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Joining the jet-set.

When we were done, Ben went to close the curtains, but I stopped them. "But people can see us," he said.

"I for one kind of like that idea," I said. Clearly Ben did not, and I am not sure Susie was that enthusiastic.

But Aaron said, "Cool. You are quite a woman, Joanie."

I said, "Thanks. How about another kiss?"

As Aaron kissed me he removed my suit jacket. He kept kissing me and unbuttoned my blouse. He broke the kiss and removed my blouse, then my bra. I just smiled at him. He was clearly amazed at how easy I was. I reminded him I was a whore for the night, not just a sweet woman he met. I quickly added I was that too, it was only this one time Susie and I were whores.
Ben was just openly staring at my boobs. Susie was still fully dressed; feeling ignored she began to undress Ben, cooing as she did so. That snapped him out of his paralysis over my nudity above the waist. Susie is quite a pretty woman, and she has a great body, as I saw earlier when Philip fucked her. She knows how to fuck, too, that much was obvious to me.

Rather quickly the men rendered us naked. We began to undress them when the room doorbell rang. "That must be our drinks," I said to everyone. I slipped my blouse on, buttoned one button, and it barely extended down to cover my privates, and dressed like that I opened the door. The bellhop put our drinks down, staring at Susie who was standing there naked, and I tipped him and gently ushered him out of the room with my hand at his back.

When he left, both men applauded. Then Susie and I stopped them by kissing them again. Their hands were all over us, feeling us up. Aaron began to caress my private region, and I encouraged him by moaning slightly. I broke away from him and finished undressing him, and he again removed my blouse.

His cock was raging and rock hard. It was not too big, so I was able to swallow all of it. I gave him a really great blowjob and he lasted a long time. Finally he stopped me before he came. "I want to fuck you," he said.

I looked over at Susie and she was blowing Ben. She was really good! I could learn from her. But then Aaron was leading me to one of the two beds. I said "How about in front of the window?"

Aaron smiled, and without answering he led me to the window and lay me down on the floor, and quickly entered me, taking me in missionary position. I wondered as he fucked me if real whores ever enjoyed being fucked by a stranger as much as I was doing just then. I was so turned on by turning my first trick that I knew at the time was a trick, that I was in constant risk of having a premature orgasm. Then I thought: What a strange concept. I'll just call it a fast orgasm.

In addition, Aaron was a good fuck! He was actually trying to please me, not just get his rocks off. Well, that too, for sure, but both are possible if one is a good fuck. He even took a finger and began to rub my clit as he fucked me. Nobody had ever done that before. He then flipped me over and took me from behind as I was on my hands and knees.

I saw that Susie and Ben, both naked, were sitting and watching us fuck. Susie was playing with Ben's cock as he stared at his friend doing me. I imagined they would fuck as soon as our show was over. I turned out to be right, of course.

But we were not over yet. I was losing it, I was so turned on, and I began to moan. Like most men, if not all men, Aaron really liked that and I imagined him smiling as he continued to screw me, his action that had engendered my moaning. I was getting close, I could tell.

My breathing changed, and my boobs began to sweat. I began to groan as well as to moan. I said, "Oh my God, Aaron, you are so good! Oh yes, just like that. Again, do it again! Whatever you do, don't stop!" Aaron did not stop, and I lost it. Aaron, Ben, Susie and maybe everyone else within a reasonable distance from our room heard my orgasm scream, I was so loud. It's a cross between a screech and a groan. I collapsed on my stomach; the orgasm was so powerful, I was whimpering.

But Aaron was not done, and he casually flipped

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