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" I then reached over and placed the square package into the palm of his hand. I still can't believe that I could have been so bold.

He stared at the package in his hand for a moment. Still flustered, he stammered, "I, I, I live right around the corner, if you really want to?"

"Yeah" I said, and we walked out of the Student Union and around the corner to the towers. I followed him inside, crossed the lobby, and up a flight of stairs. We walked down a long corridor and finally arriving outside of his room. We spoke little as we walked together, both still a little anxious.

He opened the door, and I walked inside. He followed me in and walked straight across the room to the closet, opened the door and removed a hanger from the bar. He returned to the door, opened it, looked both ways down the hallway, and placed the hanger on the outside doorknob before closing it.

He turned around and we were standing only feet apart facing each other. He gave me a smile and took a step forward extending his arms. I put my hand up and he stopped at once then took a half step back.

Staring into his eyes I reached up and slowly started to unbutton my blouse. First, the top button, then the second, and the next until my shirt hung open exposing my skin and middle of my Victoria's Secret bra. I reached up slowly and began pulling my shirt from my shoulders, letting it inch down my back, my bra coming into full view. I pulled my arms out, and tossed it to the floor.

Then, almost on there own, my trembling hands moved to my waist and unfastened my pants and slowly pulled down the zipper. I reached back to my waist and began to slide them down slowly. Gradually, exposing my bikini panties, down my thighs, past my knees to the floor. I step out of them and kicked them aside also.

Standing in only my bra and panties, facing this handsome college student, as his eyes fixed on me taking in every inch of my body. I still couldn't believe I was doing this.

"You are so sexy," he said. "You are really turning me on."

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah, really." He said, "let me show you."

Standing right in front of me, he took off his shirt. "WOW" I thought. This guy is like an athlete. He then reached down and unfastened his pants and pushed them down his muscular legs to the floor. There he stood before me in his briefs. I glanced down and could see his growing bulge and new he was telling the truth.

He took a step toward me and I met him mid stride. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed, letting our tongues explore each other's mouths. I moved my hands over his body, feeling his muscles beneath his tightly stretched skin. His hands moved down my back and cup my ass hard in his strong hands then caressed my thighs.

Our kisses grew more passionate, as we continued to explore each other's bodies. His hands moved up my back and in one swift move he had unfastened my bra. I leaned back, dropped my arms and let it fall away.

"Mmmmm, yes," I sighed as his hands found my breasts, cupping one then the other teasing my hardened nipples. I loved the feel of his strong hands on my breasts and he must have enjoyed it too since I could feel him getting harder pressing against my stomach.

We continued to kiss, pressing my breasts against his chest and grinding my hips into his erection. My hands moving down his body, over his hips and around his torso. I placed my thumb inside of his waistband and gently pushed his briefs toward the floor. His cock sprang free, completely hard, nearly 8 inches and fairly thick. Instinctively, I wrapped my hand around him and stroked slowly at first.

I kissed my way down his chest, sucking his tight nipples in my mouth.

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