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Tom pleasures his harem senseless.

You suck my come from my finger as hard as you have just finished sucking my cock.

I will need some time to recover before being inside your body again, but I will use the time wisely. I gently pull you to your feet. I ask you to slowly strip for me. You remove your jacket, revealing your hard-nippled breasts against your blouse. The blouse is next, then the lacy bra. At first you make to hide your breasts, but I tell you, no, move your arms. Your breasts are delightful - - small, but with large nipples, hard with desire. Now, the skirt. You unzip in the back, and lower the skirt to the floor, leaving you in lacy panties, and the thigh high stockings. I tell you to remove your panties. Down they come, but the crotch clings to your sex, your juices having permeated the silk. You swipe them down with your hand, but gravity can only do so much, and you must lift first your right foot, then your left to remove them. I see your light, sparse tufts of pubic hair, and your lips engorged with your excitement. The light catches a glimmer of your wetness that awaits my tongue, and my cock.

Time to repay you for this great pleasure you have given me. I lift you onto my desk, the firm globes of your ass settling on the wood. I kiss you deeply, and then move my mouth down to your neck, lightly kissing there as well. My mouth travels to your breasts, and those pink, hard nipples. My tongue circles them, and I gently bite those pencil erasers. But, I have no patience for the slow seduction, I must taste you now. I immediately move my mouth down to your hot, humid opening and thrust my tongue inside. You buck your hips up toward my tongue, surprised at my sudden actions. I can taste you - - the taste of you aroused is exhilarating. My tongue lightly plays along your slit. I want to sample all of you, but slowly, gently. My tongue starts at your rear opening, and runs slowly, wetly, through your labia, up to your engorged clitoris. I find your clitoris swollen with desire, peeking from its hood. I concentrate my tongue on your clitoris, circling it lightly. Then I flick it, very gently. My tongue travels back to your opening, and I curl it upwards to massage your inner walls. Your hands come down to my head, pulling me into your pussy as you approach climax. My tongue travels wetly back up to your clitoris, as I gently lick your clit. Your breathing becomes deep, measured and labored. Your stockinged legs drape across my shoulders, circling my neck. Your aroma is driving me wild. I can feel my cock thickening once again. You cry out, and I can taste you even more as your moisture increases. You moan, your toes pointing skyward, your hands rubbing my face into your sex, as your climax hits, and rolls, for a minute or more.

Finally you release me, my face glistening with your spendings. But, I am rock hard again. No time for niceties. I grab your ankles and place your legs over my shoulders. You reach down with your right hand and collar the mushroom head of my cock in your outer lips. Once seated, I push into you slowly. You are so wet, but you are so tight. Our eyes never leave each other's as I push on, until I can feel the end of my cock bottoming out in you. My hands pull your thighs closer to me, and while still buried in you, I grab your bottom cheeks and lift you from the desk. Now you can feel me even deeper. Slowly I withdraw, as our gaze falls upon my shaft leaving your clinging sex. My cock glistens in the light from your wetness. Back inside again. I lean forward and kiss you deeply, pushing your knees back against your breasts as I do. This pushes me even deeper within you. I can feel your cervix at the end of each thrust.

I abruptly withdraw from you.

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