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Halloween party grants an unlikely couple's fantasies.

Hands shaking again, mouth dry, the side door that you entered, how long ago, opens. A cool draft moves across you. Your exposed thigh feels a slight breeze. A soft gentle hand taking you by the arm. Guiding you from the vehicle. Legs opening to move across the seat. Turning at the sill, knowing that the slit is open, hands trying to close the gap. Unable to see, makes you wobbly on the tall heels. Finally you are standing. Guided forward, you hear a female voice, " four steps". One, two, a wobble on three, assistance from the one at your side, four. Scuffling sound of your shoes on tile. A slight trip on a threshold. The feeling of big overwhelms you. A door latching behind you echoes off the interior walls.

The hand assisting you drops away, no sounds. Alone, or not, you have no idea. Your neck moves about seeking any sound, anything to help give you a bearing. Nothing.

You know that you have surrendered to this evening, but have no idea why. Pictures flash through your mind. Visions never really there, but perceived from the other night, how long ago? Standing, no vision, no sound, just you alone within your self. These images move through. The champagne, the couch, the fear, embarrassment, the wanton desire, how you must have looked over that couch. A strange heat moves through your body. Fear mixed with excitement, causes your skin to become chilled, and nipples hard against the gown. Standing you relive the other night, moment by moment. The desire growing, tempered only by the anxiety.

Another's presence sensed. No a sound, just a feeling, something moving, circling quietly. Long moments pass, then a slight touch on the back of your arm, like a brush on a painting. Another soft touch followed by a gentle grasp. Pulling you to the left. You are lead, the blind following out of complete trust. Shoes clicking on tile, then soft, quiet on thick carpet. You feel yourself moving into another large room. Stopped by a slight tug on your arm, you freeze. Hearing acute, but there is no sound to rest upon. Hair lifted from your shoulders by unseen hands. A clip holding it in place. Warmth radiating from your left must be a window there, facing the setting sun. Hands, two, caressing the sides of your neck. The touch so wonderfully soft. The fingers so smooth on your almost bare shoulders. Down the exposed flesh of your back. A drink placed in your hand. Long cool glass, the stem short. You raise the glass to your nose, the scent of champagne.

The cool bubbles move through you, taking the edge from your panic. You are guided to a small straight back chair. Barely large enough to cover the firm tight hips, that you have worked so hard on. Lower than normal also, might be a child's chair. You hear the door close, alone again. This time only for a moment, the door opening and closing again. You feel someone close. A smile crosses your lips you recognize the cologne. It is he. You feel weak in the knees, so excited you almost blurt out in happiness, but you remember the note, and withhold.

Soft music playing in the background. A hand on your ankle, shoe being removed. Then the other. The glass taken from your fingers. A hand touching yours. Lifting, urging you upwards. You stand bare footed. Your arms raised level with shoulders, outstretched. Heart racing, where will this go, what is happening to me. Arms are encircling your body. Drawn close, you feel his body fully against yours. One arm behind you, the other softly held in his hand. He leads in the dance of two lovers. You pull him closer, feel him fuller. The cool glow in you is growing warmer. You dance as if you had always been partners.

The melody ends.

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