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FInding a lil girl in a woman's body.

I was about to finally get a taste of him, finally fulfill months of torturous fantasies. My heart was beating furiously, and I felt my body begin to tremble.

This was really happening.

Brian lay back on the bed, his head propped up on a pillow so that he could watch me as I had watched him. I crawled between his legs and watched his cock begin to grow as he awaited my touch. The reaction pleased me, fueling my ego even more than he already had.

As he lay spread out before me, I felt a sudden anxiety, as if the trembling finally crystalized into a clear vision of my fear. What if I'm no good? What if, after years of being with one man, I had gotten so used to a routine that only Dan would like what I did?

Get out of your head, Kylie! I heard my inner voice snap. If you don't, you're going to fuck this up for everyone!

My god he was beautiful. He wasn't perfect, not physically, but when I looked at him I felt the strength of my emotions surge back to the forefront. All I had wanted for months was to be able to express to him how I felt, matching my physical affection to my emotional one. The fact that I was so attracted to him was a huge bonus. I consciously tried to push my fears away and allow my natural feelings for him come forward. When they did, it was a physical sensation that washed over me, calming me.

I reached for him, sliding my fingers around the base of his cock and feeling his balls against my palm. Like me, he had completely shaven and there was no hair anywhere. It gave him a very clean and tempting look, and I couldn't wait to feel him enter my mouth.

Dan moved beside me, getting close so that he could see everything. I knew this was a new vantage point for him, and I found myself loving his curiosity. I felt his hand rest upon the small of my back as I moved in for the kill, his face only inches from my own.

Brian saw what Dan was doing and spread his legs a little wider to accommodate the two of us in the narrow space. I leaned slightly to the side to give my husband the pleasure of watching Brian's cock enter my mouth with an unobstructed view, and he could not disguise the lust in his eyes as to what I was doing.

Brian's cock was surprisingly thick, even if it wasn't overly long. The most notable trait, however, was just how hard he was. In my entire life I don't think I had ever felt such iron between a man's legs. It made me wish I hadn't missed months of feeling this, instead of my own vibrators and fingers.

I found my mouth stretching more than was comfortable as I took him, and kept my hand wrapped around the base of his cock to keep it in place. I sucked slowly, raising and lowering my face as smoothly as I could, keeping him standing straight up into the air.

I felt Dan shift beside me, moving even closer. He rested his hand on the inside of Brian's thigh, watching me work. Slowly, as if in a trance, he moved his hand over my own that encircled Brian and began to squeeze.

Neither Brian nor I said anything, and I assumed that Dan was showing me how men liked to be fondled. Not having a cock myself, I took Dan's motions as sage advice and went with it. Soon, however, it became obvious that Dan's hand movements were more than just guidance, and that he was taking over.

I don't know if I was surprised or not, but I found myself eager for Dan to participate. After all this time, I had been afraid that Dan would feel like I had wanted to replace him, and part of me had feared that he would be an extra wheel in this arrangement, should it ever actually happen. I slid my hand out from underneath Dan's, but he continued to stroke Brian up and down, jacking him off into my mouth.

Unexpectedly, this kicked my libido into overdrive.

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