maybe I can get a job there. We can live together and repeat yesterday over and over."

"Melanie," I say to her after thinking a little, "I don't know how to say this. You're gorgeous and sexy but I really don't want another sex marathon like we had yesterday. I've been gone for four years with hardly any sex so I was ready for it. But now that I've experienced it, I realize it's not what I want. I want to find a girl, a woman, that I can love. Or at least like a lot and maybe build towards loving. We can make love. Making love is certainly related to what we did but what we did was sex not love. Making love you each try to do what the other wants and it probably means that you may actually be inside her vagina once, maybe twice. It doesn't go on and on and on because real loving emotion can't do that. Even as I'm saying this I realize I'm not making sense. I don't know how to explain the difference between sex and love. But what we did was sex. Marathon sex that went on and on and on, all physical action and very little feeling. I guess I want the physical action but with more feeling. And maybe not so much action, it becomes almost like work after a while. Does all this make sense?"

She just looks at me. "You're saying the sex with me wasn't very good and you'd like to find someone better."

"No, no, no, that isn't what I mean at all. Sex with you was unbelievably good. You're a gorgeous girl with a perfect body and you really like sex and get involved in it, not just lay there and accept it. It probably isn't possible to find a girl that is better at sex. In no way do I mean that you weren't good. I just want more feeling, more emotion, more love instead of just great physical sex."

"Jack, I fantasized about sex with you for years. I can't have more emotion than I had with you. All of my dreams were coming true. In fact, came true. Being with you was perfect. You have a great cock. You react to me just like I dreamed, you lasted and lasted and we had the best sex of my life. I've never gone on for hours like that with anyone else, never felt like going on for hours before being with you. It's not possible for me to have more emotion than I had with you. I guess you didn't have the same emotion about me, though."

Shit. How do I answer this? "Melanie, I don't want to hurt you. I've known you all your life. You were a tall, skinny kid, nuts about sports, played every sport. And, if I remember correctly, you also always made all A's in school. I liked you. Even when I went off to college and you were starting high school, you were still a skinny kid. You must have been a late developer. But I have to admit, you've really developed. You have a great body. I loved having sex with you. I'd be nuts to say I didn't want to have sex with you more. But you've apparently built me into something like a dream and I would probably just hurt you because I don't remember you the way you remember me."

"So you do want to have sex with me?"

"If I do,

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