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He goes on a second date.

Even though he still had some equipment between his thighs, Mark was definitely a "she" now.

"I... I guess I don't know how to react to this... to you, and what's happening," I said. Honesty. It's caused MORE problems...

"Well," said Mark, "just... like always, right? I mean... I'm still the same person... just... well..."

"...Different," I finished. She nodded, looking into my eyes.

"I've been kind of lonely," she said, shrugging. "I mean... none of the people in the marketing club know how to handle this, and with no classes... I've been kind of stuck here, in the days... and at night... you don't want to even look at me..."

I swallowed, feeling absolutely rotten. "Hey, Mark... I'm sorry. I guess I didn't think about what you were going through... you know, with people. I'll try to do better, ok?"

She smiled, and reached out, and squeezed my hand. It wasn't a gesture he'd ever used before... but I liked it. Liked it because a pretty girl had just touched me.

"Man," I said, "I'm gonna need a cold shower, or two, though."

Mark seemed surprised, and pulled back a little. "What? Why?"

I looked at her again, and blinked. "'Cause you're hot and gorgeous all at the same time, that's why."

She blushed... even through the makeup, she blushed. "I... I don't think so... I've been thinking that it wasn't working out. That I was gonna be so ugly that it wouldn't work..."

"Hey, now," I said, and squeezed her hand back. "Stop that. Believe me, you're beautiful. And it isn't just the makeup, either... I just did stuff to accentuate what you've got. You've been getting really pretty... seriously. I think that's why it's been hard for me to... you know... be out here, and stuff."

The look in her eyes was shock and disbelief. "You think I'm pretty?"

I shrugged. "To put it mildly," I said.

Then, she was sliding closer to me on the couch, and her hand was on my knee, and things were about to get WAY out of hand.

"Mark," I started. She put her finger on my lips.

"Marcie," she said. "I'm Marcie now, Dan."

"Marcie," I said, trying to get used to it, "You're one of the best friends I've ever had... but this is a little... kinda, you know... weird..."

"I still don't think I like guys," said Marcie. "But I like you, Dan."

And then, she was kissing me, and, well, it's been a while since a pretty girl had given me attention, and I kissed her back. And it was nice. My brain kind of turned off.

"Show me how pretty you think I am," she said, as she unbuttoned her blouse. Her pert little tits came into view, round and soft, and I took them in my hands, and gently caressed them, my thumbs playing with her nipples. She gasped, and kissed me again... and there was no going back.

In the back of my mind, I was wondering what was going to happen when we got to her "below the waist" area, but it was a minor concern, compared with my now raging hardon. Her hand brushed over the front of my pants, and she looked me in the eyes with surprise and delight.

"You're not kidding... I AM turning you on!" she said. In response, I kissed her, hard, took her hand in mine, and guided her fingers up and down my hard shaft. Marcie knew how to handle the equipment, she started stroking me just right, just the way a man likes it.

I let her hand go, and watched as she made the moves on her own, every stroke and caress just right. She pressed closer to me, and I leaned back on the couch, her touches on my cock feeling so good that I could do little more than lay there, and let her continue.

She unzipped my pants, after a few minutes, and pulled my raging hard cock out through the fly. She stroked it's hardness, seemingly amazed at the look and feel of it.

"I figured you were big, Dan," she said, as she caressed my nine inches, "but I... I never knew..."

I just smiled. "Wasn't like it was going to come up in casual conversation, before, you know?" I said.

She nodded, eyes transfixed on it.

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