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Paula, Geneen, & Mark reenact the first time

She gasped; her pussy was quite sensitive after her orgasm. Alex took his fingers out and offered them to her.

"Here, taste it."

Mia looked at them dubiously and did nothing. Alex grabbed her hair and pulled her close, shoving his fingers in her face.

"When I say clean my fingers, you dirty little whore, you open your pouty little mouth and you suck them clean!"

Mia was surprised by the violence in his voice, but as usual, it made her surrender. Willingly. She took the fingers in her mouth and sucked and licked them clean. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. Her pussy actually tasted sweet! Alex let her go.

"Told you so."

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Both of them froze, until Alex remembered his parents were expecting some new furniture and he was supposed to receive it.

"Stay here. They'll take some stuff to the kitchen and that's it. Won't take long," said Alex.

"You sure baby? Shouldn't I get dressed or something?" was the nervous reply.

"Sure. You stay here. Naked," added Alex with a smile and left, shutting the door behind him.

Mia laid back on the bed, impatient. She was so horny! And she'd been about to get fucked right when that stupid doorbell rang. Alex had been so dominant, shoving his fingers in her mouth. But as usual, she had loved it. And she tasted so sweet! Thinking about it got her juices flowing again and her hand strayed down to her pussy. She started rubbing lightly; her lips were parted and she was so wet! Her fingers slid inside almost on their own and she started to finger fuck herself slowly. She imagined it was Alex's cock... She wanted it so badly! She started to get lost in her fantasy and continued fingering, her other hand working its way to her breasts, which she started kneading and massaging, squeezing one nipple hard, then the other.

Unnoticed by Mia, the furniture had been delivered and the fellows doing the work had left. It had taken a bit longer than expected, so she was lost in her own world when Alex opened the bedroom door. He stood there, watching the gorgeous vixen masturbating on his bed. He opened his trousers and took out his cock and stroked it, but otherwise remained silent; he was not about to spoil the show.

By this time Mia had one of her tits in her mouth and was furiously sucking her nipple. Her hand was a blur in her pussy and she was bucking her hips up and down. She then turned over on her stomach and Alex was rewarded with a view of her succulent ass. She then switched hands and fingered her pussy with her left; then, to Alex's surprise, she pushed her wet index finger into her ass. She was now fucking her pussy with two fingers and her ass with one. Her moans became louder as her breast was not in her mouth anymore and he could hear her panting:

"Give me your cock baby, fuck your dirty little whore's pussy and ass! Fill my holes with your big dick!"

Alex's cock was rock hard in his hand and he was sorely tempted to walk over and stick his cock in Mia's cunt. However, the show was too damn hot to interrupt and he resisted, slowing his stroking down so he would not come. Mia flipped over on her back again and continued fingering her ass and pussy; her moans became louder, but inarticulate and then she arched her back and came hard, humping her hips hard against her fingers, lodged deep inside her holes. She laid there panting, eyes closed, with her head hanging slightly over the edge of the bed. She took her hand away from her pussy and started licking her drenched fingers clean, purring softly.

"You horny little slut! Can't you wait ten minutes?"

Mia opened her eyes wide in surprise and saw Alex. He had walked across the room, shedding his clothes and stood next to her head, his cock pointing to the ceiling. She licked her lips.

"Are you going to fuck me now? Your little slut needs cock," Mia said in a husky voice.

"My little slut has been having fun by herself. Now it's my turn."

"But my cunt is so horny baby," Mia whined.

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