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After the party - two girls end up in my bed.

We have a deal, remember?" She stood up and walked to the kitchen. "Do you want some water?"

I nodded and shut my eyes. I could hear Lily moving around the flat, going to the bathroom and cleaning herself, and then doing something in the kitchen. After a minute I got up and went to relieve myself. I washed my prick from the sweat, juices and cum and sprinkled some cold water on my face. I looked at my self in the mirror and leered at my reflection.

"Get ready," I told the man in the mirror, "I think the real fun will soon begin."

Going out of the bathroom I saw that Lily was now lying in the bedroom, slowly caressing herself. I went in and sat next to her; she gave me a glass of water and I drunk most of it. My hands, almost by their own will, started caressing her hips, strolling across her belly and investigating her body. Her hands, meanwhile, started strolling on my body, like some small, soft animal searching for food.

"You have such a pretty little body," I told her. "Your breasts are just like I always imagined them. You even look better than you did ten years ago."

"Thanks," she smiled. "But I have a dirty mind. I used to be far more innocent back then."

"No, you were always extremely sexy and sensual. It's just that now you found ways to express it; you're a woman now, not a girl." I started pinching her nipples as I said this; they were quickly becoming hard again.

"But I still feel like a girl, I don't feel more mature or responsible. I hate seeing everyone around me grow up and give away their dreams. You know, get married, settle down and have kids. I don't think I want that at all."

"Is that why it didn't work out with your boyfriend?"

"That and other things," she answered.

The conversation ended at this point, because Lily took my fingers in her mouth and started licking them. It felt nice and romantic, and I moved closer and started brushing her public hair lightly. We drew even closer, and our hands moved on our bodies, not in a nervous way, but quietly, like familiar dancers. I started kissing her mouth and face; going down her neck with kisses and then coming up and licking her ear. Our legs intertwined, and I felt her hand exploring my ass, grabbing the cheek first and carefully following the contour of my hole, until her finger flicked in and out of it. This excited me enormously and I could feel my cock starting to harden again.

Lily then pushed me on my back. I didn't say a thing and waited to see what she was aiming for. Her intentions became very quickly clear, as she placed her knees around my head, lowered her pelvis towards my face and leaned forward to grab my cock. I held her ass cheeks and pulled down until my mouth was touching her pussy, which I then started licking. I loved this position, her legs around me, holding her ass and burying my face inside her; on the other end Lily was licking and sucking my cock, which became harder and harder under her experienced tongue. The small room was taken over by the sounds of slurping, sucking and licking as we went down on each other for the longest time.

I felt her pushing her finger inside me, and did the same to her; pumping in and out of her ass with the first joint of my index finger. Lily stopped sucking me and started moaning slowly. Her ass felt so tight that my finger barely entered it, and I began to wonder how I'll be able to put my dick in there.

"You ready to fuck my ass now?" Lily asked from the other side of the bed. Her hand was jerking my cock, and she sounded enthusiastic.

"Yeah, but it feel so tight, I'm not sure I'll fit in here."

"Don't worry, it will go in alright," she said laughing. "Your cock is quite big, but I'm sure I can fit it in there."

She moved sideways and got up on her knees, opened the drawer of her bedside table and took out a tube of KY jelly. "Don't move," she said as she applied a generous amount of jelly into her palm.

I lied still and felt her coating my prick with a thick layer of the lubricant.

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