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Suddenly, a harsh voice spoke in their heads.

"Brothers. I am coming. And try to have a better welcome commity this time then that shy little creature you kept from me like last time." Ares. He was coming. They looked at each other. They hated him. Just the way he had said he was coming, he announced it, like it was his house that he was free to come and go in as he pleased. He was snobbish, hard headed, and a bad ass, self centered jerk. They carried Lyra to their bedroom, laid her down, and tucked her in. She had fallen asleep because of the exhaustion of remembering her sister, and the fact that they didn't get much sleep last night. They looked at her one last time and left. They made sure to put a protective spell over the bedroom so Ares couldn't get in without their consent. They went to the living room and lo and behold, the son of snobs was waiting.

"It's about time. I would have thought you would want to hurry knowing its your dearest brother." He said with that permanent smirk.

"Or were you too busy with your little sex siren . . "

"Ares!" yelled pallo in a warning tone, taking a step towards his brother. "Do not call her that. Ever. Again. She is far better and kinder than you could ever be. Not to mention her life is worth more than yours could ever be." Siden stood behind him, backing him up. They both knew this was gonna be a stressful talk already. Ares sneered.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Their brother left with a black eye. He had talked to them about Lyra calling her their little "pet" (which is when he got punched) and told them Zeus and everyone else wanted to meet her. Hermes would probably arrive any time to tell them that but Ares wanted to share the message with them himself. They sighed and walked to the bedroom. It was empty. They panicked. Then they heard movement in the kitchen. They raced towards it, hoping to gods Ares hadn't gotten any ideas. They opened the door and froze. Lyra was back in her sundress that she had worn when she first met them at the club. She hung up the phone and saw them. She looked at them suspiciously.

"Lyra?" Siden asked. She looked at him confused, glancing around as if to check that she was the only girl in the room.

"I don't know who you are but my names not Lyra. It's Myra."

They looked at her incredulously. Myra? Light glinted off a silver ring on her forefinger, and they froze. The word "Forget" ingraved in curly style. The only person who ingraved like that was Calypso.

Rage boiled inside them. A forget ring. A forget ring? She put a forget ring on their lyra to make her forget who they were and who she was to keep her from them? Their fists clenched. Their eyes burned. She had put a forget ring on their Lyra to make her forget them to keep her from them. Of all the low things. Lyra took a step back as she saw the rage cross their faces. Who were they. Pallo moved so fast she barley had time to realize what was happening before he was behind her, took her hand and ripped the ring off, without hurting Lyra, and bent it into a ball, throwing it off to the side. He held onto her hand tightly. She looked in his eyes, trying to remember who he was because he looked so familiar but she didn't know who he was. She wanted to run from him but she also wanted to sink into his embrace. She felt conflicted. Pallo sweeped her into his arms. She shrieked and yelled at him to put her down but he ignored her, bringing her to their bedroom.

"Let me down! What are you doing? Put me down! Who are you? PUT ME DOWN!" Lyra yelled, struggling. Pallo lowered her to the bed. He looked at her and vowed Calypso would never touch her again. This he sweared. Calypso had crossed the line. His heart ached when he thought of how she had no idea who he was, him or his brother. He would never let Calypso near her again.

"Lyra, listen to me please.

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