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The peace is broken and a line is crossed.

We'll end up having fun whether we go or not," she said, smiling.

"OK, so tell me about the hosts and the party itself. As you know, this is all pretty new to me. That's not to say that I'm not intrigued by the possibility," I said, trying to get the facts upon which to base my decision. I had always been a rather analytical person, both in my professional and personal life and I always liked to do some research and information gathering before making a decision.

"OK, the hosts. You met Amy of course. She grew up coming to the camp with her parents. I've known her almost all of her life. She's really sweet. Don't be put off by her physical adornments. She has a little bit of a wild child in her but otherwise is a wonderful person. Her parents are some of our oldest lifestyle friends. As a matter of fact, they are also partners in the camp. When she was old enough to learn the facts of life, her parents told her that they were swingers and explained it all to her. So, in a way, she has not only grown up as a nudist but also aware of swinging. She's not been in swinging that long, just a year or so. She got into it after she moved in with her boyfriend Mike, the other host. They live over there," she said pointing to a cluster of mobile homes. Mike grew up coming out here too and is the handyman for the camp. We gave them a double wide trailer to live in as part of his salary. They have been together as a couple for many years. I guess you could say they were teen sweethearts."

Sharon stopped for a minute, catching her breath and allowing me to absorb the information she had shared. "Will her parents be at the party?" I asked.

"No, that's not something that either couple is comfortable with. At least not yet." she said giggling. Besides, her parents are out of town this weekend. Most of their friends are younger than us, mostly in their 20's and early 30's. We're sort of an exception to the rule. Amy and I have always had a weird connection. It's hard to describe, part surrogate Mom, part Aunt, part big sister, part mentor and part friend. I guess you can throw in part lover to that mix in the last few years. I was her first female lover. I guess you could say I popped her cherry when it came to bi-sex."

When she was 16 and decided she wanted to give Mike her virginity she came to me for advice about how to go about doing the deed. A little over a year ago, when she and Mike decided that they wanted to explore swinging they came to us. Jim and I sat them down and had a long talk about it. We discussed the pros, the cons, how to get started, and what to watch out for. Needless to say it was a far ranging conversation. When they decided they wanted to explore the lifestyle further, we took them to their first swing party. Now they are occasionally hosting their own parties. They usually like going to the swing clubs where they can dance and hang out with the younger couples but they do have an occasional party at home. We always get an invite, but don't always attend. We have our own group of friends closer to our own age that we play with. Its not that we don't like Mike and Amy's friends, but other then sex we don't have a lot in common with them. Not that we have a problem with the sex, mind you. It's just that for us swinging is also a social lifestyle. For a lot of younger couples it's mainly just about the sex. I'm not putting them down for their attitude; it's just the stage they are at in their lives. I do enjoy their parties, but it's something I have to be in the mood for. Jim will be all for it, he likes fucking the young women and they like being with an attractive, experienced, and skilled older man. The men there are long on energy, but sometimes short on experience. Sometimes energy can be fun though," she said, smiling and obviously reflecting on a few of her favorite trysts.

"OK, I think I understand," I said. "What about the party? What can I expect?"

"Let's get in the pool, I need to cool off.

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