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"Kerri, we're going to do that together this morning. Come on back to bed and snuggle with me." She looked at me like she knew what I really wanted, but she smiled, closed her laptop, walked over to the bed and climbed in next to me. I could see that she was still wearing her corset and stockings under the robe.

We kissed for several minutes, but then I realized that it was later than I had thought, after 7:00. She really had worn me out. I don't think I had ever slept for 10 hours straight. So, considering the time, I resisted the urge to start things up again. We could easily have been there for another two or three hours if we had.

Instead, we took a shower together, which was sensual enough, and when I got hard again, Kerry too showed great restraint. Then, she returned to her own room, and we both got dressed and met in the hotel's restaurant for breakfast, where we talked briefly about the case as we ate. I learned that Kerri had driven her company car from Phoenix, and so when we finished eating, we drove over to CS&Ms L.A. offices, which were nearby on Wilshire Boulevard.

I had already developed a list of Intellectual Property lawsuits involving infringement and counterfeiting of artistic materials, the legal arguments that had been made in those lawsuits, and the successes or failures of each argument. We discussed what we thought would be the most viable arguments should the case go forward. Then, we discussed injunctive relief and monetary damages.

We decided that since I had more experience in litigating cases, I would present the legal arguments, and Kerri would discuss the administrative aspects of the company's contractual relationship with CS&M should it desire to secure our representation. I emailed my bosses back in Cleveland about this division of labor, and I told Kerri that she should do the same for her bosses in Phoenix.

Intellectual Property litigation, though it often seems to imply simplistic, open and shut cases, rarely turns out to be that simplistic. More important than determining the monetary damages of the plaintiff is the issue of determining the defendant's assets and separating any legitimate assets from those that have benefitted from infringement and counterfeiting. We needed to convince our potential clients that despite these realities, they had a strong case that was winnable.

Once we were done preparing we drove over to the law offices of the motion pictures company's attorneys, which were also nearby on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica. We arrived about 1:30, eager to show our potential clients that we were responsible and punctual. We only had to wait about ten minutes before we were led into a lavish conference room, where three attorneys, the CFO, and four of the company's other executives were waiting for us.

I took the time to introduce both myself and Kerri, and counted off a detailed list of cases that we had both litigated and won. I could tell that with the exception of the only female executive from the company, all of the males in the room were more than impressed with Kerri's obvious assets, if not her notable r__sum__.

Next, I proffered the list of the IP lawsuits that we felt were pertinent to the company's potential case, and explained which legal arguments had been the most successful in each of those cases. Then, I presented what we intended to do to secure injunctive relief, the legal arguments that we intended to make if the case got to court, and finally what we had determined as the monetary damages that we should pursue. The three attorneys asked us a number of pointed legal questions, and both Kerri and I answered with specific and detailed explanations. It became obvious after about 45 minutes that our presentation had won the day.

Then, the three attorneys asked me to join them in a different office to discuss the legal strategies in greater detail, while Kerri remained in the conference room to address the retainer and financial issues with the CFO and the four executives.

We joined

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