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This particular lecture was well attended and I was sharing the creaky, cavernous space with nearly two hundred classmates, all of whom were trying to make sense of the same dense weave of equations I was. The professor had two projectors going, one showing a progressively hairier set of formulas that grew in an almost oozing, organic fashion as she added to them, and another with an animated depiction of binary stars rapidly orbiting one another. What had possessed me to take the class I wasn't sure-astrophysics at that level was way more work than I was really willing to do. I took a moment to stare in dissatisfaction at my notes. All I really had was introductory stuff on the subject I had selectively copied from the PDFs sent out for earlier sessions.

After a star has formed, it creates energy at the hot, dense core region through the nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium. During this stage of the star's lifetime, it is located along the main sequence at a position determined primarily by its mass, but also based upon its chemical composition and other factors. All main-sequence stars are in hydrostatic equilibrium, where outward thermal pressure from the hot core is balanced by the inward gravitational pressure from the overlying layers.

I glanced over at Dean, who was sitting next to me, and saw that he was busily scribbling away at something on his tablet. He and I always sat at or near the far rear of the elephantine lecture hall, giving us the freedom to bullshit at leisure without annoying the instructor or the other students. I found my mind wandering more and more often during the class, and would have dropped it if it hadn't been too late in the semester. There were simply other things I was more focused on-my job, my CS classes-and women, of course.

Speaking of women, I noticed for the umpteenth time how good-looking the lecturer was, pert and professional in her prim attire. She seemed way younger, and far hotter, than any science professor had a right to be. If I'd seen her playing her real-life self in a movie I would have scoffed at the seemingly absurd casting decision, ridiculing the producers for trying to jam a curvy starlet into every role no matter how unsuitable.

Though it wasn't the first time I'd developed a crush on a teacher it was certainly the first time I'd found myself drawn to an academic with the sort of slightly crazed ardor I experienced during the astrophysics classes. One perplexing facet of the attraction lie in the fact that the more conservatively the woman dressed, the more intense my reaction to her presence became. A couple weeks before she'd shown up in a multilayered tweed pant-suit that left pretty much everything to the imagination and I'd been forced to recite the first scene of The Merchant of Venice backwards in my head to quell a throbbing, extraordinarily inconvenient boner. I wasn't sure what would happen if she showed up for class in one of those Muslim head-to-foot robe thingies where you couldn't even see the woman's forehead. Nothing legal, that was for certain. I supposed I would just have to pray to Allah that didn't happen.

In general, the more massive the star the shorter its lifespan on the main sequence. After the hydrogen fuel at the core has been consumed, the star evolves away from its main sequence. More massive stars can explode into a supernova, or collapse directly into a black hole.

"Dean," I said in a hoarse whisper, "look, the teacher is hot."

Dean peered over at me with his usual dry non-expression. "Um, yeah, good thing you told me again. I'd totally forgotten about the first five million times." He motioned toward the board. "Are you getting any of this?"

If components in a binary star system are close enough they can gravitationally distort their mutual outer stellar atmospheres.

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