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What happens when Santa sends you an IM?

Women would be different. She had only one experience with a woman in college. It wasn't bad but she never pursued other experiences. Then, what implements would she want used on her? No idea. A paddle? The riding crop like she saw Christine use? A whip? No, she quickly dismissed that.

As the thoughts in her head kept fighting for attention, she thought that she should ask the people who knew more about this than she did. She buzzed Mark and asked him to ask Christine to stay after work that she wanted to talk to them both.

After work, the two came into Jennifer's office. She pointed to chairs that faced her desk and told them to sit.

"This is going to be difficult for me but I want you to listen and offer any advice or thoughts you may think of once I finish."

"I thought I was getting fired," said Christine.

"No, nothing like that. Your work is exemplary." Jennifer took a deep breath and began. "I have a very strong desire, or fantasy, that I want to experience. But, I have questions. I want to be in some type of bondage device, stocks maybe, naked and available to be punished or sexually used. I don't know if I should limit the players to men or women or, both for that matter, and I don't know what implements I want used. I would want to do this on a night when Mark was a guard so that he could help me into the stocks or whatever I finally decide."

Christine was looking at the floor. Then at Jennifer before she spoke.

"We could go to the club on a weeknight or after work and we could try out various implements. I think you could get an idea of how each implement feels. Besides, I think it would be kinky to dominate the boss," Christine smiled.

Mark agreed. "That's a great idea. You could try out a couple of pieces of equipment and Christine could use the implements you select so if you decide to go through with this, you would know what to expect."

"Except the sex," said Jennifer.

Mark smiled and said, "we know I am not going to have sex with you but I can't speak for Christine."

"Let's leave that for now," said Christine. "So, should we go?"

They got up and took a car to Club 35. Mark used his card to enter and there was no one there, as they expected.

"No need to go to the lockers. Let's go to the equipment room." Christine said. She opened the door, turned on the light and went in.

"My favorite to use is the riding crop. It can do your tits, ass or pussy."

Jennifer was taken aback by the language Christine used but quickly decided that if she was going to be submissive she might hear worse. That was unsettling.

"Can I say something?" Jennifer asked.

"Of course," said Mark.

I don't think I mind the descriptive language Christine used, but I don't want to be called names or stuff like that."

Christine said, "No names like slut or bitch or barking like a dog, but if you were asked to tell someone that you wanted to be fucked or suck their cock or pussy, you could do that."

"Yes, I think so."

"That's one of your limits," Mark said. "No one who attends this club will violate that. If a Dungeon Guard gets you set up, they will announce that or put it on your card."

Christine was nodding. "So, let's continue. Anything beside the crop interest you?"

Jennifer looked at the implements and touched a few. She selected a flexible paddle and handed it to Christine. There were two whips that interested her, a short handle affair with many leather strands and a longer one with some type of hair. Christine told her it was made of horsehair.

"Good selection and now onto the dildos and plugs. Jennifer, have you ever had anal sex?"

Jennifer answered that she had when she was in college and a few times with her husband. She said that part of her fantasy was getting it in the ass. Jennifer couldn't believe she had just said that.

Christine took two plugs down from the shelf.

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