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And she makes three.

He moved. I didn't know if I was supposed to be there, if he was going to throw me out, if he could smell my scent as well. I felt frozen as I watched him come closer and closer and closer. His hand stretched and touched my arm. I was electrified. I looked up to see him showing me to the door, but he knew exactly what he was doing and instead of throwing me out he was inviting me in. He now took a strong hold of my arm and pulled it in a sudden move so that my left side almost collided on him. I was shocked. I went for a step back but it hurt to try and move away. I instinctively used my right hand to push his chest and free myself but he grabbed it as well. Our eyes locked. The heat was unbearable. I couldn't take it anymore. I leaned in and kissed him. He slapped my face back and a little shout escaped me. He quickly covered my mouth.

"I knew you wanted it as bad as I did. I recognize the eyes of desire and I know when someone is looking at my dick instead of my eyes. I bet you don't even listen when I teach. I bet you imagine us fucking on the floor when you move that sexy ass of yours on it."

My shame had no bounds. How could he do that to me? Fuck, how could I still pretend he wasn't right? How to resist kneeling and taking him in my mouth when I wanted it like crazy?

"I, I'm sorry... I didn't..."

"You didn't want it to show that you are secretly begging for this?" he said taking his bulge in his hands. "You don't have to hide anymore, I can see inside you. And now I want to be inside you."

He took my head in his hands and kissed me so deeply and passionately I felt my legs weaken. He used his tongue to push mine and he bit my lower lip until it hurt. He lowered one hand and rested it on my breast and squeezed it hard. He found my nipple and pinched it and again, harder, harder. I climbed on my toes and lifted myself higher and projected my breasts. He pulled my hair back with force and our tongues parted. He pinched the other nipple as hard and watched me form an expression of pain and long-awaited satisfaction.

He started undressing me, first my blouse, then my tights, throwing everything on the floor. He took a step back to admire me in my underwear. I knew he had also noticed my body during classes. I knew my long, firm legs, my round popped up ass and my small, firm breasts had caught his eye many times. He took his time enjoying the view of me in black panties and a tiny, black top revealing everything but my breasts and erect nipples.

"Please, touch me," I begged.

He rushed close again and with one fierce movement he ripped my top. He lowered his head and took one nipple in his mouth. He sucked and kept biting me fast. He was already driving me wild. I entangled my fingers in his hair and pushed his head to stick in there. He came up for a breath and gave me another deep kiss continued by a light slap.

"Class might be over but I'm still the teacher and you're my eager student." He touched my ear with his lips, "I know you crave to be treated like the slut you are."

With his words my pussy started aching from the arousal, my juices started dripping and soaking my panties.

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