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Kim continues the story of her changing life.

Well, maybe not, from the looks of this Cherryboy, maybe then again, he used to the fine cocksuckin' the likes of you deliver." Seemingly, from out of nowhere, Trunk pulled a rope around my chest and lashed me hard to the chair. My jeans were around my ankles, my deflating cock, still covered in Candy's spit, was out in the open, and I was helpless. When he was satisfied that I was lashed tight, Trunk stood up straight next to me, putting his cock just inches from my face.

"Whatchoo lookin' at Cherryboy?" he said with an evil laugh. "Ya want some Trunk in yo mouth, too, like yo slutty girl over there?" He picked up his flaccid organ and waved it in front of my face. "C'mon, you know you want some of this." I turned my head to the side, away from the sight of the big black snake, just as he swung it and slapped me across the face with his cock. He did this three or four times while I strained against my bonds, trying to break free. "Awright, maybe later," he said. Then, he looked down at Candy, and got that evil glint in his eye again. "Guess it'd be alright if YOU sucked on our little Cherryboy, bitch," he said to her. "Sides," he said. "you always giving, giving, giving - you finish him up, then we'll let ya take some too." He laughed again, and I wondered what was going on here - he made it seem like I wouldn't want to get my cock sucked from such a fine blowjob queen as Candy.

Without saying a word, Candy knelt back down between my legs and sucked me deep into her mouth. I had grown soft while Trunk was tying me up, but knew it wouldn't be long before she had me up to full hardness again.

With Seltzer Blonde off my lap, I could see over to the mattress again, as Kris was in the same position as before, and two more guys were pummeling her. I don't know what number in line they were, but judging from the amount of cum on her face and pooling between her legs, this must have been numbers nine and ten. She was taking each man eagerly, and despite the fact that she had already been fucked by numerous men, she showed no signs of slowing down. Seltzer Blonde had taken up position on one side of the mattress and was sucking hard at the men who had already come in Kris, getting them up and hard again for another round. The men who hadn't had their turn yet didn't seem to need any help, as all their cocks were hard as rocks while they watched the show.

As I watched, the guy in Kris' mouth pulled free and moved up so he was kind of squatting over her face. Then he lowered himself until his asshole was just inches from her mouth. "Lick my sweaty, fucking ass, you slut." he grunted, and without a second's hesitation, Kris' tongue snaked out and licked up and down the man's ass. The man sat down a little harder onto Kris' face. "C'mon bitch, get that tongue up there," he said. I couldn't really see because the man was sitting so hard onto her face, but it was obvious from the way his eyes rolled up into his head that Kris was doing exactly as he had said. I could just see her chin sticking out from between the man's ass cheeks, and from the slight movements of her head and neck, I knew she had her tongue buried deeply in the man's ass. "Yee hoo, fellas, this bitch loves licking assholes. C'mon and get some of this tongue." As he started to get up, a bunch of the cum that had been coating Kris' face was stuck to his ass and thighs. Kris quickly held the man tight with both hands while she cleaned him of every thick drop that had accumulated there. As he moved off, another black guy with a cock only slightly smaller than Trunk's had plopped his dick in Kris' mouth. He only fucked her face for a few strokes before he too moved up and planted his ass squarely on Kris' face. Again, her tongue went to work with no hesitation whatsoever.

This sight, coupled with Candy's sucking mouth, had me up and hard again in no time.

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