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Husband and Wife find pleasure in exercise.

..not without some difficulty since it was hard.

"Wait, Bill. In a minute."

I moved behind Sue and guided my prick toward her pussy lips, one hand on her hip. She was so wet it just glided right into her and I pushed it deeply inside. She moaned her approval.

But instead of fucking her, I left it there....pushing into her. Then, maybe 20 seconds after I put it in her, I suddenly pulled it out. Her mouth opened around the cock she was sucking and she gave a gasp.

I stepped back and turned to Bill.

"You may take her now," I said.

Bill, who had been pulling on his prick while watching his young wife sucking one cock while another was in her pussy, moved quickly. He placed both hands on her hips and let his cock search for the opening. It was a position they must have done often because he was right on target, and the cock slide right between the now open lips and into her.

He did not hold it still. Within seconds he was pounding her. It was clear that he was highly aroused. I did not think he would hold it for long, and thought about telling him to take it out. But Sue was moving her ass back and forth to meet each thrust from her husband and I was enjoying the view.

Bill's face was tightened in a wicked grimace. For a minute or two he kept pounding her, and then, his faced scrunched up, he turned to look toward me. And he kept looking at me until his eyes suddenly closed and he said "oh, geezus" and his body bucked.

"Ugh, Ugh, Ugh," came from Sue, her lips still wrapped around a cock, as Bill came in her.

Her mouth must have gone into overtime. Bill was bent over her, breathing heavily, holding on to her now for support, as she drew her mouth back slightly, still holding the cock with one hand. It jerked and shot a stream of cum that easily crossed the inch or less and into her now open mouth.

She looked at the cock as it jerked and spewed forth a thick wad of white fluid, and before his second spurt could issue her mouth went back down to encase it and she moved up and down on it slowly.

Her soft sweet moans left no doubt that she loved feeling this stranger shoot his load into her mouth. After a few moments, she lifted her head and watched as a last globule of his cum came out of the hole in his prick. Then she leaned over to taste it, then lick it, then lick up and down the shaft.

That was when I saw that it probably was an eight inch member. She had taken it with easy, and quite apparently great joy.

She continued to lick the cock for long moments, still holding it, until the unknown man slowly withdrew it back threw the hole.

She, who had had one hand placed on the wall to steady herself, placed the other one there. Bill raised off of her. From the booth where the man has just stuck his prick through the wall came a loud whisper. "Thank you."

Sue giggled. "You're welcome," she replied.

Bill stood and turned to me. He was breathing easier now.

"That was great" he said.

I had been gently stroking my cock, and I continued to do so, but moved to help Sue stand. She put her arms around me, then moved one arm to place it around her husband and pulled us close to her.

She said nothing, her head buried between our shoulders.

Bill apparently had been thinking ahead. From one pocket he took out some tissues and wiped off his cock.

There was a bench in one corner of the booth. I moved Sue so she could sit on it. To my surprise, she hesitated, then took her dress, which had been crumpled in one corner of the booth, and placed on the bench before she placed her bottom there.

"Don't know who's sat there," she explained.

Ah, women. She had just sucked two strange cocks but was too prim to place her ass on a piece of wood that someone might have sat on earlier.

As she looked up at me, I smiled.

"You are becoming a good little slut, Sue."

"Thank you, sir."

Then I turned toward Bill. "Let's you and I go outside," I said. "I want to smoke my pipe."

"You're leaving me here alone," said Sue.

"Yes, Sue," I replied. "But you are perfectly safe. Just keep the door locked."

She looked c

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