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His birthday continues.

Reidar had been one of the lucky ones, lucky being a relative term. Before he even realized what he was doing, Reidar had picked up the girl and put her body over his broad, leather-cloaked shoulder. This child didn't deserve to die like this, human or not. She was innocent of her people's alleged crimes.

On his way back to the village, Reidar had already made his mind. The girl was apparently an orphan now, so she would stay with him. He knew he'd catch grief for it, but he really could care less. Who would stop him? Reidar was one of the most respected men in his village, he was the largest and strongest man in the village and he was best friend to the Chieftain.

It took Reidar a couple of days to get back to his village. Along the way, he had time to think about the situation and how exactly he would handle it. For the sake of the girl, he decided to keep her hidden until she was well.

Murani took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She was so comfortable lying in the soft bed she didn't remember the horrors at first. Murani stretched out her arm and yawned. She was clean now, her naked body covered by a soft saber pelt and her hair tied in two braids. Her eye lids flickered as she began to open her eyes. Fogginess...a large, etched silver ring...attached to a huge black snout...a great, hairy face and a braided beard....AND THE LARGE, SHARP, BLACK HORNS! Murani's eyes shot open and she tried to scream, but nothing came out. Her heart pounded in her throat instead.

Reidar's ears went back. The girl was terrified of him! He needed to calm her, but how? He took a step back and held up his large hand, "please, don't be afraid!"

Murani pulled the pelt up around her face. What did he say? She couldn't understand Thoran. She just stared at Reidar with wide eyes.

Reidar realized that she didn't understand him, so he tried shaking his head and tapping his thick finger against his lips.

Murani stared. As she looked at the giant beast, she stopped shaking. There was something about Reidar that Murani found comforting...perhaps it was his eyes. They were a soft brown, almost like a deer's. Her terror started slipping away. But she did wonder why she was there with the large beast. The pelt remained around her face and all that could be seen of her were her large green eyes.

Reidar slowly sat down at the foot of a chair. At least she had stopped quivering, he thought.

Murani turned on her side so she could look at Reidar. He didn't move. Her young eyes inspected her new environment. She was in a stone home with a thatched roof. A fire was burning hotly in the fireplace as an animal of some sort was being roasted in the flames. There were many oil lamps providing light in the dwelling. On the wall hung a large sword, hammer and battle axe. Murani cringed. She shut her eyes hard at the memory of the battle. It was tough thing for a child of her age to wrap her mind around.

Murani's eyes went back to Reidar. He was a very large and muscular beast. The hair from his chin and head was coal black, braided and bound with bright red findings. There was a huge silver ring in his snout. It appeared to be engraved with writing of some sort. He wore brown cloth breeches, a red cloth shirt and an embroidered leather vest. Murani also noticed that he had hooves and not feet like hers. He sad on his side with an arm crossed over his knee.

Reidar watched the child look about his home and his person. His soft, brown eyes never left her. Patience was something he had learned from hunting. There were many occasions where he had to sit still for hours waiting on his prey. However, this time he was using it for good.

Murani was now sitting up in bed with the saber pelt wrapped around her. Where was she and what was his name? She faced Reidar directly. "Murani," she pointed at her self.

Reidar stiffened. A surprisingly strong voice came out of the child, but he didn't understand. He waited for her to do it again.

"Murani." Again, she pointed at herself.

Ah, that must be her name, Reidar tho

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